“Zom’tober…What? We’re zombies, it’s what we do!”

I’m rather hoping that the somewhat plagiarized title of this week’s post will give you a bit of a clue as to who my survivor this week is (rather loosely) based upon, anyway once again I dug the “greenstuff” out and slapped a few additions to my Copplestone “bikini babe” in order to turn her into my survivor of choice “Margot”. First up I cut zom-16-4-unpaintaway the Katana she was wielding (this will be added to a He-man addition at some point, don’t you just love happy coincidences!). Her hairstyle also needed a little filing to get it ready for its extensions too. Then holes were drilled into her right fist and the sides of her head and lengths of florist wire were pushed and bent into place. Then to cut a long story short I added her shirt, shorts, boots, baseball bat (though this is a bit of an odd shape so apologies to any baseball aficionado’s), belt and hair bunches. Then she and my zombie were based up and given a spray coat of matt black.

Then when it came time to paint “Margot”, I began as always by dry-brushing her weapon (bat) with chainmail, then turning to her shirt and the front and heels of her boots , I undercoated them in coffee and then highlighted in cream, then repeated this process on the upper parts of her shirt using pink burgundy and bright red. The shorts were then painted half metallic blue and half metallic red. Her belt and boots that I had left black were then highlighted with dark grey, and the grip of her bat was painted chocolate brown and highlighted with butternut. I added the legend “Monster” across zom-16-4a-painther chest next (there was no way I was going to attempt to fit “Daddy’s lil’” there as well), then it was on to her flesh, European flesh and pale flesh were mixed for this and after her eye and lips were added a paler mix of the same was used to highlight. Her tights were next, black and leather brown were mixed to use as a base for these, and black mixed with flesh tone seven formed the highlight. Now as we were getting somewhere it was straight on to her hair, a coat of citrus orange was applied first, but as this was far too dark a heavy dry-brush of sand mixed with white went over this, and while it was still wet pink burgundy and porcelain blue were dry-brushed and blended onto her “bunches”. That just left her ear ring and belt buckle to add in bronze with shinning gold highlights and she was just about done.

Now turning to my zombie (I’m tempted to call him Robbie’ get it? Suit yourself), I must admit I wasn’t that keen on this sculpt, I don’t like the gun shoved through his stomach, but anyway, once again I began by working up from a black base coat, I began by dry-brushing his gun in chainmail, before turning to his flesh, and as I zom-16-4b-paintwanted to do something a little different colour wise to the others I pulled out my dark grey and pale flesh and mixed the two (mainly pale flesh) on the figure as usual, to give him his deathly pallor. Eyes and mouth came next in black and white before undercoating his T-shirt in coffee then highlighting in cream, his over shirt was given the same process using orange and then the orange was lightened with a splash of white. His jeans were first given a coat of royal blue mixed with light blue, and then the ratio of light blue was increased and highlights of this were added. His boots were chocolate brown with leather brown highlights. He kind of reminds me of one of my old gaming buddies so he had to have sandy blonde hair, and this was done with an undercoat of sand, highlighted with citrus orange, and he too was done..

After all this both figures were given the obligatory once over with the “Quickshade” before their bases were painted up in in chocolate brown, khaki, coffee and scenic green as per usual. This was followed by a little summer mix hairy grass, and then a final blow over with matt varnish “sealed the deal” as it were.

Just one more week to go now, gosh it’s flown by, so till next week dear reader, sweet dreams…Cheers Roger.

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“Zom’tober…Inappropriate protective clothing”

Oh dear what have I done! A couple of weeks ago I painted up my first submissions for Zomtober 2016, and Simon “Blaxkleric” Moore informed me that the clothing on my survivor “Conchita” (Bikini top and hot pants) was not really appropriate anti zombie protection, so what he’ll make of my survivor this week I shudder to think! But you seezom-16-3-unpaint the thing is when the Zombie apocalypse hits you just have to fight or die, even if you are in your “work clothes”.

And that is precisely what has happened to poor “Chelsea” here, no sooner had she began her shift dancing at the “gentleman’s” club known as the “Glory Hole” than the first of the infected patrons began “chowing down” on all and sundry. Always a resourceful girl she pulled the handgun from the holster of the infected cop who’s lap she was dancing on and blasted her way out of the club, leaving a trail of undead corpses in her wake. Now obviously she didn’t have time to change back into her everyday clothes (and that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!).

zom-16-3a-paintChelsea’s painting began as always with her pistol getting a dry-brushing of chainmail, before I turned to her stockings and undercoated them in light grey, and highlighted them in white. The rest of her underwear was given a coat of coffee and then cream and some details, her garter and her shoes were then painted porcelain blue, highlighted with pale blue. Her flesh was undercoated in European flesh and a mix of this and pale flesh was used as the highlight after her eyes were added. Her lipstick was then added in pink burgundy. That just left her hair to add this was undercoated in a mix of chocolate brown and a touch of black, and chocolate brown was then dry-brushed across this to finish her off.

