“Lizard’s, Large & Small” (Advent Challenge)

So last time I promised you I’d have some painted miniatures to show you and good to my word I have. Now we are well into March so I thought I’d better get the two figures for my “Advent Challenge” done and this month I decided to group together the two Sci/Fi reptiles I got. So I give you…

  1. Blacktooth Suppressor 49008 (Reaper Miniatures)
  2. Sligg Soldier 50017 (Reaper Miniatures)

As you can see they are both by Reaper Miniatures again, the “Blacktooth” being a “Bones” figure and the “Sligg” being cast in metal (and supplied with one of them godforsaken “Slotta” bases 😠).  So once I’d cut down the larger figures base and thrown away the disgusting black plastic disk, they were re-based on a 40mm MDF disk and two pence piece respectively, then after a spray coat of black I painted them as follows.

The “Blacktooth” (yes it’s a T’Rex with a laser gun! How cool is that! 🦖), was started with a good dry-brushing of chainmail as I intended leaving most of his armour this was and it also brought out the rest of the detail making it easier to see and therefore paint. The jumpsuit he has on under his armour I decided would be dark red highlighted with pink burgundy, this it turned out was a good choice, as it would not have worked with the idea I flirted with of going with purple for the flesh on his head, like “Megatron” in the Beast wars cartoon, but it later occurred to me that he could well of ended up looking like a malevolent version of “Barney”! Anyway I’m getting ahead of myself here, Next I went back around his armour picking out areas in copper that I then highlighted with bronze. His robot eye (that you can’t see) and a couple of lights on his gun I picked out with vert green highlighted with lime. I still felt he needed a slight “pop” of colour so I picked out more areas of his armour this time in coffee, with cream and white highlights. His head was all that was left, and after my initial crazy colour choice I reined myself in and after I’d added his eye and teeth in coffee and cream, decided to go traditional with the flesh, so taking some dark green, deep bronze green, stone green and olive I slapped these about around his head blending and mixing them together till I reached the area under his chin where I blended in Eurasian flesh. Lastly I thought I’d add the pipes/wires (?) on his gun in more pink burgundy with bright red highlights.

Turning to the “Sligg” next I began him (after a dry-brush of chainmail) by painting all his exposed flesh with deep turquoise, then before I highlighted this I set to work on the lighter part of his front from his chin to the bottom tip of his tail with ECW buff, I them mixed more of this with some citrus orange and a little cream and used the resultant mix to do the highlights here. I then went back and highlighted his flesh, this was done with more deep turquoise this time with a little aquamarine added. Aquamarine was also use on the crest running from the top of his head down his back, and while this was still wet I dry-brushed/highlighted here firstly with cyan and then again to lighted the tips with cream. His eyes were added next in the usual way (white and black of course), and looking at his gun I first added the stock in chocolate brown highlighted with some saddle, and to try and add a little variation to the big expanses of chainmail I thought I’d mix some dark grey and chainmail together with a touch of blue grey and paint a couple of areas with this mix, I don’t know how successful this was at adding variation, as it still looks very similar to me 🙄. His belt I added next chocolate brown and leather doing their duty here, and it finished off by adding the odd light to his wrist band and gun in either vert green and lime or orange and lightened orange (with a touch of white in).

So two more down, I can’t believe I am a quarter of the way through these now already! This year is shooting by. Anyway apologies to those of you who are wondering what figure we will be painting as part of the “Paint what we’ve all got challenge” later in the year, I’ll just leave a little time for the stragglers to add their input (you know who you are!), and I give the results next weekend (hopefully).

So till then, cheers Roger.

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22 Responses to “Lizard’s, Large & Small” (Advent Challenge)

  1. Dave Stone says:

    Wonderful work on both of your aliens Roger, they have a very natural feel to the skin colouration and markings.

  2. Two corking figures, Roger, and there’s definitely a distinct difference in their skin tones from the pics I’m looking at. Both are excellent. But “Blacktooth” is certainly Top Ten stuff, imho. What a weird-looking base he came with though.

    Fingers crossed this comment remains on your website – as they keep disappearing!!!

    Nope!! It did not!!! So I’ve tried yet again…

    • Thanks Simon, Blacktooth is rather ironically darker thanks to the quickshade than I intended, his eye has almost disappeared! 🙄

      I agree that it was a rather silly base he was (almost) mounted on, whether that was for a particular game or system I don’t know, but I much prefer him like this.

      Sorry to hear of your comment woes I really don’t know how to resolve it though I’m afraid.

      Cheers Roger.

  3. Great work mate, just like the camo ypu did on the Endircers, that really sells it as believable 😀👌

  4. Thanks Jim? I do like the Reaper Miniatures at present they are really nice to paint (nicer than the Mantic stuff tbh).

    Cheers Roger.

  5. Oooh, these are really nice, Roger! 🙂 Colours all work well for me!

  6. Alex says:

    Very cool – who doesn’t love a T-Rex in space with lasers!!!

  7. snapfit says:

    Great work! The green skin turned out really well, but I think “Barney with laser gun” would’ve looked cool as well, haha 😄

  8. Matt says:

    Great stuff, Roger! I’ve got the Blackfoot Supressor but haven’t painted him yet, and looking at yours is helping me work out what all the little details are 🙂 The dark red is works superbly well for his clothing.

    The Sligg looks excellent with the turquoise skin and brass gun, it’s a great combination.

  9. Very cool Roger, loved the figure and your description of the work.

  10. Azazel says:

    Great work on these both, Roger – the smaller one reminds me a little of the old-school Space Slann (though better sculpted) while the larger lad I think I saw in the Obi-Wan series!

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