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“What If?…Wednesday (29th April)”

Hello chaps, today’s rather cheery “What if” was inspired by a video posted over on IRO’s blog the other day…. (I’ve posted the link to IRO’s blog rather than the Youtube link, because you really should have a look … Continue reading

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“The Phantos Menace”

I remember now why I hate painting larger figures! These last two 42mm figures from “Irregulars Miniatures” not “Dan Dare” range have been a nightmare to get finished, it seems like everything that I could do wrong has happened this … Continue reading

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“What If?…Wednesday (22nd April)”

OK time for another round of “What if?…Wednesday, and this week I have been inspired by a couple of comments from last week where if you remember (and if you don’t where the heck were you!), we covered the re-making … Continue reading

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“Don’t be Kruel”

So the lockdown continues, and we all seem to finding our own outlets for our gaming needs, Keith over at, is Roleplaying “Star Trek” over the net with some mates, IRO is busy recording Podcasts regarding his particular “Kinks” … Continue reading

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