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“What if Wednesday” (Four Little Words)

Right well it looks like my brilliant idea is going ahead 😊 (I’m full of them you know Dave!), so I thought I’d give a bit of an update of where we’ve got to so far, and try and narrow … Continue reading

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“What if Wednesday” (oops sorry Saturday)

Okay so no figures this week (I’ve been lazy to be honest), so what am I posting for I hear you ask? Well I’ve been thinking (always a dangerous pastime for me!) and I’ve come up with a sort of … Continue reading

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“Having a Rally Round” (Paint What You Got Challenge):

OK so I still ache (thanks for asking 🤕), so as I still can’t sit comfortably for more than a short period I thought I’d so something that wasn’t too taxing painting wise, and also something that qualified for Dave’s … Continue reading

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“Kremmen of the Star Corps” (Forgotten Heroes)

Hi kids Kremmen here, well that was a narrow escape, fortunately we were able to escape that evil idiot and over throw his evil plan to replace us with copies of ourselves. We left him a gibbering heap (well actually … Continue reading

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