“Blax the Kleric’s top ten of 2021”

For those eager followers expecting another of Dick Garrison’s mouth-wateringly good weekly postings I fear you are in for something of a shock, as for the seventh time in eight years, Roger will be writing an entry on my wargaming website “Fantorical”, and I’ll once again be back at the helm of the good ship “Rantings From under The Wargames Table”. The past year has definitely seen Roger ‘churn’ out some of his greatest hits, in my humble opinion, so kindly strap yourselves down as I take you through a rocket stop tour of his Top Ten ‘best in show’ during the last twelve months…

(10) “Mantic Games” – Enforcers (March 18th):

Whilst I am not a fan of these particular miniatures from “Dead Zone”, there can be no doubting just how impressive Roger’s camouflage is upon their armoured carapaces. These “splotches” of stone green and “combination of zigzag lines and tiny stylized tree branches” added in dark green work very well indeed, and definitely help elevate what I consider to be mediocre sculpts at best, into something truly eye-catchingly special – especially when applied to a killer robotic canine.


Enforced labour

(9) “Lucid Eye Productions” – Runcorn (June 19th):

I am a huge supporter of “Lucid Eye Productions” and their “Toon Realms” range, so was absolutely delighted to see Roger tackle their wonderful sculpt of Runcorn the unicorn. The contrast between the animals pink mane and white hide is excellent, but what I especially like about this piece is Roger’s delicately dainty base-work, complete with tiny mushrooms and flowers, which really helps sell this beast as a magical being.

Runcorn the Unicorn

(8) “Wargames Terrain Workshop” – Sabretooth Tigers (May 14th):

Crafted by the legendary Dave Stone, these two prehistoric big cats really do look scarily realistic thanks to Roger’s excellent ability to merge their famous reddish-orange striped fur with the animals’ cream-coloured underbelly. This ‘blending’ is particularly noticeable on the Tiger mid-way through a bone-rending leap, and really helps sell the notion that the deadly animal was caught in mid-action.


Moggy Mayhem

(7) “Mantic Games” – Forge Fathers (March 4th):

I’m probably a but biased with this choice as I absolutely adore the aesthetic of “Mantic Games” Forge Fathers, and also happen to like dark green quite a bit too. Resultantly, when Roger merged these two aspects together, and added some bronze/copper into the mix, I was completely sold on the small-sized squad, and certainly arm to duplicate the colour scheme whenever I finally get around to painting my own space dwarves.


How’s your father

(6) “Copplestone Castings” – Babe With Gun (September 25th):

As a massive fan of Kevin Copplestone’s figures, I always pay a particular interested in Roger’s work whenever he decides to paint such models on this blog. Dee’ Dee “Night Night” Knightly is by far my favourite of such postings during the past year, as her costume’s colour scheme reminds me of the spy-fi/time travelling worlds of Tara King and Dodo Chaplet all rolled into one.



(5) “Games Workshop” – Blood Bowl Referees (January 27th):

Providing a veritable virtuoso performance in black and white stripes, this elf and dwarf combination completely blew me away when I first clapped eyes on the pair towards the beginning of the year. The couple’s striking official match attire wonderfully contrasts with the colourful characters green and light blue leggings, and clearly marks them out as something special upon the Astrogranite pitch.

Who the B*stard in the black

(4) Self-sculpted – Elvira (February 10th):

Clearly there’s a lot to enjoy when looking at Roger’s brushwork for this Chibi miniature of the Mistress of the Dark – the visible contrast between her pitch black hair and dress just being one such success. However, what is truly flabbergasting about this particular figure is that Roger sculpted it himself using Green-Stuff. Such an incredible knack with the tricky modelling clay is worthy of high praise alone, but when coupled with the aforementioned paint-job, this piece really does present itself as being exceptionally well done.


Unpleasant dreams

(3) “Lancashire Games” – Indian Braves (February 25th):

I actually had to re-read Roger’s original posting for these native Americans on horseback, as his attention to detail on their mounts, leathers and feathers made me believe the figures were significantly larger than his claim that they were 10mm in scale. These really are gobsmackingly good, and whilst Roger would follow these diminutive, rifle-toting warriors up with some incredibly well pigmented settlers and wagons later on in the year, I feel these are far and away the very best of the bunch.

One little, two little, three little

(2) “Games Workshop” – Imperial Nobility Blood Bowl Team (January 22nd):

What a stunning visual this entire team of purple and gold proved to be when they were first revealed to the world at the very start of the year. Roger’s detailed description of the painful process he went through in order to get the players tabletop ready, such as two days alone being spent simply touching up his paint-jobs before varnishing, only added to my admiration for all the tiny details these gorgeous miniatures contained. Ordinarily, it’s a case of leaving the best until last. But on this occasion, I feel Roger gave us one of his very best straight from the start.

