“New Kids From The Block” (week 41)

Late again I’m afraid, just don’t seem to be able to find the time to paint and write up my postings at the moment (lord knows how I’ll cope with forgotten heroes, when I have to re-post other people’s posts too, but we’ll cross that bridge, as they say). But for the moment I decided to roll again on the old painting generator table, and the coins of fate gave me a tails result so out came Galahads list and the toss of the D30 came up one, so this week we have…

Box 1 – (2x 28mm Sci-Fi Troopers by “Bend Sinister”)

Now I’ve mentioned “Bend Sinister” before on my blog as they made the rather nice Knight that I painted way back in 2014 (the link to that page is at the bottom of this post if you want a look). I think I received these as a samples back in my “Valkyrie” days. While I was retrieving them I decided to add a “Scorpio Bug” by Irregular Miniatures that was in the same draw. I think he was chucked in as a sample too, this time with an order at some point, not the most detailed model in the world, but never one to “look a gift horse in the mouth”, I thought I’d throw some paint at this as well. So let’s get on with that then shall we.

I began the troopers by touching up any parts that had escaped the aerosol undercoat of black, and then dry-brushed them in chainmail. Then turning to their overalls these were undercoated in khaki, with “splodges” of coffee and then olive green painted over this to form a camouflage pattern. Their helmets were then undercoated in German field blue, and then highlighted in deep bronze green. Next the butts and barrels of their guns along with the pouches on their belts and their boots were all undercoated in chocolate brown and then highlighted, butternut on the guns and leather brown on the rest. I decided to add their flesh next (not really a lot of it on show just their hands and necks). European flesh with the same mixed with pale flesh saw to this, and then I added the lights on their helmets and backpacks, an old pot of “Tamiya” light green was used for this. As they seemed to be acquiring a bit of an “Eastern Block” vibe to them I decided to go with porcelain blue, bright red and white on their shoulder badges and insignia’s but rather than a specific countries flag I just wanted a flavour of that type of trooper, so a simple red, white and blue striped flag was used. That just left the pipes to their face masks to do and these were added in dark grey with a little light grey highlighting.

Turning to the “Bug” I wasn’t sure where to go with its painting to start with, but much as I like the vibrant metallic’s used on the ones on Irregulars site, I thought I’d go a bit more muted with my figure. So a base of chocolate brown was applied first, this was then dry-brushed with butternut across the legs and lower part of the body. Chestnut brown was then painted over the carapace, and highlights were applied to the cross body ridges of this with rust. The “stinger” at the tip of its tail was then added in khaki, dry-brushed with successive coats of coffee and cream, and its eyes and teeth were finally added in white and black. Not very complicated but I think effective in its way.

Once they were all good and dry, all three were given the obligatory coat of “Quickshade”, and after the bases were painted up in my usual fashion, they had a final coat of matt varnish.

Now while I’ve got you here I thought I’d remind you that “Forgotten heroes” will be returning for its second year in June. This is a bit of fun that Jez over at “Carrion Crows Buffet” came up with, where participants make or remodel/repaint existing figures into superhero characters that have either no existing “official” miniature (or that the official figure is “pants” in the their opinion). Anyway the official rules can be read here…


There is still time to join in if you are so inclined, just let myself or Jez know and we’ll sign you up.

So till next time, cheers Roger.


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“Raising a Stink”

Now some of you might have noticed that I haven’t been posting for a while, this is partly due to time restrictions, but mainly due to a complete lack of enthusiasm on my part I’m afraid, but I thought it was time to dig something out and throw some paint at it. Much contemplation ensued and I decided that the thing I most fancied painting was some form of superhero or villain, now as we all know there have to be more villains than heroes so it would have to be a fiend of some description. A root through my heroklix collection threw up a few possibilities one of which was “Wolfsbane” (right) one of the more obscure X men characters, then a memory from the dim and distant past of my childhood surfaced in the form of “The Skunkwoman” a villain from the early days of “Bananaman” back when he was a staple of the “Nutty” comic.

