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“A Good Day to be Bad!” (Zom’tober & Apocalypse Me)

Last week of October and my last submissions for the two challenges, I’ve gone back to the more “traditional” Zombies and a Survivor this time, and also just for fun I’ve given each a little backstory too. All three came … Continue reading

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“The Very Dead Zone” (Zom’tober)

So for my second submission for “Zom’tober” (I’m not sure this really qualifies for Apocalypse Me, if I’m honest), I decided to paint up all the “Plague” figures that were assembled in the box of Mantic’s “Dead Zone” stuff I’d … Continue reading

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“It’s The Old Story….” (Zom’tober, Apocalypse Me & Advent Challenge’s)

Boy meets girl, girl tries to eat boy’s brains, boy blows girls head off! So as I said last time, we are rolling back into the challenges again, next month we have the perennial favourite that is “Mo’vember” but more … Continue reading

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“Three Fin’s & One Done’in!” (Advent Challenge)

Advent challenge time again, and this time I’ve got one (or rather three) of the more, shall we say unusual things to “pop out” of one of the boxes on my calendar, in the shape of these “Shark fins” (feel … Continue reading

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