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“Don’t land ere’, it ain’t ready”

Oh well, as I stated last week “The best laid plans of mice and men!”. My ridiculously optimistic plan to get these islands finished for this week’s blog have fallen around my ears like Pompeii, I personally blame the three … Continue reading

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“Dread the Worm!!”

Well I wasn’t able to buy the bits I needed to finish my islands this week so instead I thought I’d pull out the last few ships from my “Dystopian Wars Prussian Battle Group”, this consisted of four “Arminius Class … Continue reading

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“No man is an island, but these are!”

Well this week I thought I’d take a break from painting figures and have a go at making some scenery instead (This I hasten to add has absolutely nothing to do with Myles hounding me for weeks about making some … Continue reading

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“Of Sword and Javelin”

As some of you might have guessed I’m rather immersed in two types of games at the moment one being “Dystopian Wars Naval” and the other being “Superheroes” so after our little excursion to Salute the other weekend I came … Continue reading

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