Now the original “Skunkwoman” was just a woman in a tight black jumpsuit very like “Catwoman” (surprise, surprise! Where do they get there ideas from I wonder) with a big “Skunk” tail instead of a cats. Obviously she rendered her opponents incapacitated with her awful smell (much to the hilarity of the ten year old boys reading, I suppose). Anyway she formed the inspiration behind my new villainess’ “Skunkerella!”, though instead of a just a suit I decided she would be a mutant human/skunk hybrid (much to the hilarity of this forty eight year old boy! Some of us never grow up). Physically she was pretty much spot on to my vision except for (you guessed it) a big fluffy skunk tail. This was pretty easily remedied, a hole was drilled into her “posterior” (this sadly went right through to the front but it was an easy fix), and then after a piece of florists wire was bent into the right general shape (a small “tang” was left at the end of this to insert into the hole later). A large amount of greenstuff was mixed up and pushed around the wire a formed into about the right shape, before I added the “fur” by jabbing and tapping it with the point of a cocktail stick. This was then left to dry overnight.

Next day I spent several minutes trying to poke a tiny soft sausage of freshly mixed greenstuff into the hole in her bottom with little success as it was too soft and kept bending, it’s at moments like this that you can’t help but be struck with just how ridiculous this hobby is sometimes! Eventually I managed to get it inserted (stop smirking at the back!) and was able to push the wire “tang” at the base of her tail into place with a blob of superglue for good measure. Once this had dried a little I took another tiny ball of “stuff” and filled in the hole between her legs at the front (I said stop smirking!). After this was all dry it was out for a coat of matt black with the aerosol can and I could get to painting her.

After the figure was touched up with a brush and some more matt black, she was highlighted with a mixture of dark grey and black, to make up a very dark grey, then a mixture of chocolate brown and black was mixed to create (wait for it…) a very dark brown and this was used to highlight the figure again. Next all the white lines on her fur were added along with her eyes and teeth, these were first undercoated with cream and then white highlights were painted over these. Her costume was next, I needed something quite bright to stand out from her black body, after much deliberation, a blue grey base, with porcelain blue highlights was chosen for the main body part and bronze with shinning gold highlights were used for her belt and shoulder pads to give it a bit of pizazz! That just left her lips to be added with a touch of dark red and she was ready to be “Quickshaded”. Basing was of course carried out in my usual way and a “blow over” with the matt varnish finished her off. Not my most productive week ever, but at least I have painted something to show I haven’t dropped off of the face of the earth.

Now while I haven’t been doing much in the way of actual painting of late, I have bought some new stuff… but wait I hear you cry you said you weren’t going to buy any figures this year!! And nor have I, but last bank holiday weekend my local florists supply wholesaler had a VAT free weekend so it would have been rude not to go and take a look and below are the items I came home with.

In the picture you can see the three different types of artificial plant I got, and in brackets after the name is the price I paid (normally they would add VAT (20%) at the till, but obviously these were VAT free). So from left to right we have, Cactus (£1.45), these are great, big but still great and will probably end up with my Sci-Fi “Wild West” stuff, but they would work for prehistoric too, so I got four of these. Aloe Durban (£2.45), Perfect additions for my prehistoric fantasy scenery, got three of these. Aeonium Plant (£2.75), again perfect for prehistoric fantasy, I can see Peter Cushing clinging to the top of one of these poking a monster with his brolly! I picked up two of these. Finally I picked up a “wall Hanger”, this is basically a square 20”x 20” of tiny vines made of wire with little leaves stuck to them, now why exactly you would want this hanging on your wall I don’t know, but my instant thought was to pull it apart to use as ivy or creepers climbing up the sides of buildings or scenery (it would also make a good base for a pumpkin patch, sorry Jez). It cost £11.75, but there is easily more than enough to last me the rest of my scenery building life, so I still thought it was a bit of a bargain. Anyway I’ve stuck “Skunkerella” in the photo’s to add a little scale comparison.

