“And this is me”.

Hi my name is Roger Webb a wargamer of twenty nine years, I first started playing Wargames when I joined the post office and was taken along to my local club (Chester Wargames Society) by a work colleague (who ended up as my brother in-law, he’s got a lot to answer for!).  I live on the Wirral with my Wife (a very understanding lady), my youngest son, seven cats, two dogs, and a goldfish.

Over the years I’ve done many things within the hobby, from putting on participation games in promotion of “The Society of Fantasy and Science Fiction Wargamers” or S.F.S.F.W, and editing the miniature review section of their journal “Ragnarok”, to starting a new club in my local area “The Wirral Games Club”, the club used to have a monthly newsletter called “The Pale Squat” (Where did we get that name from I wonder?), and I as club president used to have a section detailing what was going on, what games were in the offing, what we planned to buy for the club etc.. and this was called “Rantings from under the table”, so that is where the name comes from.

At one time I wrote the miniature review section of “Valkyrie” magazine called “Soldiers of Fortune” and it was whilst doing this that I had a conversation with my (long suffering) wife in which I said “If I had a  Wargames company, I’d call it Wargames Supply Dump!”. “Why don’t you then”, came the reply.  Words she lived to regret as after “Valkyrie’s” rant eyesdemise, plans were made and at “Sheffield Triples” in 2004 we did just that. The business ran for thirteen years then until the 31st of March 2017.

I have always enjoyed writing and so this “Blog” is my outlet for all the stuff and nonsense I get up to that is Wargames related.  I hope to post every week with what I’ve been up to and this will hopefully keep me motivated and actually painting up the stuff I’ve been buying over the years.  Thanks for reading and please carry on.

Cheers Roger.

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