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“A Spanner in the Works” (Forgotten Heroes 2021)

Gerry Anderson was a genius, I doubt any of my fellow “nerds” out there will argue with me over this, I love just about everything he ever produced from “Fireball XL5” to “Terrhawks” he made puppets “cool” (and yes Simon … Continue reading

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“How To Make A Monster, With….”

Balls! Table tennis balls to be exact (well to be really exact, one table tennis ball). Now if you can remember all the way back to last year I built this little “nasty” for “Monster May(hem)” 2020… And I thought … Continue reading

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“Miscellaneous Musings & Twenty Millimetre Twaddle ”

OK, so the big day is nearly upon us now, so I’ll keep this post relatively short as I’m sure you have got things you would rather be doing than read my nonsense. Last time I left you with the … Continue reading

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“A Bit of a Dick”

Well as stated last week I have now hung up my tools and paint brushes till the New Year, but does this mean you can get away from me, does it “heck as like”. Over the last few months I … Continue reading

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