“Enforced Labour!”

I’m back “In the zone!” this week and it was time to set to work on the opponents to my “Forge Fathers”. In other words “The Enforcers” (sounds like a 70’s TV show!). truth be known I was somewhat less enamoured with these figures than my “Dee’worf’s”, and had hoped to palm these off to my youngest son to paint, but as he is STILL crawling his way through his Blood Bowl Orc (sorry Ork) team, I decided I would have to bite the bullet and paint them myself.

Anyway I had already assembled and undercoated these chaps at the same time I did my “Space Dwarves”, so it was just a case of deciding on what colour I was actually going to do them in! Now the “Official” figures in the rules (yes we’ve downloaded them!) and box art has them in either black or grey with while bits of armour, and the odd blue, red or yellow “go faster” stipe here and there. But I didn’t like this, I wanted a more “soldier” look to mine, but what to do….

I knew I wanted then to look completely different to the “Forge Fathers”, so I decided to leave some of the bodysuits black and highlighted these in dark grey, and then did the weapons with a dry-brush of chainmail. I then picked out some of the larger areas of their armour (and some of the smaller bits too) along with parts on their weapons and a couple of panels on the “DOG” (Deployable Offensive Gun) with some dark green. This looked OK but then it struck me “Camo!” I then searched about for two more contrasting colours for my “splotches”, stone green seemed like a good choice for the first lot, so a combination of zigzag lines and tiny stylized tree branches were added over the base of dark green. Now for the next contrasting colour and…

I stared blankly into my paint draw totally at a loss as to what would work with the two colours I had already used. I painted up a small piece of card in the colours above and working my way across the page tried different colours to use for the top splodges including chocolate brown, leather brown, dark red, sand and khaki, none of them looked right. I think I should have gone much darker for the base coat and worked up to a lighter shade, but now I was at stone green and needed to go lighter again really, so I turned to old faithful, coffee, I’d give that a go, not holding out much hope and about to settle on just the two colour camo, I dug out an old splayed brush (rather than having to wash out a good one I’d just throw it away after this experiment) and tried it… The colour worked pretty well but even better the “knackered” brush gave a nice delicate spidery effect that would look right on the figures. So straight over to the them I went, and this was how the top layer of the camo was added (I did have to go round and touch up the edges where it met the black afterwards), it gave (to my mind anyway) a rather “desert camouflage” look to them, and a totally different “vibe” to the “Fathers of the Forge”.

So now rather more invigorated about these figures it was time to add the finishing touches, first off I painted the small triangular area on their chest plates in pink burgundy highlighted with some bright red, then to distinguish the command figure I added a couple of white chevrons over the red on his triangle. A couple of the figures had satchels or holsters so these I added in dark grey highlighted with some (mixed by me, still need to buy some) light grey, and added the eye’s and the odd dot/light here and there with some orange, with highlights of more orange mixed with a little white. Then I did a couple of areas with a dry-brush of chainmail to vary up the armour a little.

As usual they were then given a brush coat of “Quickshade” (strong tone) and once dry had their bases painted to match the last lot of Dead Zone figures. I also added the blades to their funny energy knives, I started this by painting a line of chainmail down the centre of the blades (top and bottom), stippled orange around this trying to get a broken line to the chainmail (as if it was energy flowing), then with some more orange and white mix did the same again along the outer edges of the blades, how successful this was I’m not sure, but it’ll do. A final spray coat of matt varnish and I was calling them done. I’m reasonably happy with the result, they do indeed have a different look to the Forge Fathers, and in no way look like the walked out of the same amour factory.

We have now played our first game of Dead Zone, conclusions? Well it plays pretty well, is simple enough to learn and can be brutal if you’re caught in the open! There is however not enough scenery in the box if you want to go multi-layer (and you do!), so that will be the next job, and who won? I don’t think we really need to get into all that now do we? It’s not about the winning it’s about the taking part, after all. 🙄

Finally this week it’s T-shirt time again (well T-shirt and more, to be honest), I am a big “Star Wars” fan, in fact looking through my T-shirts I discovered that I have more Star Wars related “T’s” than almost any other subject (Alice Cooper is No.1), but this one is my favourite, Stormtroopers are sooo’ cool! (and yes I am breathing in Dave!!😛) I’ve also included a picture of my SW waistcoat that the brother in-law made for me in return for the “Game of Thrones” badge I made for his cosplay armour, I chose this material as I used to own all of the “Marvel Star Wars” comics it features.

So till next time, stay safe and cheers Roger.

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19 Responses to “Enforced Labour!”

  1. Lovely stuff, Roger, and a real tour de force in the camo department. The original Deadzone scenery seems to be really hard to come by these days, at least when I last looked last year, and I’m not sure why tbh. I think its very good.