So till next time, Cheers Roger.

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“What! 17 again!!” (week 40)

The trouble with the “random painting generator” is just that, it’s random, so when I tossed the coins of fate again this week Lancelot came up (no problem there) but then the toss of the old D30 came up seventeen again, and this meant another group of Matty’s Orks would be making their way onto my painting table.  feb-2017-4-unpaint

Box17 – (3x 28mm Games Workshop Orks)

Now the more eagle eyed amongst you will of course notice from the picture to the right that there are in fact four “greenskins” passing beneath my brush this week, this is because I decided to get the rest of the “Jumpboyz” (still don’t know if this is the proper name for them) finished, and it turned out that there were four rocket packs left (how this works out I have no idea, as seven seems such an odd number, were there three or four in a pack, either way it doesn’t work out!!). Ahyhoo’ I dug out four Orks to wear the darn things (as you can see one of then already had his fitted at some point). The commander type figure I think must have gone with the three I painted last time as he has a distinctly “Germanic” feel to him but the other three are just random “Ork boyz”, so I would have to try and tie them all together with the painting. So let’s get on with that…

feb-2017-4a-paintI began the painting in my usual way with all the figures being dry-brushed within an inch of their lives with some chainmail paint, then another lighter dry-brush of rust was applied over this. Then taking my dark grey I painted the trousers on the three “grunts” along with the one helmet, and the uniform and cap on the commander. All these areas were then highlighted with some light grey. Next to try and tie them in with the last lot I decided to add the same camouflage pattern as I did last time, so the cap and jacket feb-2017-4b-paintof the heavy gunner along with the sleeves (as this is all you can see) of the other two were first painted earth brown, then “splodges” of sap green and then my darker sand colour were painted over the top of this. Finally I again added some “dots” in light green to add a little highlight. Then their skin was added, this was done by laying down a base coat of deep bronze green and then after their eyes were added in white and bright red highlights of goblin green were painted over this. The two with open mouths had the insides of these painted dark red and then highlights of bright red were added before I painted in the teeth with some cream. All the belts and boots were next, most I feb-2017-4c-paintdid in chocolate brown with leather highlights, but a couple of bits I did in black with dark grey. The rocket packs were also begun with a drybrush of chainmail and rust and after I added dark red/bright red to the tops of the rockets, it was just a case of picking out some details in luminous green and blue, and adding a bit of graffiti in white.

They were then all given a coat of “Quickshade” and after this the bases were painted in scenic brown before being dry-brushed in scenic green, still no flocking (I still don’t like this as they don’t look finished to my eye, but hey’ho the joysfeb-2017-4d-paint of painting for someone else), lastly they were spray coated with matt varnish.

Well next week is March, and so I should be doing another round of “March’sters of the Universe” He-man figures, but as I believe I’ll be on my own for this round (Jez is busy with his Dr Who stuff at the moment), I’m not sure whether to go ahead or not, we’ll see how I feel.

So till next week, cheers Roger.

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“Who’s that out with a Couple of Bird’s?” (week 39)

Two single figure boxes this time and the chance to jump on a bandwagon with a couple of other bloggers into the bargain! Another double tails result meant figures from “Galahad’s” list yet again. Then the old D30 came up thirteen and as this was a single figure I rolled again and got twenty six which had gone, but turning to Lancelot’s list this luckily had another single figure (gosh this is complicated, are you keeping up?) anyway it makes sense to me and eventually I came up with the following figures to paint…

Box13 – (28mm Woman on Terrabird)feb-2017-3-unpaint

Box 26- (Doctor Who figure of William Hartnell, (From Lancelot))

