“Blax the Kleric’s, top ten of 2017”

Any long-suffering fans of “Rantings From Under The Wargames Table” who were expecting to take away some sort of festive cheer from this posting will sadly be disheartened to discover that once again I have momentarily deposed Dick Garrison so as to post my own Top Ten favourite miniatures which he has painted during 2017. On the one hand this has proved somewhat easier than usual as Roger wasn’t as proficient in his production as he has been in past years, but on the other much more difficult as the man has certainly painted some extraordinarily nice models during this time too. Indeed, during this period Roger has both seemingly completed his “Very British Civil War” collection by “Irregular Miniatures” and, yet again, provided an in-depth look at his awesome sculpting abilities with two more welcome additions to his ongoing “He-Man” project…

(10) “Hasslefree Miniatures” – Human Eve – Adventurer Lara Croft Style (Jan)

I’m guessing quite a few wargamers at least own a sculpt of Lara Croft, so it was hard not to see why, Roger’s take on the definitive “Tomb Raider” proved so popular on his blog. However, what was particularly impressive with this figure was his sheer perseverance to ‘keep going’ when the miniature’s fragilely-positioned arms “kept snapping off” whilst he was painting her.


(9) “Games Workshop” – Ork Stormboyz (Jan)

I’ve always had a soft spot for Stormboyz, ever since I first discovered “Games Workshop” and the world of “Warhammer 40K”, so was always going to try and squeeze in some of these old OOP metal sculpts into any Top Ten if I could. Fortunately, not only did Roger paint up quite a few of these greenskin shock troops that it would have been impossible to ignore them, but he gave them just the sort of scruffy, rusty palette one would expect from the Germanic-flavoured close combat assault infantry.


(8) “Moonraker Miniatures” – General Cowley (July)

One of the first models painted by Roger as part of his “Into The Wasteland Project”, I absolutely loved both this figure’s splendid-looking paint-job and the character’s fictional background story. There’s a real air of Benito Mussolini to this miniature, in my mind at least, with his marvellous array of medals and imposing gesture really marking him out as a determined dictator of men.


(7) “Irregular Miniatures” – Scorpio Bug (May)

An arguably rather unimpressive model when unpainted, this giant alien insect was transformed into vibrant life by Roger’s brushwork, and once again had me scouring the website of the miniature’s manufacturer looking for one to purchase myself. The red and brown palette really works by drawing the eye along the entire length of its carapace to its stinger, and is a great example of just how sellable a figure can become when it is properly pigmented.


(6) “Bend Sinister” – Sci-Fi Troopers (May)

If there is one thing Roger is very good at, apart from being the ‘Sorcerer Supreme’ when it comes to green-stuff, it is his ability to paint camouflage or stripes on his miniatures, and this pair of Sci-Fi Troopers are a marvellous demonstration of his skill. Jaw-droppingly clean-lined and well-pigmented, these two figures look excellent, with their colourful façade contrasting nicely alongside their gas-mask heads.


(5) “Hydra Miniatures” – Akarr (Feb)

I must confess to originally thinking when I first saw these blue-skinned extra-terrestrial that I’d never heard of the wonderful 15mm alien figures before Roger posted them up on his blog, and wowed me with their incredibly vivid colour scheme. However, these are actually the second batch of such figures over the past few years which the fiend has fantastically pigmented, so I immediately felt morally obliged to include them in my Top Ten; especially as the contrast between their skin colour and red bases is so very eye-catching.


(4) “Maidenhead Miniatures” – Woman on Terra-Bird (Feb)

Another sequel to a range Roger hasn’t previously touched since January 2015 (the Akarr being the first), this formidable-looking cavalry model actually made me contact the manufacturer to establish whether I could still purchase some for myself. This model is tremendously well-detailed, and Roger’s blended brushwork is absolutely stunning, particularly around the giant bird’s head and beak.


(3) “Ground Zero Games” – Gilbert the Alien (Jan)

Being a “Metal Mickey” fan I never really paid much attention to either “Get Fresh” or “Gilbert’s Fridge” as a child, so found Roger’s paint-work and detailed description concerning this sculpt of the much-loved alien puppet tremendously endearing. Not only is the model’s palette absolutely spot on, but once again Roger turned to a tin of green stuff in order to ensure his beloved figure had “his trade mark spikey Mohawk.”


