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“What! 17 again!!” (week 40)

The trouble with the “random painting generator” is just that, it’s random, so when I tossed the coins of fate again this week Lancelot came up (no problem there) but then the toss of the old D30 came up seventeen … Continue reading

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“Who’s that out with a Couple of Bird’s?” (week 39)

Two single figure boxes this time and the chance to jump on a bandwagon with a couple of other bloggers into the bargain! Another double tails result meant figures from “Galahad’s” list yet again. Then the old D30 came up … Continue reading

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“Akarr Bilk? Stranger’s on the Painting Table” (week 38)

Time to roll the die” again, and the coins of fate have decreed, with a double tails result that this week’s figures come from “Galahad’s” list. Then the old D30 came up fourteen and this meant that this week’s figurers … Continue reading

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“Less is More, More or Less” (week 37)

Back to Lancelot’s list this week with a double heads result coming up on the coins of fate, and the roll of the D30 gave me a twelve, equating to something I haven’t painted for a long time, spaceships. Box … Continue reading

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