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Mo’vember “A shaggy dog story” (week 5)

For my final Mo’vember blog posting I decided to return to my “Very British Civil War” collection, this seem quite apt as “Black Friday” seems to have caused a bit of a civil war around the shops yesterday! I decided … Continue reading

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Mo’vember “Fifteen men on a lead mans chest” (week 4)

Mo’vember week four and we’re definitely on the downhill slope towards the end now, so this week I thought I’d go for four figures all sporting a little “facial fungus” and where better to retrieve them from than amongst the … Continue reading

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Mo’vember “Rangers 1, United 4” (week 3)

Half way through Mo’vember now and week three gave me the chance to finally get some paint on a figure I bought a while ago just because I liked him. The “Ranger” figure came from Bob Olley’s excellent “Olleys Armies” … Continue reading

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Mo’vember “Vile villain’s the lot of them!” (week 2)

Well here we go again Mo’vember week two and this week things have taken a decidedly dark turn as the forces of evil have gathered over “Rantings towers”, OK that might be a little melodramatic but I have got four … Continue reading

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