“Who’s that out with a Couple of Bird’s?” (week 39)

Two single figure boxes this time and the chance to jump on a bandwagon with a couple of other bloggers into the bargain! Another double tails result meant figures from “Galahad’s” list yet again. Then the old D30 came up thirteen and as this was a single figure I rolled again and got twenty six which had gone, but turning to Lancelot’s list this luckily had another single figure (gosh this is complicated, are you keeping up?) anyway it makes sense to me and eventually I came up with the following figures to paint…

Box13 – (28mm Woman on Terrabird)feb-2017-3-unpaint

Box 26- (Doctor Who figure of William Hartnell, (From Lancelot))

This rather nice little set came from Maidenhead Miniatures and was sent to me as a sample back in my “Valkyire” column days, I painted up a sister piece to this, a woman riding a large sabre toothed tiger back in January 2015* and the ladies are interchangeable (in fact I have three of the riders but only two animal mounts for them, so at some point I’ll have to source a “ride” for the third little lady), I decided to glue the rider together and mount her up on the bird before I began painting them, whether this was a good move or not I’m still not sure, but anyway after I’d cut out a cardboard base for them they were glued and “filler’ed” into place and as the base was a bit plain I added a couple of cat litter rocks. Then both she and the Doctor went out for a coat of matt black and I got down to adding a little colour. The body of the bird was first painted blue grey with the underside painted blue grey mixed with coffee, this was also run up its neck and then its face and wings were added in chestnut and dark red, all of these colours were painted at the same time with each area being blended into each other. Then its beak was added in citrus orange and blended in again. Once this was dry the feb-2017-3b-paintbeak was dry-brushed with lemon yellow. Turning then to its legs a base of butternut was painted over them before I mixed more butternut, orange and lemon yellow together and the resultant mix was then dry-brushed over the ridges on its legs. I then dry-brushed a mix of coffee and cream down its neck and down under its belly, After this I started on the saddle and reins, chocolate brown forming the base for these with leather highlights over the top of this.

If I was ever going to have a chance of finishing this ensemble by the end of the week I needed to crack on with the lady perched (no pun intended, I assure you) on the back of the feathered beastie, to this end I gave her flesh (and there was a lot of it!) a coat of flesh tone seven and though this came out rather “patchy” it did give a good base for my second coat which consisted of the same with a little European flesh added, I then added her eyes and the chocolate brown of her leather accessories and bow (the leather bits being highlighted in, well leather funnily enough). Then turning back to her flesh I mixed some European flesh and pale flesh and this was used to highlight these areas. feb-2017-3c-paintOnce dry I took my copper and painted all the “minimal” bits of armour she was wearing, and then highlighted these with some shinning gold, I also added her lips in pink burgundy. Hair next and a base of light sand was applied and though this was too pale for a base it made a good undercoat for the citrus orange I painted over it, then I added highlights in lemon yellow. Her bow and the shafts of the arrows were then dry-brushed with some butternut, the feathers on these along with the one in her hair and the grip on her bow were then undercoated in coffee with (you guessed it) cream highlights. The collar on the bird had some highlights added in dark red and bright red, and her “leafy” loin cloth was done in deep bronze green with olive highlights, the birds claws also got coffee talons at this point. Lastly I added a final drybrush of blue grey mixed with coffee over the feathers on the beasts back and a dry-brushed touch of pink burgundy to the red part of the wings.

Now turning to my Dr Who figure (in William Hartnell guise), was bought many moons ago by from a chap who was selling them mail order, and though I bought him in good faith I now believe he is a re-cast of an old Games Workshop figure. Though I guess I was young and stupid at the time to fall fowl of this and not report him for it, I honestly didn’t realize my mistake until it was way too late. So even though the detail is rather soft on him, any Dr Who is better than no Dr Who (unless it’s the new stuff, but we won’t get into that!), so it was a quick re-base and out for a coat of matt black with the big bird above. Then I began by painting his trousers in light grey, then added the checks on them in black (I’m not sure if these look right or not as the originals are much smaller checks, but I’ll live with it). His waistcoat then had an undercoat of feb-2017-3a-paintbutternut applied, and this mixed with some lemon yellow was used to highlight it. His collar was next this being touched in with a little cream. His hands and face were then painted in with an undercoat of continental flesh, and after his eyes were added, I highlighted this with the same with some pale flesh mixed in for good measure, I decided to add a tiny line of black across his mouth, then his hair was painted in cream and while it was still wet I dragged in a touch of dark grey, that just left his jacket, shoes and tie to be touched up in black before I mixed some very dark grey (dark grey and black) and added some highlights to these. Compared to the figures above he was a breeze to paint.

