“The Tech Tec’ & The Badlands Babe” (Forgotten Heroes 2021)

So both my entries for “Forgotten Heroes” were finished and ready for painting, well let’s get on with that then shall we, Oh and I threw in an extra figure I’d received recently when I ordered so more paint (as stocks were running low of a couple of colours) but I’ll go into this more once we get to him.

Starting with “Dick” his palette was really pretty simple, so after his spraying of black undercoat, I gave his overcoat (that’s confusing isn’t it!) a coat (a lot of coats here isn’t there!) of chocolate brown with a drop of black in it to darken it, this was then highlighted with just chocolate brown and then again with more chocolate brown mixed with saddle (one of my new paints!). Next I added his wrists (well the only bits of his arms you can see) in copper and his eyes in white. I then added the pupils to his eyes, this was a bit of a pain as they really needed to be square, and so after they were in place I went back with the white again and tried to square then off a bit. For this “skin” I mixed some silver with some mid grey (yes Matt I’ve now got a light grey! It says mid grey on the pot, but to be honest if it was much lighter it’d be white!), anyway this was then painted onto his face and hands, I didn’t highlight here as the original has a pretty “flat” look to it. After checking the DVD I determined that his gun was black so I left it black, just adding some dark grey highlights here and there (oh and also on his hat band that was also black), and a little chocolate brown and leather to the pistol grip. That just left his hat which I did in more saddle highlighted with some leather brown. Pretty simple stuff really.

Mary next, now she and the other miniature I painted this week were originally undercoated in white primer, as I knew her clothing was going to be predominantly white (of course). So after this as usual I painted in her gun and dry-brushed this with some chainmail, then her dress, belts and boots were undercoated in coffee, before successive highlights of cream and then white were layered over this. The side panels of her dress were then added in dark red with bright red highlights, and her gun “butt’s” and knife hilt were painted chocolate brown with leather highlights on the handles and saddle on the barrel grip. Now her stockings were undercoated in mid grey then washed/glazed in watered down white, and then her flesh was given an undercoat of Red Indian flesh, mixed with some pale flesh and dwarf flesh to get the right tone. Then after I had added her lips in pink burgundy and her eyes in white and black with a little navy blue around them the highlight to her flesh was added in European flesh. That just left her hair which I’d left black but added a few highlights of dark grey too.

Lastly this week I painted up a present for my lovely wife that as I said above I’d added to the order of paint I’d received a couple of weeks back, this was “Runcorn” the Unicorn from the Lucid Eye productions “Toon Realms” range. I did him in classic fantasy Unicorn colours so again working from a white primer I mixed some leather brown with coffee and a little fusia and used this in all the creases and folds in his skin before dry-brushing him in successive coats of coffee, cream and white, I also added some pale flesh around his muzzle and his teeth and mouth in white and dark red respectively. His mane and tail were fusia with lilac and lavender highlights, and his horn was Eurasian flesh with highlights of ECW buff (as you can see I used a few of my new paints here). And his hooves were chocolate brown with more Eurasian flesh forming the highlights here.

All three figures were given a coat of “Quickshade” strongtone and the bases on the two “upright” figures had their bases done in my usual manner of, chocolate brown, dry-brushed with khaki, and then again with coffee. Areas were then picked out with scenic green before said areas were flocked with some Javis “Summer Mix” hairy grass. A final spray coat of matt varnish and they were finished.

“Runcorn” on the other hand had his base painted with chocolate brown then heavily dry-brushed with scenic green, then I picked out the toadstools and flowers I’d made with a little left over “greenstuff” while working on Mr “Spanner”, with Eurasian flesh, coffee, dark red, bright red and cream on the toadstools, and porcelain blue, light blue citrus orange and lemon yellow on the flowers. The base was then flocked with Javis pasture green flock and he too was matt varnished. He’s sitting in my wife’s cabinet now alongside the “shed” I made for last year’s “Season of Scenery Challenge”.

So that’s both of my “Forgotten Heroes” figures finished, but I still have one more entry to post before the end of the month, so I’ll be reliving my youth this week and playing with toy cars!