    • Thanks Simon, though I quite like the Dead Zone scenery it was a bit of a bugger to put together, I ended up gluing it to make it stay together. and I think I used too many of the connector pieces, as I was then short for the last few bits! We’ve had a look on Mantics site and it ain’t cheap is it, I have had a look a t some MDF stuff, but I’m worried about the fit to the base matt squares. So we’re having a think about where to go with this at the moment.

      Matty said “Why don’t you just make some?” you know like it’s the easiest thing in the world! Kids!!!

      Cheers Roger.

      • Yes. You definitely need to glue the scenery together imho. I remember when it first came out and it apparently sold by the bucket load, but now Mantic just don’t seem to sell the basic kits anymore, just a couple of super-expensive sets as you’ve seen. I guess their Terrain Crate stuff has proved even more lucrative. Shame really, as I used mine for making Borg-like boxes as scenery, and would have liked a lot more.

      • Even the second hand stuff on Ebay is a price, One bloke was selling piece’s that he’d obviously glued then pulled apart and broken the connectors and he still wanted top money for them.

        TTG do some nice MDF sets for about £28.00 that would cover the matt but as I said, I’m not sure they would tessellate (good word that), properly. I could re-scale the squares on the map, but that might throw up more problems down the line, or we could bite the bullet and pay Mantic’s prices. 🤔

        Perhaps I should have stuck to sewing 🙄.

        Cheers Roger.

  2. Haha, good to see you are breathing in again Roger! Try as I might I cannot imagine the original box art concept for these and I think you did the right thing in going for the camouflaged look. They certainly look great to me and you have nailed the camo. Agree, Stormtroopers are very cool, something I ought to look at doing at some point. Like the T-Shirt and waistcoat. 🙂

  3. Matt says:

    That camo is just amazing, it looks like the modern digital scheme! The whole unit looks superb, and going with that scheme makes them much better than the original colours; the “dark grey with white/bright bits” look is a bit overdone. I like the minis too, they’re pretty cool looking.

    • Thanks Matt, I quite like the camo look on them, and it seems there aren’t many out there in camo, (after a quick google search).

      Glad you said that about the modern digital scheme, as they did sort of remind me of that sort of thing. ☺

      Cheers Roger.

  4. They have come out really well, Roger! 🙂 Camouflage is rarely easy to paint but you’ve got it spot on! And, I hate to say this after berating you for not having any light grey paint, but my tin of Humbrol 64 light grey is now dead so I need to get some more (still got Vallejo though, but I always prime with enamels)!

    • Thanks John, I used to have Humbrol 64 myself many moons ago, it’s a good light grey!

      I still haven’t bought a new one yet, I’ve got some paints on order from “Element Games” (but not light grey as they are from Miniature paints, and as I said last time they don’t do a light grey), but the order has been delayed due to a game my son ordered being out of stock. I’m getting shot of chocolate brown now too!! 🤔

      Cheers Roger.

  5. Dave Stone says:

    Excellent work on the camo Roger, fits really well with the style of the models. Great looking T-shirt and waistcoat, can never have too many stormtroopers, what else would the rebels have for target practice ! LOL

    • Thanks Dave, the waistcoat is my preferred attire when we go to Comicon’s (though I’ve also worn it to the theatre and several other places too 😁). Next week I’m going to finish with my new “Wargames show” “T”.

      Oh and isn’t it strange how Stormtrooper can be so useless and yet so cool at the same time!! sadly I can only aspire to the second, but excel at the first😉

      Cheers Roger.

  6. Enjoyed the post Roger – and I must say the camouflage is exceptionally well done. Reminds me of my old BDU’s! These are great! Kudos!

  7. angrypiper says:

    The camo is great. The waistcoat is legendary!

    I was always intrigued by Deadzone (because of the Forge Fathers) but I never bit the hook for some reason. Looks like there are a lot of cool miniatures in there, though. I own the Kings of War rules and although I haven’t played it, it reads like it plays pretty well (if you take my meaning). Sounds like Mantic has some good game mechanics in addition to some nice miniatures. I’m sorely tempted to at least get the damn Forge Fathers so I can stop thinking about it. It’s because of your posts, so…you know what I’m going to say.

    • Thanks Keith, wasn’t sure if you were too famous to talk to us mere mortals anymore after this weeks “Imperial Rebel Ork Podcast” 😉.

      I am rather proud of my Star Wars waistcoat, and wear it any chance I get (so not at all in the last twelve month’s!).

      Dead Zone plays well, just having jitters over which way to jump over scenery as the Mantic stuff is quite expensive (In my view for what you get), and MDF stuff all seems to have the wrong footprint (it does really need to fit the 8x8cm squares to work properly). Might even end up making my own.

      The figures however are rather nice, and seem to fit together better than the old GW plastics used to, (hands actually fit onto wrists and shoulders still fit too, when holding a rifle!). I’d say yes, as a Dwarf fanatic you need some Forge Fathers in you collection, so go on say it! (Bearing this in mind, I might have something that will amuse you in my next post……) 😁

      Cheers Roger.

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