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“Tu’penny bits”

Well welcome back to “Cleavage Month” (and no that isn’t a real thing), I do however seem to have spent the majority of this month painting ladies with “their bits hanging out”, as my mother used to say. This I … Continue reading

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“The D.A. and the Dame”

OK late again, I seem to have been living at work over the last few weeks, so my hobby time has been somewhat truncated. I am however pleased to of gotten finished the other two figures I bought from “Phalanx” … Continue reading

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“The Saga of Constanzi, Katerina & Elena”

I blame the heat! (well I’ve got to blame something), unlike most years as we were approaching the end of “Forgotten heroes” month, for a change I knew exactly what I was going to paint up next, that being three … Continue reading

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