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“One Little, Two Little, Three Little….”

“Sometimes men just can’t help acting on impulse”, as the old commercial used to say and that is very much what happened to me the other week, scrolling down the “Miniatures Page” website I came across a news story that … Continue reading

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“Tash” (2004-2021)

I never thought I’d be writing another one of these posts so soon after the one about Penny two weeks ago, but sadly we have now also lost one of our precious “old girls” when the kidney disease that has … Continue reading

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“Unpleasant Dreams” (Fembruary & More)

You may (or may not) remember back in November of last year I sculpted this “chibi” caricature version of “The mistress of the dark” herself Elvira as a bit of a personal challenge, well since then she has now become … Continue reading

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“Penny” (2008-2021)

I was supposed to be posting up my “Fembruary” entry today, but instead I would like to post up some pictures of our beloved Penny or “Pen Pen” as I always called her who we lost yesterday. Before Christmas we … Continue reading

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