Zombie one, reminds me of Jeremy Corbin for some reason, (but let’s not get into any zom-16-3b-paintpolitical satire about the Labour party and the undead), I began as always by applying his (and the other Zombies) flesh, this was a mixture of deep bronze green, stone green and pale flesh, that was mixed on the figure. Then his shirt was undercoated in royal blue that was highlighted in porcelain blue. Then turning to his suit I took some dark grey and mixed in a touch of black to create a very dark grey and this was used as the undercoat, then this was highlighted with just dark grey (I also highlighted his shoes at the same time). His hair was done in light grey and while I was adding his eyes I highlighted this with some white. Then it was “gore time”, this meant splashing about some dark red, and then dry-brushing some bright red over these areas, and he was done.

zom-16-3c-paintZombie two, was begun as the above with his flesh, in the same colours, applied in the same way, his jumper was given an undercoat of coffee highlighted with some cream, then I carefully added the horizontal lines across it with royal blue, and highlighted these with the same mixed with a little porcelain blue. His trousers were done in chocolate brown mixed with some black, then just chocolate brown. He appears to be chewing a lump of human flesh that is dangling out of his mouth so this was painted in a mix of European and pale flesh. Then once again it was out with the “gore” and this was added in the same manner as the above, and he too was finished.

All three figures were then given their obligatory coat of “Quickshade” strong tone, this worked really well on the zombies, but I’m not so happy with the results on Chelsea, as she looks more “grubby” than shaded to me, still I suppose white underwear is probably not the best thing to hide the dirt acquired battling the undead. Basing was them carried out in my usual fashion, and a final spray coat of matt varnish took the shine off of them, as I prefer. I promise those of you with higher moral standards that my survivor next week will be more comprehensively attired (if only slightly).

So till next week dear reader, sweet dreams…Cheers Roger.

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“Zom’tober…Alice in Zombieland”

It’s funny how sometimes life imitates art, here I am painting Zombies and I’ve felt rather like one all week too! A stinking cold has set in and I’ve spent most of the week coughing up things that wouldn’t look out of place in a George A Romero film, this along with being on the dreaded nightshift has not been exactly conducive to a high work rate as far as painting goes. So it was just as well that I had only picked out two figures to paint up this week, these were another of my Copplestone Castings survivors, and another zombie from Studio Miniatures. Now I have long been a fan of the zom-16-2-unpaint“Resident Evil” movies starring the lovely Milla Jovovich, so when I first saw this young lady from my Coppleston collection I immediately knew that I would have to turn her into my (less that accurate) version of “Alice” the superhuman zombie killing machine from that franchise. Though her dress is reasonably similar to Alice’s iconic one from the first movie, it does have rather more cleavage on show at the front and in truth the figure is rather more “busty” than Milla, I did think of raising the neckline a bit, but in the end I just couldn’t do it! (I can live with it, I am a man after all). I could not however live with her lack of boots, but a little filing and “greenstuffing” soon put this to rights. While I had some mixed up I also added the exposed leg of her shorts (needed to retain ones dignity whilst dispatching the undead you know!), and I altered her hairstyle slightly moving her parting away from the middle and across to the side. Once dry both figures were based up on the obligatory tuppence and given a coat of black undercoat.

I began “Alice” in my usual fashion by dry-brushing her weapon with chainmail before setting to work on her signature red dress. This was firstly given a coat of dark red, then mixing some bright red into the dark red I highlighted her “frock” with this. Her zom-16-2a-paintflesh as worked up from a continental flesh base coat, which after her eyes were added was highlighted with the same mixed with a little pale flesh, For some reason I wasn’t happy with the end result of this, it was just to “pink” so I added some more highlights over this with my European flesh, much better. Her shorts and boots had been left black, but I mixed a little dark red and black together and the resultant really dark red (well what would you call it!) was used to highlight her shorts and her boots were highlighted with dark grey. That just left her hair, now the colour of this changes from film to film, but I used a base coat of butternut, then highlighted with a mix of my two sand colours and a touch of chestnut brown, and I don’t think it’s that far off.

