“Less is More, More or Less” (week 37)

Back to Lancelot’s list this week with a double heads result coming up on the coins of fate, and the roll of the D30 gave me a twelve, equating to something I haven’t painted feb-2017-1-unpaintfor a long time, spaceships.

Box 12 – (Spaceships any amount of choice)

Now way back in the dim and distant past we had quite the little spacecraft campaign going at my old club with “Full Thrust” being the rules of choice, and as always seems to be the case far more models were bought than were ever used in anger, and that was the case with these ships. Now I always thought these were “Silent Death” models but a search of the net couldn’t turn up any images of these models so now I’m not so sure (if anyone can confirm what they are either way I’d be indebted). Now as I said above after the initial flurry of painting many years back these have languished in their draw since the early nineties, so I suppose it’s about time I threw a bit of paint at them.

I began by digging out some “flying stands” for them and after the holes in the undersides of the ships was dilled out slightly I stuffed the holes with a little “greenstuff” and superglued the stands in place (removing any excess greenstuff that was pushed out of the hole), and I also put a blob of greenstuff and a “penny” into the bottom of each of the flying stands to make them a little more stable. They then went feb-2017-1a-paintout for a coat of matt black and the painting could begin.

I wanted a slightly different colour scheme to the usual grey or silver to reflect the more alien nature of the sculpts, so I began by painting the whole lot of them in jade green, then once this was dry I dry-brushed them in Tamiya green (also slightly Jade in colour but a touch lighter than the original coat). Then I added some plum paint to some of the “veins” running across the tops of the ships and then did the same with some of the remaining “veins” in lavender, but I didn’t like this at allfeb-2017-1b-paint and ended up painting out most of the lavender bits in more of the jade green. I then gave them a coat of the old “quickshade” (strong tone). Now I did plan on adding some more detail to them after the quickshade was dry, maybe some engine ports at the rear in light blue or something but after taking another look at the sculpts there wasn’t really anywhere to add these and the sculpts were actually that different at the rear it would be hard to tie them all in together, so I decided to just leave them as they were and tidy up where the stands entered the bottom of the ships (messy beggar that I am), and give them a final coat of matt varnish.

So not the most complicated or productive weeks painting I’ve ever had, but progress is progress as they say.

Cheers Roger.

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12 Responses to “Less is More, More or Less” (week 37)

  1. vampifan says:

    There is something very alien and organic about these ships. Whilst I am not a fan of starship combat games I have to admit that I do like these.

  2. Now those are very ‘organic’ looking spaceships, Roger. The plum veins really make them seem alive in my books. Great colour scheme, and one I’d certainly borrow when it comes to some “Horrorclix” plant zombies I own.

    • Roger Webb says:

      Thanks Simon, the are quite organic looking, I wish I could remember who made them though. Oh and feel free to borrow away as far as the paint scheme goes.

      Cheer Roger

    • Carrion Crow says:

      Very nice, Roger. These look like the kind of starships Elves would build – or ‘grow’ possibly. The colour scheme seems familiar – I think I’ve seen Ivy with a similar colouring.

      • Roger Webb says:

        Thanks Jez, I rather like the alien “vibe” these ships have myself, I have quite a few more ships to paint (when their number comes up again). But sadly no more like these.

        Cheers Roger.

  3. I heartily echo the comments above, lovely colour, great ships etc. I love a space fleet game and this is making me look longingly at my Battlefleet Gothic boxes packed under the games table

    • Roger Webb says:

      Thanks Andy, I remember picking up some of the old Battle Fleet Gothic imperial ships from Games Workshop many years ago during one of their famous sales, I believe the original ones were in fact re-casts from another manufacturer, can’t remember who though.

      They were nice sculpts, still got some painted ones in the loft somewhere (one night the rafters will give out and I be killed in my sleep by being crushed by all the lead I have stored up there, still it’s how I would want to go!).

      Cheers Roger.

  4. Now those are rather interesting, lovely job Roger.

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