“Not Danger Girl & Not Danger Girl”

Well I was at a bit of a loss as to what to paint this week, so it was out for a root around in my draws (ooer misses!), to see if anything tickled my fancy (OOER!), looking in the draw marked “Copplestone Babes” I came across these two figures. Now as I’m sure most of you are aware by now, I’m a big fan of Marks stuff so these looked like being a fun weeks painting (yes I really am that slow at painting!). Now looking at these two figures a little story started playing out in my mind, this is something I do sometimes when painting, creating little back stories for them, it just seems to make painting then easier if I can picture them as people in my mind (sad I know), but I saw the girl with the two hand guns as a late seventies heroine of TV show, a voice over saying…“The CIA’s secret weapon, Casey Duggan is Danger Girl!” popped into my head. That left the other one to be her nemesis, the psychotic assassin known only as…well “Nemesis” sort of stuck. Now you may or may not know but there is a comic book series called “Danger Girl” and though this figure bears no resemblance to that one I thought I just go over and check, the spooky thing is though my “Casey” character is completely different, it turns out that the hair and clothing Mark has sculpted on the figure I was calling “Nemesis” is very similar to the character “Abbey Chase” from the comic books, pure coincidence I assure you but weird one. Anyway as now I had a clear idea of where I was going with these it was on with the painting. It was just a case of basing them up in my usual manner and giving them a spray coat of matt black.

Starting with “Casey” I started by giving her a dry-brushing with chainmail on her weapons, then as I wanted a no nonsense look to her clothing I went with Eurasian flesh undercoat, with a mix of more of the same combined with a little coffee forming the highlights, this gave a nice beige colour very suitable for what I was after. I paired this with denim jeans that were my usual recipe of royal blue with dry-brushed highlights of more royal blue mixed with blue grey. Her belt and boots came next and chocolate brown with leather highlights was used here, and her buckles were chainmail, with a ring of bronze added to her belt one. I decide to tackle her flesh next and in a moment of inspiration that would have never occurred to a TV producer in the seventies I thought I’d make her black, first though I would have to change the colour of her pistol grips as my usual brown ones wouldn’t really “pop” against her hands, so I went with coffee and cream on these, I also added two rectangles of chainmail to the bases of these to represent the cartridge clips (damn my OCD!). The flesh I then undercoated with chocolate brown and after her eyes were added and a little pink burgundy was drawn across her lips, I highlighted her flesh with a mix of chocolate brown and pale flesh. That just left her hair that I just recoated with more black and then highlighted it with a mix of black, chocolate brown and a little dark grey.

“Nemesis” on the other hand had such an “over the top” look to her costume that I thought I’d go for a simple colour palette to compliment it, so once I’d dry-brushed her weapons in chainmail I left her shirt and pants black and added the skull to her chest (in a homage’ to Frank Castle “The Punisher”) in Eurasian flesh with coffee and cream highlighted over this. I then added her boots, gloves, and belt in coffee with cream highlights. For her flesh I went with European flesh and after her eyes were added and her lips swiped in with dark red, I highlighted her flesh in a mix of European flesh and pale flesh. Her hair was next chocolate brown forming the base here with chestnut highlights and a couple of “Rogue” stripes added at the front in cream. That just left tidying up the black areas and highlighting them with dark grey.

Both were them coated in Quickshade light tone, and once dry had their bases finished in my usual manner. A spray coat of matt varnish was then put over then both to take off the shine the “Quickshade” had given them and they were done. A nice simple and fun weeks painting as I’d hoped. “This was not a Quin Martin production!”

Finally before I go I’ll share with you all the final results for the “Paint what we’ve all got challenge”, Dave Stone gave you a choice of four Fantasy Monsters, and he will be sculpting the winner for us all to paint in September. So without further ado the results were…..

