Mo’venber “Coughing up…”

OK well it’s the last week of Mo’vember and I thought I’d go out with something a little bit different, so turning to Lancelot’s list I pulled out some figures that have been languishing in there draw for nigh on thirty years now (though as you can see in the photograph at some point I have undercoated them in grey car primer, but seems that’s as far as it went)…

Box 4 – (9x 28mm Hairballs)mov16-b

Now I bought these funny little fellows from “Games of Liverpool” way back when I first started wargaming, who they were produced by I’m afraid I have not the foggiest idea but I thought they might be a fun way to end this years “face fungus challenge” as even though they don’t have moustaches the hair/fur does run from their chins so they should count. They are only quite small even though they are twenty eight (probably 25 given their age) millimetre scale the tallest of them is only eighteen millimetres tall, so rather than have them swamped on a tuppence I instead mounted them on pennies before they were based up with some “Tetrion” filler mov16-b3and given a coat of matt black.

Painting was pretty simple really, (then why did they take so long!). I began as usual; by dry-brushing the weapons with chainmail, and then the hairy bodies were undercoated with either chocolate brown, dark sand, dark grey or chestnut, these were then highlighted with (in the same order), chestnut, light sand, light grey or orange. Their faces came next, these were undercoated with continental flesh and after their eyes and mouthsmov16-b2 were added in black and white, were highlighted with more continental flesh mixed with a little pale flesh. The shafts of the spear, hammer and axe, were painted chocolate brown again and butternut was used to highlight these, and the hilts of the swords were painted in copper. Then turning to the kilt wearing chap, I undercoated said item of attire with royal blue, and highlighted in bright blue, then added the “plaid” in coffee and orange (it’s OK but I now think I mov16-b1should have started with a base of deep bronze green, oh well). His bonnet feather is coffee and cream, and this also formed the colour on half of the shields, with dark red and pink burgundy forming the other halves. Any leather belts were added in chocolate brown yet again and highlighted with leather. The priests collar was painted black and dark grey highlights finnished it off. They were then all treated to a coat of “Quickshade” and “Bob’s your uncle” as they say, they were done.mov16-b4

They then had their bases painted in my usual fashion before they were taken out and sprayed with matt varnish, and after so many years in the wilderness a little colour was brought into their grey little lives. Those of you who have been around for a while now will probably know that this will be my last official posting of the year, as I usually take December off to prepare for the Christmas holidays, though there will be a couple of “special” posts before the end of the year, but till then, if beards are good enough for Santa…keep hiding the razor and, cheers Roger.

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Mo’venber “Scrunt Elites”

As stated last week I have been working on my Scrunt Elites by Bob Olley, from his old Olley’s Armies range (these have now been sold on to someone else, but I’m not sure who, sorry). Anyway these appear on two of my painting lists but have the same mov16-anumber box on both, so…

Box 15 – (3x 28mm Scrunts, by Bob Olley of choice)


Now obviously I have more than three here (well more than six as there are more than two weeks’ worth), but as this is all the “Elites” I have I thought I might as well paint up seven instead of six (why do dwarves always come in sevens?). Anyway after a bit of industrious action on my part, I can report that all seven are now finished and I am back on track to get my selected figures finished in time for the end of Mo’vember, but on with the painting.

mov16-a1Now they were already based and undercoated in matt black so I began by dry-brushing chainmail over all the areas that would end up metallic, helmets, shoulder pads, guns etc… then blue grey was painted over the long overcoats they are all wearing, these were then highlight with a mix of this and a touch of white. Next I set to work upon their boots, belts and baggage, and all of this was first painted chocolate brown before I highlighted it with leather brown.mov16-a2 Then turning to their faces, I undercoated all these with European flesh and then after their eyes were added in white and black, a highlight with continental flesh mixed with a little pale flesh. Then I added their beards, these were either dark grey highlighted with a mix of dark grey and white, chocolate brown with chestnut highlights, chestnut with orange highlights or dark sand with light sand highlights. The leader of my happy band has a cape on so this was mov16-d1undercoated in royal blue before it was highlighted in bright blue, and the fur collar was done in coffee and cream. Then it was just a case of adding some highlights on their guns pouches and helmet insignias with an undercoat of bronze and highlights of gold (well they are elites!), and the odd dot of luminous green to represent LED’s on their weapons. Then as these had to match in with the rest of my “Scrunts” they were given a wash over with a 50/50 mix of matt black and water, before their bases were painted scenic brown (again a change to my mov16-d2new method of chocolate brown but again they have to match the rest of their ilk! Before they were dry-brushed with khaki and coffee, then areas were picked out in scenic green that were then flocked with summer mix hairy grass.