BB Queue

(1) Self-Sculpted – The Trollenberg Terror (May 23rd):

Whilst I’ve never actually seen Quentin Lawrence’s 1958 science fiction film, Roger’s use of Green Stuff to create the movie’s utterly repulsive and blood-chillingly terrifying, monster certainly made me want to. Coupled with a truly excellent paint-job, alongside a photograph which shows just how monstrous Roger’s creation actually is, this was easily my favourite piece of the year – and it’s just a shame that sadly “Wargames Supply Dump” is no longer around to get the brute cast for others to enjoy.

The tiny tentacled terror of trollenberg

Of course, there are many other models which Roger has either crafted, converted or painted to perfection over the past twelve months which have unluckily been bumped out of these choices. So I would heartily recommend that you go back and spend some time pouring over the postings I haven’t mentioned in this Top Ten as well. Happy New Year.


So as usual all that remains is for me to say, a huge thank you to Simon, for taking the time out of his busy schedule (and it is busy at this time of year!), of course thank all you lot who read it, and all of the nonsense I’ve written myself during the last twelve months, and to wish you all the very best of new years, here looking forward to all the stuff you lot paint & post in 2022.

Oh and please check out my “Top Ten” review of Simon’s 2021 output over on his esteemed blog….


Cheers Roger. 

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22 Responses to “Blax the Kleric’s top ten of 2021”

  1. An excellent Top Ten! 🙂 I always enjoy your “nonsense” but for me the highlight was all of the backstory for the zombies (I need to get out more, evidenced by the timing of writing this comment no doubt)! All the best for 2022!

    • Thanks John, I think Simon did an excellent job, picking ten from a bad batch is never easy tbh. I must admit I posted early this year as we wanted to get to bed (with our Ovaltine, we are a pair of Hellraisers my wife and I), the dog has me up most mornings by 6.00am so we tend to sleep around her these days (you can tell who’s the alpha in our house!).

      All the best for 2022 mate. Cheers Roger.

  2. Thanks very much indeed for the opportunity, Roger. What an incredibly difficult time I had this year too, with your Zomtober output alone causing me all sorts of headaches and arguably being worthy of their own Top Ten alone; albeit I just realised that they all just got pushed out of my final list by a cat’s whisker! Really looking forward to seeing what you come up with in the New Year, and hopefully some more painting challenges 🙂

    • Thanks Simon, I had to go back and check I had actually painted enough figures to make a top ten, luckily I had, though I bet my short list of your figs was longer than yours of mine!

      As I’ve mentioned to you, this year will be another “odd” one, so though I hope to get a far bit of painting done, but I don’t think I be sculpting as much stuff this year, but we’ll see, it is only Jan 1st after all. I am up for all the usual challenges though. 😀

      Cheers Roger.

  3. Dave Stone says:

    Well done to Simon, for being able to select 10, and as always it is subjective, as I would have had to include at least one of the fantastic cars you’ve painted this year Roger.
    Hope you have a great 2022 mate.

    • Thanks Dave, subjective is the word, there is always (at least) one figure we can’t believe made the list and another we can’t believe didn’t (Dick Spanner). The rules are somewhat “flexible” but technically it is only “figures” that should make the list, so the cars and scenic pieces don’t qualify (having said that my “pond” was No1 last year and Simon’s “Mad Max” armoured car got onto his one year too, so as I say “flexible” 😉).

      All the best for 2022 to you mate.

      Cheers Roger.

  4. Self sculpted Elvira is definitely my favourite

  5. An excellent post and a great top ten in my opinion. Happy New Year Roger (and Simon). Looking forward to what you come up with in 2022.

  6. Pete S/ SP says:

    Great stuff.

    Happy New Year and all the best for ’22.



  7. Matt says:

    Great work picking these 10, Simon, and you definitely got No1 right: that eye is a masterpiece of sculpting and painting! Everything else in the list is deserved of a place too, Roger really churned out some great stuff in 2021.

    • Thanks Matt, though really I feel like Simon should be answering this (I feel like a bit of a third wheel here), however I’m more than happy to take the praise though. 😊

      Cheers Roger.

  8. borderguy190 says:

    Great batch of figs. All lovely sculpt and paints. Well done, Roger!

    My fav? Spy girl. I’m terrible at “normal” clothes and that outfit just looks right.

    • Thanks Harry, a few people seem to like that one of my “Spy girl” fig’s but she was actually my least favourite of the three!

      There no accounting for taste as they say. 😉

      Cheers Roger.

      • Dee’ Dee “Night Night” Knightly was very close to being even higher, Roger. But in the end I thought things such as your excellent b&w striping, super sculpting skills and diminutive Native Indian size won out in overall.

      • As I said no accounting. Mind you, as I recall, you’ve got a bit of a “thing” for women in hats! 😁

  9. patmcf says:

    Like the lads have said mate! a nice selection of your fine work! And a belated Happy New year to you as well!!

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