(2) “Heroclix” – The Skunkwoman (May)

Rather embarrassingly my collection of unpainted “Wizkids” miniatures is rather extensive, and resultantly I will probably never manage to re-paint my own copy of Wolfsbane any time soon as I feel it’s one of the “Heroclix” range’s less impressive sculpts. Roger though has taken this underwhelming figure and with a bit of genuine green stuff magic, turned it into an absolutely awesome “villain from the early days of Bananaman back when he was a staple of the Nutty comic.”


(1) “Roger Webb” – Beast-man (June)

Essentially sculpted by Roger from scratch, or at least from a dollie, this corking creation of Skeletor’s leading henchman is absolutely mind-blowing in both pose and paint-job, and is easily demonstrative of Mister Webb’s jaw-droppingly good skills when given the time (and patience) to do so. Like many, I so wish Roger had been able to turn this figure into part of a range for “Wargames Supply Dump Miniatures” as I’m convinced it would have been a market-winner!


Needless to say, there are a fair few other models which disappointingly just failed to make this list. 2017 really did see Roger painting across a myriad of genres (and scales), with the likes of his wonderfully grubby “VBCW” Riflemen, extraordinarily extra-terrestrial “Silent Death” spaceships and wickedly wild “Wargames Foundry” Bondage Betty all getting close to the mark too…


(Well that just leaves me to finish off with my usual huge thank you to Simon for doing this again, and to hope you enjoyed it, as he’ll be doing it all over again in a few days time with his choices from my 2018 output, while I’ll be let loose on “Fantorical” with my choices from his. So till New Years eve, Id like to wish you all the very best of Christmas’s from the both of us! Cheers Roger)


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15 Responses to “Blax the Kleric’s, top ten of 2017”

  1. Blax Kleric says:

    Thanks for letting me do this, Roger, as you really did produce some corking minis during 2017, and its great to keep our annual blog-swap tradition going 🙂

    • Seriously its always a joy to read your posts (on mine or your own blog), I wasn’t as productive as I would have liked that year, as I went AWOL for a portion of it.

      I even agree with most of your pick’s (though Lara would never have made my list!).

      Have a great Christmas (must be about the fifth time I’ve written this to you now!!).

      Cheers Roger.

  2. Dave Stone says:

    As I have only been following your blog from this year, it is a great insight to what has come in previous years, look forward to seeing your top tens for 2018 on both blog’s

    • Thanks Dave, I’m always a little nervous when a professional sculptor like your good self looks over my decidedly amateur creations. Perhaps these posts should be titled “Past Crimes” 🙂

      Cheers Roger.

      • Dave Stone says:

        lol Roger I always consider myself a hobbyist like everyone else, and I will only ever give constructive criticism if I spot something you might have missed

      • ” I will only ever give constructive criticism if I spot something you might have missed”

        What like my complete lack of ability, and the like 🙂

      • Dave Stone says:

        ROFL you underestimate your ability Roger, I think your work is very good and you should be very proud of what you do

  3. vampifan says:

    There really were some amazing figures included in this top ten. Picking your favourites out of so many (I still maintain you had a good year painting minis!) is so subjective. I’d have included a lot more of your females in my top ten, but that just proves I’m easily swayed by a pretty face (and body!). All the best, Roger.

    • Ha ah, thanks Bryan yes our “Top tens” are very subjective! (I’m amazed we haven’t fallen out over our choices over the years) 🙂

      I think if you were put in charge of this post it would have had to come with an “18’s” rating rating 🙂

      Cheers Roger.

  4. borderguy190 says:

    I’m a latecomer to Roger’s blog, so many of these minis are new to me. I appreciate the look back! Very cool stuff. Roger, as always, you are the wizard of green stuff and a gentleman at sharing painting tips.

  5. borderguy190 says:

    High bar? You crush it over and over Roger!

    Thanks! I did. And I hope your Christmas brought new toys to paint and entertain/inspire all year long.

    • Funnily enough, no apart from the “Terminator Genisys” box game I bought in the Warlord sale a few months back for £10.00 (and was given to me as a present by one of my kids) I didn’t get anything figure or gaming related at all. Hope you did better on that front 🙂

      Cheers Roger.

      • borderguy190 says:

        I might have something gaming related stuck in customs. Could be some Gripping Beast figs I asked for. The missus won’t say. I did get a HO scale boxcar I bought and gave her to wrap as a present. And the A&A D-Day was bought close ti Christmas! Haha!

      • “I might have something gaming related stuck in customs”

        Yes I believe Santa could do the world in just under an hour if it wasn’t for the blooming border security!! After “Brexit” I hear they are no longer letting him into the country unless he can prove he has a skill we require!! 🙂

        Cheers Roger.

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