“Akarr Bilk? Stranger’s on the Painting Table” (week 38)

Time to roll the die” again, and the coins of fate have decreed, with a double tails result that this week’s figures come from “Galahad’s” list. Then the old D30 came up fourteen and this meant that this week’s figurers are…  feb-2017-2-unpaint

Box 14 (15mm sci-fi alien unit hydra miniatures)

These rather nice 15mm alien figures are by Hydra miniatures, and are called the ”Akarr”(hence the terrible title to this post, it was the only Akarr related “pun” I could come up with). I received them in trade with Matt Beuchamp for a few miniatures from my own WSD Miniatures line (nice when you can do that). Now I have to admit to giving a bit of a groan when I saw these little chaps number come up, now don’t get me wrong these are lovely little figures and the theatrical style of them falls right into my wheel house as it were, but the high level of feb-2017-2a-paintdetail, the dynamic poses and the very fact that I had to batch paint (again) twelve of the blighters along with the memory of the “fun” I had painting them last time was what ,”dropped my shoulders”. Now it was way back in January 2015* that I painted the first batch of these so I suppose it was about time they gained some reinforcements. So after cleaning up the surprisingly “flashy” sculpts they were based op on pennies (they are too small for tuppences after all), and then it was out for a spraying with some matt black.

Once dry I touched up the black with a brush, then, as all the metallic parts would be feb-2017-2b-paintgolden, they were given a liberal dry-brushing with copper and this was then re-coated with another dry-brush of bright gold, next aquamarine was painted over all the flesh areas, I wanted to keep the painting pretty simple so no highlights were added to this, I did this last time and it turned out OK. Next I turned to the long loin cloths they are all wearing and after a bit of consideration in the bath (I do all my best thinking there you know), I decided that I would go for a different colour on each unit so as to differentiate feb-2017-2c-paintbetween them. So rather than the purple I used last time these chaps would have royal blue loin cloths, so a base coat of royal blue was painted over these areas and then this was highlighted with bright blue. Next I went round all the all the joints and did some “lining in” in black and then touched all the gold and aquamarine edges back up to these lines (not a fun job but it looked better once it was done) that just left some metallic blue “jewels” to be added to their armour and some dark grey with light grey highlights on the long hair that the leader figure has and they were ready for a coat of Quickshade.feb-2017-2d-paint

When it came to painting the bases chocolate brown with terracotta and coffee highlights was the order of the day, I then added a couple of patches of red sand I picked up from a floristry supply wholesalers. A final coat of matt varnish finished them off. Wow three weeks without a twenty eight millimetre figure in sight! I hope I get some next week, I’m beginning to get the shakes going cold turkey like this!

Till next week, cheers Roger.

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15 Responses to “Akarr Bilk? Stranger’s on the Painting Table” (week 38)

  1. Carrion Crow says:

    What lovely little figures, Roger. Properly alien looking and the colours suit them really well. If they did these in 28mm, I definitely get some.

    • Roger Webb says:

      They are nice figures, it is a shame they don’t do them in 28mm (they would probably be easier to paint), my main problem with them though (after painting them of course) is the lack of suitable vehicles. Even some “big ass” alien creatures with heavy guns on could work, oh crap I’m going to have to see if I can covert something now at some point, aren’t I!

      Cheers Roger.

  2. Those tiny terrors are simply splendid Roger. You’ve done a tip-top job on them, and I love the blue skin-colour. Great basing too. Impressive… most impressive 🙂

    • Roger Webb says:

      Thanks Simon, I thought you’d like them (you did last time). Sadly twenty four is still nowhere near enough to game with (though it is twenty four more than Myles has painted of his yet!).

      Cheers Roger.

  3. vampifan says:

    Wonderful paintwork on these diminutive sized figures, Roger. As Simon said, most impressive!

    • Roger Webb says:

      Many Thanks Bryan, not my most enjoyable weeks painting (I hate batch painting), but it’s nice to get a few more in the bag, Myles keeps dragging me into these small scale projects of his.

      Thankfully I have just rolled the die for this week and finally we are back to 28mm.

      Cheers Roger.

  4. I really love the way you bounce from genre to genre randomly Roger, but do you ever ‘finish’ (if the term can ever be applied to us wargamers) a project? At least enough to actually game with?

    Ps I love the colours you’ve chosen for these fab mini miniatures 😉

    • Roger Webb says:

      Simple answer…no, well yes eventually, like the spaceships last week I have boxes of them up in the loft that have seen plenty of action over they years, and I have more than enough “Dystopian Wars” ships and fantasy and sci/fi armies in 10/15 and 28mm scales to populate a decent sized table not to mention the WW2 and ancient armies I’ve had (and sold on).

      But saying that I very rarely game these days especially as my main opponents, my brother in law who I used to game with twice nearly every week (one sci/fi or fantasy and one Marlbough, he’s own obsession) has not gamed for years and now concentrates solely on his diving. And Myles (my eldest) and other more recent opponent has now moved to Coventry with his career. So I’m doing well if I get in two or three games a year these days. I should try some solo gaming really, but I mainly just paint for the relaxation properties of it these days so I don’t mind how long it takes me to finish a project or as you say if I ever do reach the end.

      I do like to read other peoples batreps though.

      Cheers Roger.

      • Hang on… did Roger say “Batreps”…!?! 😉 On a serious note Roger, let me know if you can set up a webcam and tie in to google chat, and I’ll happily run a game of “Zombicide” for you. Just ran one earlier tonight and worked like a charm, so at least that way you’d get to have some gaming in – you just need some dice and something to write notes on – I’ll do the rest 🙂

      • Roger Webb says:

        Hi Simon, to be honest I wouldn’t have a clue how to set up a web cam, I use a desk top so it doesn’t have one installed. Also never heard of Google chat (I really am living in the 1950’s here you know). Many thanks for the offer I’ll have to look into this, probably with the youngest as he is the computer expert of the family. My wife does the web-site I can just about take the photo’s.

        Cheers Roger.

  5. Fiddly and small they may be over, but you’ve done such a good job on them! Love the bright vibrant colour and the red sand is inspired.

    • Roger Webb says:

      Thanks Michael, they were both of them in shovel fulls, but I am slightly pleased with the end result. They do have an almost “operatic” feel to them.

      Cheers Roger.

  6. gisby says:

    Lovely work, good use of colours, bravo!

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