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“Less is More, More or Less” (week 37)

Back to Lancelot’s list this week with a double heads result coming up on the coins of fate, and the roll of the D30 gave me a twelve, equating to something I haven’t painted for a long time, spaceships. Box … Continue reading

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“A tale of the sea and stars”

So the madness that is He-month has ended (for a short while at least), and so it’s time to return not only to normality but also a return to a once regular (some might say too regular!) feature. Yes it’s … Continue reading

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“A roll of the die” (week 11)

Okay well before I start I promised  “Blax The Kleric” a picture of all four of my “Fantastical Foursome” together as a team, so here it is… Right now onto the serious business (yea right!), this has been a busy … Continue reading

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