“Who’s The Ba*t*rd In The Black!”

OK so I know I said I wouldn’t be painting the two “Blood Bowl” referee’s this week, and that I had something a little smaller to paint, but as always seems the case things have conspired to delay that particular little project (I’ve had to order bases for the figures!) so until such time as everything is assembled, I thought I’d “paint what I’d already got” (as a wise man once said), so as these had already been undercoated in black at the same time as my team I could crack straight on with them.

My Elven referee, was begun by me dry-brushing his belt buckle in bronze, then again in shinning gold, before I added the jewel in its centre with metallic red. I then set to painting his leggings in a suitably “Elf’ie” colour, namely lime, with highlights done in a mix of more lime and light green. His shirt was next shamrock being the undercoat here with the same mixed with yet more lime to form the highlights. His belt and boots came after this, chocolate brown and leather used here as usual, the long sheet of paper he has dangling from his belt, along with the undercoat for the stripes on his jacket were next so coffee was used, with the paper having a cream highlight, and to add a little (very little) variation I used white as the highlighter on the stripes. I can’t comment on this chaps ability at “kicking ass” but he has certainly been “Taking names”, so these were added as squiggles in black along the length of the paper. Flesh next so I mixed up a little pale flesh and some European flesh and used this as the undercoat, then after adding his eyes, highlights were added using a mix of pale flesh and Elfic flesh because if it says “Elf” on the pot you would wouldn’t you. Hair next and sand was used to undercoat his golden locks, with lemon yellow highlights over this. Next I went back to the stripes on his jacket and after adding a tiny bit of dark grey to some black used the resultant VERY dark grey to add highlights to the black stripes therein. I thought long and hard about what colour to do his long feather quill “pen” white was the obvious colour, but I really didn’t want more white on him as there is more than enough already. So a pink “flamingo” style one was what I went for, so after a base of pink burgundy was applied, Polish crimson was dry-brushed across this, and then I mixed up some more of the Polish crimson with some white and highlighted with this. Finally I painted his “red card” (Oooo… somebody’s been a naughty boy!!) in dark red highlighted with some bright red.

Now turning to the Dwarven official, I began in a similar vein to the Elf, dry-brushing bronze across the metallic parts of his great “Rule”? Book slung across his back (or maybe it’s a bit of light reading if the game is a little dull?), either way I then re-dry-brushed this in copper, then chocolate brown and leather were applied to his boots, belt and the leather straps around his book, and sticking with his various books I added the pages in coffee and cream. Coffee again formed the undercoat of his shirt stripes, and white again the highlights. The cover on his great book, and one of the little ones were then done in dark red with some pink burgundy highlights, and the other two were navy blue with dark blue highlights and sap green with deep bronze green highlights. Navy blue was also used on the ink pot at the back of his “great” book. Turning then to his flesh, another of the “Game Colour” paints I got at Christmas was “Dwarf Skin” so…well it would have been rude not too, you guessed it this was used to undercoat these areas and again after his eyes were added, I highlighted these areas with some European flesh mixed with some pale flesh, I also added a tiny bit of pink burgundy into the mix on his cheeks. I went straight on and added his beard next, a base of chestnut was laid down here first, and while it was still slightly wet, I ran some orange highlights through this. As above I next added the highlights to the black stripes on his shirt. He has a small amount of leg visible under his shirt so I painted this porcelain blue and highlighted this with pale blue, and he too has a small quill pen, but due to its size and position I felt it was safe to go with coffee and cream for this one. Lastly his steel “toecaps” and his whistle were added in chainmail.

Both figures were then given my customary brush coat of “Quickshade” strong tone, before being “based up” to match my team from last time. A final coat of matt varnish (the team had this too, but I forgot to mention it last time, silly me!), and they were done.

Also this week you may notice that there is a new link under the Header…”The paints wot’ I use”, as a few people have asked me to clarify the paints I mention in my posts I thought I’d make a list of them (as much for my benefit as yours, to be honest) so there it is. It’s a little embarrassing quite how long the list is, so if you want to peruse my shame…..

Anyway till next time, stay safe and cheers Roger.

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25 Responses to “Who’s The Ba*t*rd In The Black!”

  1. They are awesome mate, great little characters.

  2. Mut says:

    Beautiful job on these, Roger, the stripes are just excellent (wish I could freehand them so well). Both minis have bags of character.

    • Thanks Matt, it’s really just a case of going over them and touching up the edges lots (and lots and lots) of times till your happy with them 😉.

      They do have a lot of character, more so that the player tbh.

      Cheers Roger.

  3. They’ve come out really well Roger! 🙂 Nice to have them, even if you don’t need to use them!

  4. Great work on those stripes Roger, very neat and tidy I must say. The figures themselves are interesting as well and I think you made the right decision over the quill, contrast is important and the white would have been too much so a good call. 🙂

    • Thanks Dave, praise indeed from the master of stripes, (well you really are!). As I said above, it is strange that there seems to be more character in these two referee’s than there was in my team 🤔. Different sculptor I guess. Yes I think that there would have been an abundance of white if I’d done the feather that way too.

      Cheers Roger.

  5. Dave Stone says:

    Excellent work Roger, the stripes look spot on, in third edition BB referees could play quite a big role and depending on the race as well could completely change a game, shame if they have left that out of this version, especially making new models for the role

    • Thanks Dave, I must admit I did wonder whether they played a part (even a small one) as they were called “Biased Referees”, but Matty has been playing the on-line version quite a lot recently (hence his desire to play the physical one). So maybe it’s different in this respect, I don’t know. (strange then that they give you an Elf and Dwarf for ref’s but Orks and Human teams 🙄.

      Cheers Roger.

  6. borderguy190 says:

    Ya gots some Zebras to officiate. Now all is right on the pitch!

    Well done, Roger! The stripes are aces. Far neater than i ever have hopes of stripes being.

  7. Wow! Just love the stripes, Roger. You’ve such a steady hand for such details which always amazes me. Lovely stuff 🙂

    • Thanks Simon, I wont direct you to the “Imperfect Modellers” (Dave) site then, as he make my stripes look about as straight as road marking laid down by a drunken Irish navvy! 😁

      Cheers Roger.

  8. Really nice figures and the stripes are excellent, really excellent. Fun figures that’s a fact, and you’ve done these justice. Too bad they won’t get onto a table though, they should!

  9. As you are well aware, I don’t like elves but I do like a good pint job so well done haha. The dwarven official is my favourite though.

  10. Azazel says:

    This pair have come up quite nicely indeed, Roger! I really need to pull my fist out and finally finish off some more Blood Bowl!

    • thanks Azazel, they are quite nice figures (I like them better than the team to be honest), I still waiting on the youngest to get back into his team, still he has Uni work to do so can’t really moan at him.

      Cheers Roger.

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