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“Of Swords and Snakes” (week 46)

With this being my last post before “Forgotten Heroes” starts in earnest I thought I do something fairly quick and easy (this was also because I had another little side project that I needed to finish as well, but more … Continue reading

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“Companion Piece”

Do you have figures in your un-painted lead collection that you were given as gifts, and even though you know it looks ungrateful you have never gotten around to painting them for one reason or another? I know I have, … Continue reading

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“Forgotten Heroes 2018”

Well, as I don’t have any new painted figures to post up at the moment (I could post a picture of the walls in the hall (as that is what I have been painting this week), but they are really … Continue reading

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“Like two peas in a pod”

“Well Julius, don’t just stand there gawking, give the man our card!” “The Brothers Carnidge, Bodyguards, Bounty Hunters, Hit men, Repossessions and all types of Demolition work considered” “It’s pronounced Car’nage”. “You two are brothers?” “We’re not just brothers, we’re … Continue reading

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