“Who’s that out with a Couple of Bird’s?” (week 39)

Two single figure boxes this time and the chance to jump on a bandwagon with a couple of other bloggers into the bargain! Another double tails result meant figures from “Galahad’s” list yet again. Then the old D30 came up thirteen and as this was a single figure I rolled again and got twenty six which had gone, but turning to Lancelot’s list this luckily had another single figure (gosh this is complicated, are you keeping up?) anyway it makes sense to me and eventually I came up with the following figures to paint…

Box13 – (28mm Woman on Terrabird)feb-2017-3-unpaint

Box 26- (Doctor Who figure of William Hartnell, (From Lancelot))

This rather nice little set came from Maidenhead Miniatures and was sent to me as a sample back in my “Valkyire” column days, I painted up a sister piece to this, a woman riding a large sabre toothed tiger back in January 2015* and the ladies are interchangeable (in fact I have three of the riders but only two animal mounts for them, so at some point I’ll have to source a “ride” for the third little lady), I decided to glue the rider together and mount her up on the bird before I began painting them, whether this was a good move or not I’m still not sure, but anyway after I’d cut out a cardboard base for them they were glued and “filler’ed” into place and as the base was a bit plain I added a couple of cat litter rocks. Then both she and the Doctor went out for a coat of matt black and I got down to adding a little colour. The body of the bird was first painted blue grey with the underside painted blue grey mixed with coffee, this was also run up its neck and then its face and wings were added in chestnut and dark red, all of these colours were painted at the same time with each area being blended into each other. Then its beak was added in citrus orange and blended in again. Once this was dry the feb-2017-3b-paintbeak was dry-brushed with lemon yellow. Turning then to its legs a base of butternut was painted over them before I mixed more butternut, orange and lemon yellow together and the resultant mix was then dry-brushed over the ridges on its legs. I then dry-brushed a mix of coffee and cream down its neck and down under its belly, After this I started on the saddle and reins, chocolate brown forming the base for these with leather highlights over the top of this.

If I was ever going to have a chance of finishing this ensemble by the end of the week I needed to crack on with the lady perched (no pun intended, I assure you) on the back of the feathered beastie, to this end I gave her flesh (and there was a lot of it!) a coat of flesh tone seven and though this came out rather “patchy” it did give a good base for my second coat which consisted of the same with a little European flesh added, I then added her eyes and the chocolate brown of her leather accessories and bow (the leather bits being highlighted in, well leather funnily enough). Then turning back to her flesh I mixed some European flesh and pale flesh and this was used to highlight these areas. feb-2017-3c-paintOnce dry I took my copper and painted all the “minimal” bits of armour she was wearing, and then highlighted these with some shinning gold, I also added her lips in pink burgundy. Hair next and a base of light sand was applied and though this was too pale for a base it made a good undercoat for the citrus orange I painted over it, then I added highlights in lemon yellow. Her bow and the shafts of the arrows were then dry-brushed with some butternut, the feathers on these along with the one in her hair and the grip on her bow were then undercoated in coffee with (you guessed it) cream highlights. The collar on the bird had some highlights added in dark red and bright red, and her “leafy” loin cloth was done in deep bronze green with olive highlights, the birds claws also got coffee talons at this point. Lastly I added a final drybrush of blue grey mixed with coffee over the feathers on the beasts back and a dry-brushed touch of pink burgundy to the red part of the wings.

Now turning to my Dr Who figure (in William Hartnell guise), was bought many moons ago by from a chap who was selling them mail order, and though I bought him in good faith I now believe he is a re-cast of an old Games Workshop figure. Though I guess I was young and stupid at the time to fall fowl of this and not report him for it, I honestly didn’t realize my mistake until it was way too late. So even though the detail is rather soft on him, any Dr Who is better than no Dr Who (unless it’s the new stuff, but we won’t get into that!), so it was a quick re-base and out for a coat of matt black with the big bird above. Then I began by painting his trousers in light grey, then added the checks on them in black (I’m not sure if these look right or not as the originals are much smaller checks, but I’ll live with it). His waistcoat then had an undercoat of feb-2017-3a-paintbutternut applied, and this mixed with some lemon yellow was used to highlight it. His collar was next this being touched in with a little cream. His hands and face were then painted in with an undercoat of continental flesh, and after his eyes were added, I highlighted this with the same with some pale flesh mixed in for good measure, I decided to add a tiny line of black across his mouth, then his hair was painted in cream and while it was still wet I dragged in a touch of dark grey, that just left his jacket, shoes and tie to be touched up in black before I mixed some very dark grey (dark grey and black) and added some highlights to these. Compared to the figures above he was a breeze to paint.