Finally they went out for a coat of matt varnish and they were ready to take their places alongside the rest of my stout little chaps (and no there isn’t a group photo at the moment but I promise once I have the rest of them painted up I will do one, just don’t expect it for a while yet!). So back on track now and one more week to go, and next I’ll be going even shorter again! (oooh cryptic), so till next week, keep hiding the razor and, cheers Roger.

Please be sure and check out Simon Moore’s Mo’vember postings over at his excellent blog…

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Mo’venber “Apologies”

I have to begin this week’s post with an apology, as I haven’t completed any figures for my Mo’vember submission, and in addition I haven’t been around to comment on tiger-tableanyone else’s blogs either. This is because early on this last week we lost one of our beloved cats, Tiger to a sudden heart attack, this came with no warning as he was apparently fine twenty minutes earlier and getting a fuss from my youngest. Though he was rushed to the vets we already knew deep down that he had already left us. The total shock of this as he was only four and seemingly healthy has knocked us all off our feet a bit, so I’m afraid the urge to paint or surf the net has been lacking somewhat.

I had based and undercoated the figures I plannedmov16-a to paint this week, along with next week’s figures too (as they were basically the same), and these are from my collection of “Scrunts”, by Bob Olley.

mov16-dSo too make up for this week’s lack of figures I plan to paint the three figures for this week as well as the four next week, but we’ll see how we get on.

Cheers Roger.

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Mo’venber “ So terribly Moorish”

Well that was “Zom’tober” and this is “Mo’vember” for those of you not in the know (and why not?), this is where myself Simon Moore, (and anyone else who cares to join in) spend the month painting figures with some form of facial hair (well at least one a week). This year I don’t have a specific theme instead I hope to clear out some of the figures that have been gathering dust for far too long. So though two of the weeks will include figures from the same range overall I hope it should be a fairly eclectic bunch. All the figures are taken from my “Random painting generator lists”, I just won’t be mov16-cgenerating them randomly (if you see what I mean). Anyway on with the painting, and this week’s figures are from Merlin’s list…

Box 7– (4x 28mm SMG armed policemen & 1x chap in bowler hat)

Now this might seem a strange mixture of figures from my “Very British Civil War” collection, but too make up a generally even amount of figures for painting each week some of the boxes have mixtures like this. The four policemen are of course from “Irregular Miniatures” whereas the chap in the bowler hat is from “Black Pyramid Games”.

My “Mo’vember” entry for this week is.., “Dr Simion Moorish”. A new face in town and a bit of an enigma, as very little is known about him, some say he’s a spy for the government, others that that’s not even his real name and that he used to be the assistant to a famous detective, all that is known for sure is that he’s been taking and inordinate amount of interest in a certain “flowery hat wearing widow”, read into that mov16-c1what you will.

Painting the good (or is he?) doctor was begun by laying down a coat of chocolate brown over his suit and hat before this was highlighted with a mix of the same and butternut, then his waistcoat was undercoated in dark red and highlighted in pink burgundy, and his shirt (what you can see of it) was done in the same manner but with coffee and cream. His flesh was painted in European flesh and after his eyes were added this was highlighted with a mix of continental flesh and pale flesh. Then his hair and (all important) beard were painted dark grey and highlighted with a mix of this and white, and while I had the dark grey out I also highlighted his sword canes shaft and his shoes. The blade of his sword was painted chainmail. Lastly I gave his hat and suit a gentle dry-brush with some more chocolate brown just to tone down the brightness of it.

Now my other four figures this week come from my “Very British Civil War” collection mov16-c2that I bought from “Irregular Miniatures” the year before last (wow I really must get the rest of these painted soon!) but I digress. I’ve painted quite a lot of these policemen now so you’ll forgive me if I don’t go into too much detail over the painting of these particular “coppers”. So working from a black undercoat they were first dry-brushed with royal blue before I painted in the wooden stocks of their submachine guns in chocolate brown mov16-c3and butternut, after this I added the metallic parts of the guns along with the buttons and badges in chainmail. Flesh was next European and continental flesh mixed with pale flesh as above being the colours of choice, and then this group was given chocolate brown hair highlighted with chestnut. Next after I had touched up the boots and belts in black these were highlighted with dark grey and lastly I added their warrant “cuffs” in black and white (this is such a pain to do!), and they were done.

As usual they were all given a coat of Quickshade before having their bases painted and a blow over with the matt varnish.

Please be sure and look over what my co-conspirator Mr Simon Moore has been up to over at his most excellent blog…

So one down three to go, so till next week, hide the razor and, cheers Roger.

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