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“A rock & roll of the die” (week 32)

Well here’s something you don’t see on this blog every week, a Games Workshop post! As I said I was going to do last week I dragged out the old coins of fate, and for a change we got a … Continue reading

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“A roll of the die” (week 31)

Well much as I like spending time in the company of leather clad, zombie fighting “Uber vixens”, sadly this doesn’t do a lot to reduce the lead mountain that is sagging the rafters in my loft! So after last week’s … Continue reading

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“Elsa, is that you?”

Inspiration for this week’s posting has to go to Mr. Bryan Scott, or “Vampifan” as he is better known around these parts. A little while ago he ran a series of rather excellent battle reports for the game “Zombicide”, and … Continue reading

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“You may stand against one of me! But how about four?”

Thought I’d return to my “superhero’s” this week so delved into my box of “Heroklickers” for some suitable “Meta’fodder”, first out were these Scrull Commando’s, and Warrior. My initial thought being that I could use these as “henchmen”, but then … Continue reading

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