“Seven from Blake’s” (Paint what you got challenge)

And so we come to the end of another year of “Covid confusion”, I think we all need a little normality to cling to in these dark and uncertain days, the “hobby” as we who do, call it has been a life line I think for many of us over the last couple of years, and a pastime that we don’t have to “play outside” to perform and this has given us an advantage in the “keeping sane” stakes, especially as we have been able to communicate and encourage (along with being a bit of a mental crutch) with each other via our respective blogs and other “net” related forms of communication. So as we set sail upon the (hopefully) calmer waters of 2022, I’d like to welcome you all back aboard my little corner of the internet, please keep all chairs in the upright position, don’t use the facilities 🚽 while we’re sitting in the station, the safety exits are situated there 👈 and there 👉, and I hope you enjoy the ride. Delores will be around a little later to take your food orders. But I hear you say what have I got in store for the coming year? Don’t ask me! I don’t even know what I writing at this point!

Oh, I do have a NEW challenge for this year, in the “Advent Challenge!”, yes I spent most of the last month risking paper cuts and arduously opening little cardboard doors (and some of them were a bugger’ I’ll tell you!), and I now have twenty four new plastic (Bones) figures to paint, but I’m getting ahead of myself as we already have a challenge underway in Dave Stone’s “Paint what you’ve got challenge” (you can tell I didn’t come up with that name!). Basically this is an excuse to paint all that stuff you’ve bought and put to one side for far too long (and if you can do that in two month’s you aren’t a proper wargamer!!!), I say two months as this actually started in December but I’m just jumping in now, as it’s better late than never as they say, but enough pre-amble what have I actually painted, well I thought I’d start simple so I’ve dug out a few spaceships I bought from Dave (coincidentally) toward the back of last year based loosely on the seventies BBC science fiction show “Blakes 7”, now I do also have two “Liberator” style ships that also need paint, but I have started with the “evil” federation ships (I should really have done the lot, but I was feeling lazy), so it is what it is.

First job was to clean up the castings, not too arduous as they were pretty good to be honest, the fun really started when I set about drilling holes in them to attach the “flying stands”, the smaller “pursuit” ships were okay, if a little awkward due to their curved shape, but the bigger ships with their four “wing” design meant I had to drill out a space into the lower wing and with them being made from resin I did of course “chip” away more than I wanted too, so out came the “greenstuff” and repairs had to be made. Also being the “cack” handed oaf that I am I did also knock off a few of the “spiked” protuberances at the edge of the wings, luckily as these were all from the vertical wings, therefore I thought it easier and prudent to just remove the rest of these and just leave the ones on the horizontal wings in place. I based the flying stands on two layers of card, this is for two reasons, 1) It increases the footprint of the bases slightly making them more stable, and 2) I usually add ship names onto the “tab” at the front, I haven’t done that here simply because we’ve run out of ink for the printer!

Painting wise they were pretty straightforward, once they had been completely undercoated in matt black, the ships were painted ruby red, then heavily dry-brushed in terracotta. Next I dotted in some “running lights” in light (day-glow) green, and the odd bit I repainted black before dry-brushing these with chainmail. They were then given a coat of “Strong tone” Quickshade, and the engine ports at the rear of the ships were painted with a ring of pale blue and while this was still wet I added white to the centre here and wet-blended then together to simulate the engine exhausts. I then tidied up the bases where the Quickshade had run down the shafts, and they were finished off with a “blow over” of matt varnish. Simple, simple stuff to be honest, but at least we are up and running again. Next I think I’ll tackle the first two of my “Advent Challenge” figures.

So till next week, stay safe, happy New Year, and cheers Roger.

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34 Responses to “Seven from Blake’s” (Paint what you got challenge)

  1. Dave Stone says:

    Great work on the ships Roger, they’ve turned out really well. Sorry you had problems putting in the holes, I went for to the side of the vanes, to add a sense of movement to the ships, but now can see I should have thought about anyone wanting to go in straight ! LOL

    • Thanks Dave, yes it’s all your fault!, fortunately I was able to photograph them in such a way as to hide my dodgy repair work (LOL). 😉

      Sorry for the ropey photo’s by the way, it’s such a miserable day here that the light is awful for pictures, and it’s raining so I ain’t going outside to do them. 😁 I’m afraid my loyalty to my readers doesn’t extend to catching pneumonia.

      Cheers Roger.

  2. Matt says:

    Nice work on the Federation ships, Roger, they look really good and the red works really well! Sorry to hear that your cack-handedness resulted in some broken bits but I think you got away with it, just don’t tell Dave… oops, too late 🙂

    • Thanks Matt, the red does work well, but I cant take credit as this is the colour they were in the show to be honest. Fragility is the main problem I have with resin, but then I could probably break a cannon ball 😉.

      Cheers Roger.

  3. Well what a super-spooky posting, Roger, as I currently have those very models on my painting table too – albeit I haven’t attempted to drill any holes in mine yet as I was actually thinking of simply having them resting upon some self-made stands. I may now though rummage through my various flying stands to see what I own to deal with the stability issue to mention.

    Great paint jobs, and I’ll certainly be looking at your pics in detail later when I finally get round to pigmenting my own minis – I’m planning on waiting now until your Liberator (and sister ship) are posted 🙂

    • Thanks Simon, to be honest there is no stability problem with them, but OCD means they have to match my other older ships all of which are metal and some of which are quite big too, hence the need for an enlarged footprint.

      You might be waiting a little while for the Liberators to get painted, best you go first here….”After you Claude” 😀

      Cheers Roger.

  4. Nice ships there, Roger, and a good start to the year! 🙂

  5. Alex says:

    Excellent – love a bit of Blake’s Seven! Also looking forward to seeing what you got in your Advent – I went and got one myself after you mentioned it so I’m curious if we got the same minis! 😊

    • Thanks Alex, who doesn’t love a bit of B7, especially as I re-watched the whole series toward the end of last year as it was shown on “Forces TV”.

      So you got an Advent too, from mighty lancer games? will be interesting as you say to see if they are the same, I’ve made a note of what door (1-24) they came out of, so if you can remember we can compare. The big problem I had was there was no packaging with each mini, and most of them I couldn’t find on Reapers site, so haven’t got the “official” names of most.

      Cheers Roger.

      • Alex says:

        Yeah, same – just a big ol’ dumpster dive really 😂
        Still, some fun stuff in there so looking forward to getting stuck in (though that won’t be for a couple of months now)

      • Yea we did wonder if the just put in the stuff they hadn’t been able to sell, strangely if you look on their web-site they seem to have quite a few mini’s for sale “with no packaging” .🤔

  6. Pete S/ SP says:

    Those are great Roger.

    I’ve recently got into Blake’s 7 have caught repeats on TV. I missed it the first time around by being a little too young.



  7. Nice to see you up and running in 2022 Roger. Hopefully the New Year will prove to be a better one for us all. 🙂

  8. A nice start to the year Roger.

  9. Azazel says:

    Nice work on those cool little ships, Roger! 🙂

  10. Aaaaand he’s off to the races! Nice little ships though I’ve never heard of Blake’s 7 in the US. Not a worry as I like the way you mounted them for gaming and hell, you’re on the way!

    • Never heard of “Blakes 7” you’ve missed out mate, you Americans with your slick, expensive, well good Science fiction series, Blakes 7 had slightly lower production values (even for it’s day), though the writing was generally pretty good, it was created by Terry Nation the man behind the Daleks, and is considered a bit of a classic over here.

      Yep all set for another year of slapping the paint about 😁.

      Cheers Roger.

  11. patmcf says:

    Nice work on these mate, as has been stated you are off on the right foot for the year!

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