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“Being Judge ‘Mental” (Mo’vember)

And so we come to my last entry for Mo’vember this year, and once again I’ve gone with “Space Dwarves” (usually a fairly safe bet when it comes to a search for facial hair*). Now these figures come from the … Continue reading

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“Taking Stock of Brokker’s” (Mo’vember)

OK well I have to start this post with an apology, I’m afraid I’m been a bit quiet around the blogs of late, this is because those fateful words “REAL LFE” have been getting in the way of the fun … Continue reading

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“One step down from the Burger King” (Mo’vember & Advent Challenge)

So here we are nine days into Mo’vember and not a bearded wonder on my site (well technically two of the figures in my last post had beards but just go with me on this OK). But that ends today … Continue reading

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“A Good Day to be Bad!” (Zom’tober & Apocalypse Me)

Last week of October and my last submissions for the two challenges, I’ve gone back to the more “traditional” Zombies and a Survivor this time, and also just for fun I’ve given each a little backstory too. All three came … Continue reading

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