Dragonkin, 12.5%   Snake Man, 25%   Ogre, 37.5%   Troll, 25%

So this means we should expect an,  “Savage, armoured fantasy Ogre with a hand weapon”, appearing sometime soon’ish (hopefully with plenty of time for you overseas lads to purchase and receive the mini, before we get under way in September).

Cheers Roger.

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31 Responses to “Not Danger Girl & Not Danger Girl”

  1. Dave Stone says:

    Fantastic work on both Roger, and clever use of colour to define the two different roles.

  2. Guru PIG says:

    Great work on the “babes”. I agree Mark is a genius with his work. However, I was a bit worried about the term “babe” – I know if I called SWMBO that I would likely to have the frying pan heading my way! Turns out it dates back to 1911 Rodgers and Hart lyrics, “Oh, ma babe, waltz with me, kid.
    Anyway, still great work on those ahem “very confident looking women”!

  3. Oh… as a massive fan of J. Scott Campbell’s Danger Girl comic book series – one of my prized runs from 1998, I thought these were awesome figs and paint-jobs, Roger. You’ve definitely done the genre proud with these two babes. There’s a definite hint of Seventies silver screen legend Pam Grier in Casey imho too, so I can’t choose between the two as a fave. Two for the Top Ten then..?

  4. Thanks Simon, I can only take the Pam Grier comment as a compliment 😁 what a lady she was! I’m doing well on top ten fillers so far this year 😉.

    Never having read any “Danger girl” comics I can’t really comment on their quality but I’ll take you words for it, you two.

    Now Danger Mouse was a massive fan as a child, saw one of the “new” non Cosgrove Hall episodes a while back…..oh dear! ☹

    Cheers Roger.

  5. Very nice minis, Roger, I really like ’em! 🙂 Now if it had been “sci-fi, ogre, monster and ranged weapon” it could have been a version of the OGRE supertank and I’d have signed up for a few of them! As it is, I’ll have to start swotting up on ogres! I’m looking forward to it!

    • Thanks John, I like them too 😁.

      Oh no we’re not doing Ogre tanks, I’d been tempted by that game before (thankfully I’ve never taken the plunge) but I don’t need tempting again there mate.

      Swotting up? Well there are multiple “Shreck” movies! 🤣🤣🤣

      The best thing about Sci/Fi and Fantasy figure is you can’t do them the wrong colours! (that’s why I do it). 😉

      Cheers Roger.

  6. Looking badass Roger, your own personal Charlie’s Angels! 👌

    • Thanks Dan/John (I think I might start combining your names, is that OK Joan? perhaps not 😁).

      I nearly did the original Charlies Angels as a “Forgotten Heroes” entry one year, can’t remember what I did instead that year now. 🤣🤣

      Cheers Roger.

  7. Alex says:

    Lovely job – they look like a lethal duo!

  8. Faust says:

    Really nice job and love the Punisher homage! 😃 is “Eurasian flesh” by Vallejo, I don’t recall coming across that one?

  9. Azazel says:

    Great job on this pair of Dangerous Dames, Roger. I’m very much a fan of the Punisher so going with Frank’s old school look with the white gloves and boots made me crack a smile. 🙂
    I missed the vote but luckily I’m a big fan of Ogres thanks to Jes Goodwin’s early work so I can see Roger’s mini being a fun one to paint!

    • Thanks Azazel, I’ve long been an admirer of Mr Castles T’shirts, so it was fun knocking out my rendition of one.

      Sorry you missed the vote, but luckily it went you’re way anyway.😁 (Now if you’d said you wanted Dragonkin or Snake Man I might have called for a re-count! 😂😂😂)

      Cheers Roger.

      • Azazel says:

        Haha! Truth be told I’d be happy to go with whatever the majority voted for. I do like my ogres, though… I should probably get some more painted. Monster MayHem time, I guess! 😀

  10. Love the babes, and I call my wife that unabashedly. I love the Ogre and am in on that though I never call my wife THAT 😁

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