They then both had my quintessential slapping with a little Quickshade and then their bases were painted up to match their respective figure groups before they had a final spray coat of matt varnish. I’m rather pleased with how the pair of them came out, I wonder what I’ll get next…

Till then, cheers Roger.

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“Akarr Bilk? Stranger’s on the Painting Table” (week 38)

Time to roll the die” again, and the coins of fate have decreed, with a double tails result that this week’s figures come from “Galahad’s” list. Then the old D30 came up fourteen and this meant that this week’s figurers are…  feb-2017-2-unpaint

Box 14 (15mm sci-fi alien unit hydra miniatures)

These rather nice 15mm alien figures are by Hydra miniatures, and are called the ”Akarr”(hence the terrible title to this post, it was the only Akarr related “pun” I could come up with). I received them in trade with Matt Beuchamp for a few miniatures from my own WSD Miniatures line (nice when you can do that). Now I have to admit to giving a bit of a groan when I saw these little chaps number come up, now don’t get me wrong these are lovely little figures and the theatrical style of them falls right into my wheel house as it were, but the high level of feb-2017-2a-paintdetail, the dynamic poses and the very fact that I had to batch paint (again) twelve of the blighters along with the memory of the “fun” I had painting them last time was what ,”dropped my shoulders”. Now it was way back in January 2015* that I painted the first batch of these so I suppose it was about time they gained some reinforcements. So after cleaning up the surprisingly “flashy” sculpts they were based op on pennies (they are too small for tuppences after all), and then it was out for a spraying with some matt black.

Once dry I touched up the black with a brush, then, as all the metallic parts would be feb-2017-2b-paintgolden, they were given a liberal dry-brushing with copper and this was then re-coated with another dry-brush of bright gold, next aquamarine was painted over all the flesh areas, I wanted to keep the painting pretty simple so no highlights were added to this, I did this last time and it turned out OK. Next I turned to the long loin cloths they are all wearing and after a bit of consideration in the bath (I do all my best thinking there you know), I decided that I would go for a different colour on each unit so as to differentiate feb-2017-2c-paintbetween them. So rather than the purple I used last time these chaps would have royal blue loin cloths, so a base coat of royal blue was painted over these areas and then this was highlighted with bright blue. Next I went round all the all the joints and did some “lining in” in black and then touched all the gold and aquamarine edges back up to these lines (not a fun job but it looked better once it was done) that just left some metallic blue “jewels” to be added to their armour and some dark grey with light grey highlights on the long hair that the leader figure has and they were ready for a coat of Quickshade.feb-2017-2d-paint

When it came to painting the bases chocolate brown with terracotta and coffee highlights was the order of the day, I then added a couple of patches of red sand I picked up from a floristry supply wholesalers. A final coat of matt varnish finished them off. Wow three weeks without a twenty eight millimetre figure in sight! I hope I get some next week, I’m beginning to get the shakes going cold turkey like this!

Till next week, cheers Roger.

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“Less is More, More or Less” (week 37)

Back to Lancelot’s list this week with a double heads result coming up on the coins of fate, and the roll of the D30 gave me a twelve, equating to something I haven’t painted feb-2017-1-unpaintfor a long time, spaceships.

Box 12 – (Spaceships any amount of choice)

Now way back in the dim and distant past we had quite the little spacecraft campaign going at my old club with “Full Thrust” being the rules of choice, and as always seems to be the case far more models were bought than were ever used in anger, and that was the case with these ships. Now I always thought these were “Silent Death” models but a search of the net couldn’t turn up any images of these models so now I’m not so sure (if anyone can confirm what they are either way I’d be indebted). Now as I said above after the initial flurry of painting many years back these have languished in their draw since the early nineties, so I suppose it’s about time I threw a bit of paint at them.

