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“Raising a Stink”

Now some of you might have noticed that I haven’t been posting for a while, this is partly due to time restrictions, but mainly due to a complete lack of enthusiasm on my part I’m afraid, but I thought it … Continue reading

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“Blax The Kleric’s, top ten of 2016”

This’ll be the third year when those expecting yet another of Dick Garrison’s wonderful weekly postings will be disappointed to find that I’m in charge of “Rantings From Under The Wargames Table”, whilst Roger will be writing an entry on … Continue reading

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“You may stand against one of me! But how about four?”

Thought I’d return to my “superhero’s” this week so delved into my box of “Heroklickers” for some suitable “Meta’fodder”, first out were these Scrull Commando’s, and Warrior. My initial thought being that I could use these as “henchmen”, but then … Continue reading

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“I always play to sudden death!”

Well last time I promised you that I would have the figures would be finished by the end of the month and…I have (the quote above is from the movie, and I thought wholly appropriate as it’s the last day … Continue reading

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