Till next time, stay safe and cheers Roger.

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37 Responses to “The Tech Tec’ & The Badlands Babe” (Forgotten Heroes 2021)

  1. Dave Stone says:

    Wonderful work on all 3 Roger, the painting has elevated your sculpts and given them life

  2. Super-stuff, Roger, with some top paint-jobs all round. The star though is Runcorn the Unicorn. I adore the “Toon Realms” range, as you probably know, and have a half-painting Runcorn somewhere which I’m doing as Shadowfax for my Lord of the Toons project. Lovely work with the toadstools too – just a great little ensemble, and one I’ll be returning to when I finally turn my attention back to Lucid Eye Productions minis.

    • Thanks Simon, I really fancied painting up Runcorn for when I first saw him on the “Lucid Eye” site, so getting him as a present for my wife seemed a good excuse 😀

      Oh and you are to blame for this by the way, with your Toon Realms postings (makes a change to be dishing out the blame for once! 😉).

      Cheers Roger.

      • Yes. The toon realms stuff is superb imho. I love ’em. Need to dig them out for a monthly theme at some point. Perhaps we should do a Toon’Tember month, LOL!!

      • Ohhh no!! much as I too like the toon Realms stuff the last thing I need at the moment is another project! so sorry mate, I’m just going to stop at Runcorn (which is odd as I usually drive straight through there on my way to Phalanx in St Helens 😉).

        You just like to see me fail don’t you! 😢😭😪

        Cheers Roger.

  3. Guru PIG says:

    Loved Runcorn and Dick. I have treated myself to the complete set of DVD’s on Dick Spanner from Amazon as it as been ages since I have seen them. Roger you are a bad influence, but that’s a good thing!!!

  4. Alex says:

    Nicely done sir – cracking job with the sculpting and brill painting 🤌

  5. Excellent work Roger. The painting is every bit as good as she sculpting and converting. 🙂

  6. Matt says:

    Excellent work on all these, Roger, once again you’ve done a magnificent job of sculpting and painting. Dick Spanner’s coat is wonderfully shaded and highlighted, and Mary looks superb. Nicely done!

  7. Pete S/ SP says:

    Great work Roger- really like them.



  8. Nice work man. I love the unicorn present for your wife. 👌🏼

  9. Should I maybe say here that the highlight for me is that you’ve now got some light grey paint? 😉 Nice painting, Roger, all very nice! 🙂

  10. Carrion Crow says:

    I am woefully falling behind with this compared to everyone else. 😣

    Very nice work and looking forward to seeing the car finished up.

    • Thanks Jez, I was only thinking last night that I was surprised you hadn’t posted lately, one last push will get you over the finishing line I’m sure, you’ve never failed FH yet!

      Quite enjoying doing the car, as it’s a bit out of my comfort zone. 😀

      Love this challenge, this was a good idea of yours mate!

      Cheers Roger.

  11. borderguy190 says:

    Nicely done, Roger. Rwminds me.I need to get painting my FH entry.

  12. angrypiper says:

    Great work, Roger! Like I said, I’ve no familiarity with Dick Spanner (man that’s a cool name), but he looks pretty accurate, based on the picture!
    I’m a big fan of Lucid Eye. Recreational Conflict carries them over here in the States. I picked up some of their Beast of Birchwood stuff to use as Mad Hatter henchmen, but I’m also enamored of the “not-Clockwork Orange” (or should I say “Steampunk Orange”) droogs. Maybe someday!

    • Thanks Keith, I do wonder if he was named after a tool company we have over here “King Dick” as we often used to get spanners with “King Dick” embossed on the handles, don’t know if you get those over there?

      The Lucid eye stuff is really nice, Simon (Fantorical) Moore has painted a load of the “Toon Realms” stuff over that last couple of years, and I’ve been tempted since he started!

      Cheers Roger.

  13. Looking good, for some reason WordPress hasn’t been showing me your posts.

  14. Thanks Steve, WordPress is a law unto itself sometimes 🙄

    Cheers Roger.

  15. Roger, nice paint jobs on all. though like others have said the unicorn gift is quite beautiful.

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