This rather nice little set came from Maidenhead Miniatures and was sent to me as a sample back in my “Valkyire” column days, I painted up a sister piece to this, a woman riding a large sabre toothed tiger back in January 2015* and the ladies are interchangeable (in fact I have three of the riders but only two animal mounts for them, so at some point I’ll have to source a “ride” for the third little lady), I decided to glue the rider together and mount her up on the bird before I began painting them, whether this was a good move or not I’m still not sure, but anyway after I’d cut out a cardboard base for them they were glued and “filler’ed” into place and as the base was a bit plain I added a couple of cat litter rocks. Then both she and the Doctor went out for a coat of matt black and I got down to adding a little colour. The body of the bird was first painted blue grey with the underside painted blue grey mixed with coffee, this was also run up its neck and then its face and wings were added in chestnut and dark red, all of these colours were painted at the same time with each area being blended into each other. Then its beak was added in citrus orange and blended in again. Once this was dry the feb-2017-3b-paintbeak was dry-brushed with lemon yellow. Turning then to its legs a base of butternut was painted over them before I mixed more butternut, orange and lemon yellow together and the resultant mix was then dry-brushed over the ridges on its legs. I then dry-brushed a mix of coffee and cream down its neck and down under its belly, After this I started on the saddle and reins, chocolate brown forming the base for these with leather highlights over the top of this.

If I was ever going to have a chance of finishing this ensemble by the end of the week I needed to crack on with the lady perched (no pun intended, I assure you) on the back of the feathered beastie, to this end I gave her flesh (and there was a lot of it!) a coat of flesh tone seven and though this came out rather “patchy” it did give a good base for my second coat which consisted of the same with a little European flesh added, I then added her eyes and the chocolate brown of her leather accessories and bow (the leather bits being highlighted in, well leather funnily enough). Then turning back to her flesh I mixed some European flesh and pale flesh and this was used to highlight these areas. feb-2017-3c-paintOnce dry I took my copper and painted all the “minimal” bits of armour she was wearing, and then highlighted these with some shinning gold, I also added her lips in pink burgundy. Hair next and a base of light sand was applied and though this was too pale for a base it made a good undercoat for the citrus orange I painted over it, then I added highlights in lemon yellow. Her bow and the shafts of the arrows were then dry-brushed with some butternut, the feathers on these along with the one in her hair and the grip on her bow were then undercoated in coffee with (you guessed it) cream highlights. The collar on the bird had some highlights added in dark red and bright red, and her “leafy” loin cloth was done in deep bronze green with olive highlights, the birds claws also got coffee talons at this point. Lastly I added a final drybrush of blue grey mixed with coffee over the feathers on the beasts back and a dry-brushed touch of pink burgundy to the red part of the wings.

Now turning to my Dr Who figure (in William Hartnell guise), was bought many moons ago by from a chap who was selling them mail order, and though I bought him in good faith I now believe he is a re-cast of an old Games Workshop figure. Though I guess I was young and stupid at the time to fall fowl of this and not report him for it, I honestly didn’t realize my mistake until it was way too late. So even though the detail is rather soft on him, any Dr Who is better than no Dr Who (unless it’s the new stuff, but we won’t get into that!), so it was a quick re-base and out for a coat of matt black with the big bird above. Then I began by painting his trousers in light grey, then added the checks on them in black (I’m not sure if these look right or not as the originals are much smaller checks, but I’ll live with it). His waistcoat then had an undercoat of feb-2017-3a-paintbutternut applied, and this mixed with some lemon yellow was used to highlight it. His collar was next this being touched in with a little cream. His hands and face were then painted in with an undercoat of continental flesh, and after his eyes were added, I highlighted this with the same with some pale flesh mixed in for good measure, I decided to add a tiny line of black across his mouth, then his hair was painted in cream and while it was still wet I dragged in a touch of dark grey, that just left his jacket, shoes and tie to be touched up in black before I mixed some very dark grey (dark grey and black) and added some highlights to these. Compared to the figures above he was a breeze to paint.

They then both had my quintessential slapping with a little Quickshade and then their bases were painted up to match their respective figure groups before they had a final spray coat of matt varnish. I’m rather pleased with how the pair of them came out, I wonder what I’ll get next…

Till then, cheers Roger.

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