“Disaster & Double Liberation”

Well this week I have been painting spaceships (and swearing an awful lot too I have to admit!). Now a while back (too long ago if I’m honest) I got these two resin versions of the “Liberator|” from the famous (infamous?) British sci/fi show from the seventies “Blakes 7”, From Dave Stone (more on him later in this post). Now I painted the “evil” federation ships in reasonably short order, but then I ran out of “flying stands” and so these two have languished in a box on my desk ever since, well that was till a couple of weeks back when I finally remembered to add some of the plastic stands to an order from Amazon and I could get these painted at last. Now as you can see they are cast in clear green resin, the idea being so you can leave the “ball” at the back unpainted to look like the “green lightbulb” engine on the original BBC model, however there were some bubble holes on my ships and after I’d filled them with greenstuff they looked such a mess I decided to just spray the whole things white and just paint the engines green.

So after they were sprayed with said white primer they were mounted onto my new black stands and re-painted in coffee. It was at this point I dropped for the first time (read on!) one of the ships knocking one of the three “nacelles” off, much swearing ensued! 😒 And I glued it back together and filled the bits where shards had chipped off and disappeared!.

Next I heavily dry-brushed them both in cream, before painting the “ball” at the back in dark green, that I then highlighted along the ridges in the ball with vert green, and then again with lime. I also painted more vert green and lime in the slots on the ends of the “nacelles too, it was about this time that I dropped the same ship again! 😖 This time two nacelles broke off (one being the same as before but in a different place!), much more swearing took place before they were glued back on and more filling was done.

I added some black to the vent around the nose of the ships next before giving them a final dry-brushing with some white, before they went out to garage for a coat of strong tone Quickshade…It was white doing this that I managed to knock the same bloody ship out of my hand again! I sailed to the floor wet and sticky with Quickshade where all three of the nacelles pinged off it all directions! After some heavy breathing and a few laps of the garage with clenched fists, I picked up the pieces and flicked off the bits from the floor, this thing was cursed! 🤬 I couldn’t stand to look at it so dumped it in a small box and left them to dry overnight. Next day I looked at it again and decided to glue it together one last time. The Quickshade had over done its job on both ships, they weren’t so much shaded as looking like they had been through the mother of all space battles! I decided to give them both a good dry-brushing with more white, this would hopefully cover some of the shade and the rough bits on the multi-repaired one. I painted the bases black (to cover up my over painting) and they got a final coat of matt varnish.

So here they are, am I happy with them…well no not really, but they’ll do at a pinch, I filled the bottom of the flying stands with filler and pushed a penny into each while it was wet to add a little weight, then once this was dry I glued them to a double thickness bit of card, this should make them a bit more stable and gives me somewhere to add some printed names at some point for identification, what’s another word for “Liberator”?

And now before I go I can reveal the results of the vote for our “Paint what we’ve all got challenge”. Well as you know I hadn’t yet voted so once I’d added my votes to the results I can now confirm that we will be painting….

Human female, naked, unarmed, Scarlett Johansson!

Just kidding! 😉 The actual highest results were…

Fantasy Monster (4 votes), either Fully or Partially Armoured (2 votes each), Melee Weapon (5 Votes), Savage (4 votes).

Also a Dave Stone sculpt was the overwhelming choice from where to get it from, so hopefully Dave will be sculpting us a “Savage, armoured fantasy monster with a hand weapon”, sometime in the near future (or when he finds time). I been in touch with Dave and he’s still good with this, in fact he’s given us another choice to make (Hooray! 🙄) so would you please like to pick from the list below as to what type of monster you fancy painting…


Snake man



Thanks to everyone who took/is taking part in this.

So till next time, cheers Roger.

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29 Responses to “Disaster & Double Liberation”

  1. Guru PIG says:

    Great work on the ships. Always a pain when things go wrong! My preference is for troll or Ogre.

  2. “Emancipator”? They look great Roger, nailed it😀👍

  3. Alex says:

    Well done for persevering with that one mat, I would’ve lost my shit I think, but they both look great to be fair.

    How about cling the spare the ‘Divorce Lawyer’?

  4. Dave Stone says:

    Well done for getting both finished Roger, I have changed where the pins go now so they strengthen the Nacelle struts as well, and thanks for pointing out the holes on the orb I will add some more vent holes to stop that problem.
    As for the monster choice I’ll leave that up to everyone else.

    • Thanks Dave, to be honest I’m just a clumsy sod, remember the head on the chap sat in front of the VW Beetle? Should have jsut left them unpainted and said they were “cloaking” 😁

      Cheers Roger.

  5. borderguy190 says:

    Troll for me.

    You have more patience than me. Come the third “accudent” and that ship would have ended up as a casualty, a cloud of space debris and all. You want to be in parts? Fine. You’re in parts.

  6. Excellent stuff, Roger. I have yet to paint my Liberator but I’ve picked up three top tips from this posting. All of which are ‘don’t drop it’ LOL!!! On a serious note, the excellent Tweak Dave once sculpted has suffered similar mishaps, and his ears have been repeatedly superglued/repaired.

    • Thanks Simon, yes I would advise against dropping many miniature during (or after painting), but if you add resin into that equation you can added the word REALLY before the word “advise”.

      Cheers Roger.

  7. Snake man! I mean the mini choice, not you Roger! 😉 I like your Liberators! Sounds like we’ve both been dropping stuff – having finished painting the flag I’d stuck onto a cavalryman I promptly dropped him and bent the brass rod the flag was glued to in the process! He’s now sorted but there was swearing!

    • Thanks John, Snake man eh? that’s more like it, though after my trials and tribulations with these, I’m not too sure I should be let loose with something that has resin fangs! 😂.

      I often drop stuff while painting 🙄 but with the bones, plastic and metal figs I generally get away with it. I di however once spend hours painting a flag on a 28mm figure (made of paper) only to discover when I came back to it a few hours later that one of the cats had chewed it off!

      Cheers Roger.

  8. Tarmor says:

    It’s good to know I’m not the only one who knocks over (or drops) the same figure multiple times while painting.
    My vote is: Snake Man!

    • Haha no Tarmor, it seems it’s something we all do, no dropping a fully painted army in it’s box out of the loft is something I’ve only done once (that was more than enough times though), luckily I can laugh about it now……actually no I can’t!

      Thanks for your vote, that’s 2 for snake man.

      Cheers Roger.

  9. Nice work on the ships Roger. My preference would be an ogre. 🙂

  10. snapfit says:

    The space ships turned out great! I’m not sure if I would’ve had the patience to finish the miniatures after all this hassle 😅

    My first choice is Ogre, but a Troll would be fantastic as well!

  11. Matt says:

    And there’s me thinking I’m the only one who constantly drops minis! Sorry to hear about all the problems you had painting the ships, but at least they look spot-on for the Liberator, which was always one of my absolute fave TV spaceships.

    As for the other monster, dragonkin sounds fun!

    • Haha not I don’t believe you really thought you were alone in this affliction! These things are sent to try us (and by god they do!).

      The Liberator is a cool ship, possibly top five, Buck Rogers Starfighter and the Millennium Falcon would be my top two though. 😉

      Dragonkin does sound pretty cool doesn’t it.

      Cheers Roger.

  12. Azazel says:

    That was a bit painful to read, but the important thing now is that they’re done, done and onto the next one….

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