“Moggy May(hem)”

Well May has rolled around again (is it just me or does this year seem to be flying by?) and that means it’s “Monster May(hem)” once again, now I love this challenge run by Keith (the Angry Piper), and if I get the chance (and energy) I do hope to whip up another scratch build like last year, but that very much depends of time restraints. So just to get a “banker” in the pot I thought I’d start with something a little simpler, and quite frankly it’s about time I got some paint of these two models anyway. Now these two prehistoric cats (sorry I should know the correct name for them but I don’t, Dave might give it in the comments), were sculpted by the great Dave Stone and back when I was looking for base models for my Battle Cat and Panthor conversions Dave suggested these as possible candidates. Well as you know in the end I went with something different, but it would be a shame not to complete these wonderful cats and add them to my prehistoric and “HG Wells” collections, plus of course they fit the “brief” for this challenge rather well too.

First job was to give them a quick clean up with the scalpel, though to be honest the castings were pretty flash free as was, I then glued the head and lower jaw to the leaping one and “hid” the joints with a bit of the old greenstuff, I thickened out the cheeks on the leaping one a bit to try and make them look more male and female, I also replaced one of the “sabre” teeth on the (now) female one as I’d broken it off at some point. I them took a couple of my 40x60mm MDF (Hott) bases and rounded the corners off using a “tuppence” as a guide before snapping the front of the male cats resin base off and gluing them down. Tetrion filler was smeared around their feet/big rock and the odd piece of “kitty litter” was stuck into this (ironic that!) here and there for interest. A “blow over” with some matt black and I could set to with the painting.

Both “pussies” were painted in the same way, so I’ll just refer to them in the singular from this point on, This I began by slapping some chocolate brown over the top of the figure leaving the under belly and lower jaw unpainted for the moment, next I painted in the as yet unpainted areas with some coffee, and once both of these were dry I used more of the same run along the edges where they joined before blending them into each other. Then taking a big brush I dry-brushed chestnut over the brown. This was followed by two more dry-brushes, one with a mix of chestnut and orange, and then another of the same with the ratio of orange increased. After this I touched up the coffee, as well as adding some “flashes” above the eyes, and upper muzzle, this was followed by the mouths being undercoated in dark red with bright red highlights. Cream highlights were then added to the coffee areas and once dry I added stripes of black across their backs and down their legs. That just left the eyes to be added with an undercoat of deep turquoise, a dot of olive and a slash of black, and their teeth and claws in coffee, with cream highlights on the teeth.

As usual this was followed by a coat of “Quickshade!” and once dry basing was done in my usual way, with chocolate brown dry-brushed with khaki and coffee, “splodged” with scenic green and some hairy flocking. Not my finest work I have to say, but at least they are now “table ready” and if I don’t get chance to finish my other entry for “Monster May(hem), at least I have something to show. I added my “Tin Man” cavegirl “Raquel” to the photo’s to give a sense of scale, I think she might be in a little trouble here, that’ll teach her to carry catnip in her pocket!

Well that will do for now, I suppose I’d better break out the “greenstuff” and have a bash at my second entry now.

So till next time, stay safe and cheers Roger.

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32 Responses to “Moggy May(hem)”

  1. Dave Stone says:

    Wonderful painting Roger, truly built the sculpts to life. The technical terms for them would be Sabretooth tigers, of which there was multiple versions from what I’ve read.
    I’ll go now so you and Keith can continue talking as if I’m not here ! ROFL just remember I’m always watching, and it’s not true what you said in the email ! LMFAO

    • Thanks Dave, I just think I could have done them better, they just needed something but couldn’t put my finger on what, oh well I’m pleased your OK with them. 😀

      Haha, no Email was sent mate, your OK I still haven’t shown the negatives to anyone as I promised (just keep sending the money and it’ll stay that way too 😉) 😁😁😁

      Cheers Roger..

  2. Alex says:

    Smilodon I think? Well, they got me smiling mate, they are really nicely done. I could do with a couple of these myself!

