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“Raising the Fyrd” (week 36)

Right well it’s the end of my first month of “draw clearing” and to round off Januarys “roll of the die” postings this week’s toss of the coins gave me a couple of tails, so it was “Galahd’s” list that … Continue reading

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“Jump to it!” (week 35)

“Roll of the die” time again, so out with the coins of fate, and a double head result meant that this week’s figures again came from “Lancelots” list. The old D30 then came up seventeen and this meant that this … Continue reading

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“How far to Hitchin?” (week 34)

So despite the complete lack of faith my fine blogging chums have shown in my ability to refrain from buying more figures this year I will be carrying on with my “roll of the die” posting for the at least … Continue reading

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“Rolls and Resolutions” (week 33)

2017 is here and it’s time for me to roll out my resolutions for this coming year, now one of the main reasons I started this blog in the first place was to give me the impetus to get my … Continue reading

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