My “Zombie” was begun with a mix of khaki and pale flesh mixed on the figure as I always do, and then I added his mouth and eyes in black (the eyes getting white pupils,zom-16-2b-paint and the mouth some cream teeth). His trousers were then painted chocolate brown before they were highlighted with butternut, and his other pant leg (the one on the leg he’s holding, I could make a joke about “Jake the peg” but that’s not really PC these days is it!) was undercoated dark grey and highlighted in blue grey. Then turning to his shirt a basecoat of light blue was applied and highlights of pale blue were then added over this. His hair was undercoated in chocolate brown and highlighted in chestnut brown. That just left some liberal “dolloping” about with the dark red, and bright red to “bloody” him up a bit and both figures were ready to be “Quckshaded”. This was followed of course by painting the bases in my own inimitable style (ha ha), and a quick blow over with the matt varnish finished them off.

Oh and before I go I promised to print a list of all the people who were taking part in Zomtober this year, well pinched straight from “Brummies” excellent blog, here is the full list…

Eclectic Gentlemen Tabletop Gamer – Leon
Four Colour Super Minis – Rob
Cheaphammer!!! – Kieron
Dead Lead Project – myincublis
The Lost and the Damned and the Stunted – Dai
Fantorical – Blaxkleric
28mm Victorian Warfare – Michael Awdry
Mike’s Random Wargaming Meanderings – Mike C
Minis by Finch – Finch
da Gobbo’s Grotto – Wargaming blog – da Gobbo Grotto
Rantings from under the Wargames table – Roger
Colgar6 and the Infinite Legion of Toy Soldiers – Colgar6
Miniature Mayhem – Terry
Weeblokes – Sam

Hopefully I’ll be feeling a bit more “with it” this week, but till them.

Sweet dreams…Cheers Roger.

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“Zom’tober…Down Mexico way”

Week one of “Zomtober” and though it seems pretty quiet out there in “blogland” on the “Zomtober” front this year there do appear to be a couple of other people “joining the wave of undead”‘. I have already sorted out my figures, so I’m in for the month anyway. I plan on painting up one or two of my Studio Miniatures zombies, along with one of the lady survivors I got from Copplestone zom-16-1-unpaintCastings each week.

I began “Conchita’s” my survivor from “South of the borders” painting by dry-brushing her shotgun with chainmail, then her boots and the “pump grip” on her gun were undercoated in chocolate brown, her boots being highlighted in leather brown, the grip with butternut. Her cut-off jeans were then undercoated with a mix of some royal blue and light blue, these were then dry-brushed with some zom-16-1a-paintlight blue, her bikini top was undercoated in dark red and highlighted in bright red. Flesh next and as I wanted a Mexican feel to her I took some leather brown and mixing it with some of my flesh tone seven paint, I created a tan brown flesh tone, and this was used as an undercoat for all her flesh. After her eyes were added I mixed some more flesh tone seven with a bit of European flesh and highlighted her with this resultant mixture. For her hair I wanted a very dark brown colour, so taking chocolate brown I added some black and the resultant colour was used as the undercoat for this. Then more chocolate brown was mixed with a little chestnut and this formed the highlight. That just left her belt and the heels of her boots that were painted black and highlighted with a little dark grey. A coat of “Quickshade” finished her off.

For my beret wearing zombie I wanted to go with a pale blue complexion similar to the colour that Bryan “Vampifan” Scott achieves on a lot of his zombies, so I painted, stone green, light blue and pale flesh in that order straight onto the figures flesh areas and zom-16-1b-paintmixed the three colours together in-situ, the colour came out alright but it was still not as blue as I was hoping, but I can live with it. Her dress was then added in coffee highlighted with cream. I then highlighted her boots and jacket that I had left black with some dark grey, her back pack was given several coats of citrus orange and then a highlight of lemon yellow. Pink burgundy formed the undercoat for her scarf and beret, and her hair was chestnut highlighted with a little orange. Orange also formed the base for the lining of her coat and a light dry-brush with the same mixed with a little white finished this off. A little dark red was dotted here and there, and a bit of bright red was splashed about to add some “gore” and she too was ready for “Quickshading”.

My other “Zombie” lady this week was begun with a mix of deep bronze green, stone zom-16-1c-paintgreen and pale flesh, which again was mixed on the figure. Then her pants were undercoated in dark grey, and this was then mixed with some white for make a light grey that was used to highlight them. Her vest top was then given the same treatment using porcelain blue and pale blue, and the bandage on her arm and her trainers were then painted coffee and cream (with royal blue slashes added to her shoes). Her hair I left black and dry-brushed some little light grey highlights over it, then her “gory bits” were added as above and she was given the “Quickshade treatment. All three were then based in my usual fashion and given a coat of matt varnish to take the shine off of them.

I know a couple of people are doing the “Zomtober” thing this year…



..and if I find anyone else participating I’ll post links to their sites here over the next few weeks, I’ll be running with this theme till the end of the month, so till next week…

Sweet dreams…Cheers Roger.

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