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“Having a Rally Round” (Paint What You Got Challenge):

OK so I still ache (thanks for asking 🤕), so as I still can’t sit comfortably for more than a short period I thought I’d so something that wasn’t too taxing painting wise, and also something that qualified for Dave’s … Continue reading

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“Enforced Absence” (Paint What You Got Challenge): all started about two weeks ago, I was in the garage when I sneezed! Bang a sharp pain in my left hand side and then I was alright. That is till next morning when my side was absolutely killing … Continue reading

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“As Farrah’s I can see, they’re a Safe Bett!” (Advent Challenge)

So a new year is upon us and as you can see above I’m going to be doing my “Advent Challenge” again, and also the “pun’s” are not getting any better (in fact this has to be one of my … Continue reading

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