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“Who’s that out with a Couple of Bird’s?” (week 39)

Two single figure boxes this time and the chance to jump on a bandwagon with a couple of other bloggers into the bargain! Another double tails result meant figures from “Galahad’s” list yet again. Then the old D30 came up … Continue reading

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“Blax The Kleric’s, top ten of 2016”

This’ll be the third year when those expecting yet another of Dick Garrison’s wonderful weekly postings will be disappointed to find that I’m in charge of “Rantings From Under The Wargames Table”, whilst Roger will be writing an entry on … Continue reading

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Mo’venber “Coughing up…”

OK well it’s the last week of Mo’vember and I thought I’d go out with something a little bit different, so turning to Lancelot’s list I pulled out some figures that have been languishing in there draw for nigh on … Continue reading

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“Zom’tober…Coming to a grizzly end!”

My final three submission for “Zomtober 2016” are (I think) an interesting bunch. First off we have another of the employees of the “Glory Hole” gentlemen’s club, Cherlene. Chelsea’s main rival for the club’s top billing, the pair are not … Continue reading

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