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“Let’s Have a Mo’vember Round Up”

When Simon (Moore) asked me if I fancied doing another round of Mo’vember last month, I happily agreed thinking it would really just be the two of us as has so often been the case in the past (though one … Continue reading

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“I’ve Been Painting Knightley, And the Odd morning Too!” (Mo’vember)

OK so that is a tenuous title even by my standards, but I have been painting Pirates and one of them is female (though not thankfully the one with the beard!), so hopefully you’ll let it slide this time. Apologies … Continue reading

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“I Haven’t Done Squat!” (Mo’vember)

So we come to the last “challenge” month of the year (well for me anyway), “Mo’vember” though I’ve been through the rules for this a few of times over the last couple of weeks, just for any late comers I’ll … Continue reading

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“A Scrunty Swansong” (Mo’vember)

Right well as you may (or may not) know I have been spending the month of November finishing off my remaining Scrunt’s by the inimitable Bob Olley, the light infantry to be exact and I am happy report that the … Continue reading

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