    • Thanks Alex, that’s the name i was trying to think of, had a big book “The Purnell Book of Prehistoric Animals” as a child, I loved that book, it had a great illustration of one of a Smilodon in it! thanks mate!

      Cheers Roger.

  3. Great sculpts Roger and an equally fine job on the painting and basing front. Raquel is quite a little stunner too! 🙂

    • thanks Dave, the paintjobs are pretty basic to be honest, they rather nice sculpts though. Raquel is a cute little figure, Tinman do some lovely figures to be honest, I picked her and some others back when they were having a sale a few years back, shame postage from the US is so expensive now, or I’d probably order again.

      Cheers Roger.

  4. Superb Smilodons, Roger. Absolutely love them. Great dry-brushing and some subtle stripes on show too. Marvellous 🙂

  5. Beautiful work mate 👏👏

  6. Pete S/ SP says:

    Great paint jobs.

    I think I too had that book asa child. Odd how children all some to love dinosaurs….



    • Thanks Pete, it was a great book, I remember passing it on to my kids when they were young, I don’t know what happened to after that. I think we all love monsters (we must do to take part in events like Monster May(hem) I guess 😀

      Cheers Roger. 🦕🦖🦕🦖🦕🦖🦕🦖🦕🦖🦕🦖🦕🦖

  7. Matt says:

    I swear I already commented on this but I can’t see it. Nevertheless, great work on these tigers, especially getting the orangey-brown to look so good! They look pretty fierce, so unless Raquel’s got a tin of Whiskas hidden in her bikini, I don’t fancy her chances 🙂

    • Thanks Matt, I not overly pleased with the painting of the to be honest (sounds like you 😉). Well these were the days before the “Brazilian” became popular so there is a good chance she does have some “whiskas” in her….I’m sorry good taste forbids me from completing this sentence! 🙄

      Cheers roger.

  8. Loved this post, loved the Smilodons, but all I see is Raquel. Guess I’m not dead yet. Kudos Roger – and did you know Keith is also in Massachusetts?

  9. I must have had a different dinosaur book, as it was hoplophoneus that came to mind for me! 🙂 Nice cats though Roger!

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  11. borderguy190 says:

    Cool model! I haven’t put brush to paint in months. Not since before my last deployment. Seeing others paint is getting me thinking about it again, so keep posting pics!

    • Thanks Harry, yes you need to start painting again, a) we miss your posts and b) you have all that new cool 3D printed stuff!

      Sorry but my next post probably wont feature any painted fig’s, just freshly sculpted ones!

      Cheers Roger.

      • borderguy190 says:

        Being sick with covid, then deploying, has severely limited my time. Though I did build 9 Dark Angles vehicles on deployment. So many unpainted models surrounding me!!

      • Sorry to hear you were struck down with the dreaded lurgy, hope you are OK, Just jump in when you can, I hope you’ll be back for Forgotten Heroes. 🤞

        Cheers Roger.

  12. angrypiper says:

    Apologies for the late comment, Roger. I love the cats (of course), and I thought I might actually have a Raquel of my own, so I looked. And looked. And looked…when I finally found all my Tin Man stuff (I only ordered from theme once), it turns out I have all the Barsoom figures. So no Raquel, but a lovely Dejah Thoris that’s been sitting buried in a box since I ordered her about 10 years ago!
    Very much looking forward to seeing another unique sculpt!

    • No problem mate, shame you don’t have a “Raquel” she is a lovely figure, as are a lot of Tin Mans, postage is the main thing stopping me increasing my collection.

      Ten years is nothing! I’ve got stuff here that’s been waiting for paint for thirty plus years!

      Don’t get too excited about the sculpt, you haven’t seen it yet! 😁

      Cheers Roger.

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  14. Azazel says:

    Great pair of Smilodons there. Roger – they were always a favourite of mine when I was a young-un – and extra cool points in that they’re Dave’s sculpts as well!

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