I began by digging out some “flying stands” for them and after the holes in the undersides of the ships was dilled out slightly I stuffed the holes with a little “greenstuff” and superglued the stands in place (removing any excess greenstuff that was pushed out of the hole), and I also put a blob of greenstuff and a “penny” into the bottom of each of the flying stands to make them a little more stable. They then went feb-2017-1a-paintout for a coat of matt black and the painting could begin.

I wanted a slightly different colour scheme to the usual grey or silver to reflect the more alien nature of the sculpts, so I began by painting the whole lot of them in jade green, then once this was dry I dry-brushed them in Tamiya green (also slightly Jade in colour but a touch lighter than the original coat). Then I added some plum paint to some of the “veins” running across the tops of the ships and then did the same with some of the remaining “veins” in lavender, but I didn’t like this at allfeb-2017-1b-paint and ended up painting out most of the lavender bits in more of the jade green. I then gave them a coat of the old “quickshade” (strong tone). Now I did plan on adding some more detail to them after the quickshade was dry, maybe some engine ports at the rear in light blue or something but after taking another look at the sculpts there wasn’t really anywhere to add these and the sculpts were actually that different at the rear it would be hard to tie them all in together, so I decided to just leave them as they were and tidy up where the stands entered the bottom of the ships (messy beggar that I am), and give them a final coat of matt varnish.

So not the most complicated or productive weeks painting I’ve ever had, but progress is progress as they say.

Cheers Roger.

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“Raising the Fyrd” (week 36)

Right well it’s the end of my first month of “draw clearing” and to round off Januarys “roll of the die” postings this week’s toss of the coins gave me a couple of tails, so it was “Galahd’s” list that made its first appearance of the year and the subsequent roll of the D20 gave me…

Box 9 – (15mm Fantasy yeomen figures 2x units)jan-2017-4-upaint

Now as some of my long time follows may remember I base these figures up to use in the game “Demonblade”, which means they are based up in units of five on a 34mm hexagonal base. So two unit’s equals ten figures right? Well on closer inspection of the draw that contained them, there were only fifteen figures of these Rafm produced yeoman in total, so I decided to bite the bullet and pull out all fifteen (I could them cross the box off of my list, always a good feeling). The figures were cleaned up and glued in fives (using PVA wood glue) to short lengths of wood as this makes them easier to paint, they can then be pried off of the wood and glued onto the hexagonal bases later. They then went for their customary coat of matt black.

Painting was started with the pitchforks and small leather bags each chap has at his waist painted chocolate brown, them the forks were highlighted with butternut and the bags with leather. Then as I wanted a mixed random appearance to the units I dug out some “earthy peasant” colours, these being stone green, earth brown, light blue, khaki, pink burgundy, coffee and Lincoln green, and randomly painted two of the tops and two of the trousers one the figures in these colours. The leader figure (who looks like Mosses to me), I gave a coffee top and khaki leggings. All of the above were then highlighted with the same colours mixed with a little titanium while. Turning to their boots and belts next these were painted in using more chocolate brown with leather highlights. Faces and hands came next so an undercoat of European flesh was applied to these areas then their eyes were dotted in using black, then highlights were applied to the flesh areas with a mix of European flesh and pale flesh. The leader then had his cape painted royal blue, and highlights of bright blue were added to this. Lastly his hair was added in dark grey with light grey highlights (he really reminds me of Mosses now!).

Now the rest of my fifteen millimetre fantasy figures are not quickshaded, but for some reason I really wanted to “shade” these chaps, much musing later and I decided to go with the quickshade, so a coat of the strong tone was painted over the figures next.


When it came to basing the little blighters I began by cutting three 34mm hexagons out of some card then cut three more but slightly smaller and glued the smaller ones on top of the bigger ones. Then the three rear most figures of the five on each base were glued into place and filler was spread around there feet (as this is easier while I have access to the front of them), then the front two figures were glued into place and the process was repeated around their feet. Once this was dry I then painted the bases in scenic brown (this is a real pain to do I have to say!), and then  I repeated this with scenic green (but in a less accurate way, wouldn’t exactly call it a dry brush more a “hap ’hazard” brush). Then finally I brushed PVA glue over the bases and then flocked them with some “Javis” pasture green flocking.

The figures then went out for a final spray coat of matt varnish, and that was another box crossed of the list. Well one month down, I wonder what February will bring us… time to roll again.

Cheers Roger.

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