They then both had my quintessential slapping with a little Quickshade and then their bases were painted up to match their respective figure groups before they had a final spray coat of matt varnish. I’m rather pleased with how the pair of them came out, I wonder what I’ll get next…

Till then, cheers Roger.

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13 Responses to “Who’s that out with a Couple of Bird’s?” (week 39)

  1. Marvellous stuff Roger, with the Bird rider being a genuinely stand-out piece for me, and my admiration for your steady hand Ref Dr Who’s stripped trousers, increasingly yet again. I’m sorely tempted to pick up some of the Terror Bird riders, as well as some of the other “Maidenhead Miniature” models. Do you know of a UK supplier perchance, my friend?

    • Roger Webb says:

      Thanks Simon, I’ve always been a bit dubious of painting that bird as I wasn’t sure how well I’d be able to do it, but I think he turned out OK in the end. As for a UK supplier, I know Artemis Black’s used to stock some of the Maidenhead ranges, I’m not sure if they still do but it might be worth a look. They are really nice figures, though when we used to stock the “Feral elves” by them back when we started WSD we always found their lack of clothing used to put people off buying them. Never seems to hurt Hasslefree’s sales though.

      Cheers Roger.

      • Cheers Roger. I have emailed Maidenhead directly to see what they offer. I too liked the Sabertooth, and some of the singles tbh, so I’d rather like to own enough for a threatening force to tackle Doug McClure and Peter Cushing 😉

      • Roger Webb says:

        No problem Simon, as I recall he was a really nice person to deal with (cant remember his name though sorry), They would make great “Earths Core” savages.

        Cheers Roger.

  2. vampifan says:

    Roger, you are being far too modest when you say the bird and rider “turned out OK”. I think you did a superb job on painting them. I was not aware of this range of figures but whilst I can’t find a use for her, I am certainly intrigued by her.
    I have the original Citadel William Hartnell Doctor Who and just looking at him, I was struck by how small he is. Once again, a fine paint job has brought him to life.

    • Roger Webb says:

      Many thanks Bryan, I guess we are all the harshest critics of our own figures (we can see what we did that we’re not happy with). I thought she might get your attention to be honest, connoisseur of the female form that you are;-)

      the Dr is a small fig, more 25 than 28 tdh, but then Will Hartnell wasn’t the tallest of people, might be more noticeable with my Jon Pertwee fig.

      Cheers Roger.

  3. Carrion Crow says:

    Another eclectic set of figures, Roger, but I’ll bet you’re glad you’re not painting multiple 15mms this week. The Terror Bird is a lovely figure and your painting has really brought out the detail well. I’d quite like some riderless versions of these, as I’ve always been fond of predatory prehistoric flightless birds. And you’ve finally painted a Doctor Who figure…it’s *ahem* about time. Given the detail and pose, I think this might actually be a recast of a FASA miniature, rather than a GW one, as the FASA one’s were a little less detailed and smaller. I’d have to double-check to be sure. Very nice work on both figures.

    • Roger Webb says:

      Thanks Jez, yes it is nice not having to batch paint another load of 15mm fig’s. I don’t think Maidenhead do a bird without a sadle on (though I may of course be completely wrong here), it might be worth a look. I think you have to buy direct from Australia now as they don’t appear to have a UK distributor, again Simon might know more on this.

      I have two more of those Doctors to paint up yet (when there number comes up) Pat Troughton and Jon Pertwee. I did three Cybermen a while back I got from the same bloke and they were definitely GW re-casts, but you could be right.

      Cheers Roger.

  4. The Terror Bird is absolutely stunning, and what a wonderful job you have done on beauty and beast. Great also to see some Doctor Who action grace these pages, it seems to be infections!

    • Roger Webb says:

      Many thanks Michael, it is a nice figure(s). Yep it was nice to be “in with the in crowd” as far as Dr Who figures goes for a change.

      Cheers Roger.

      • “Yep it was nice to be “in with the in crowd” as far as Dr Who figures goes for a change.” – Well that’s your fault Roger, I’d never even heard of the TV series until you started posting minis based upon it a couple of years ago 😉

      • Roger Webb says:

        Oh really 😉 Perhaps I better not mention a little series of film that I quite like that you probably haven’t heard of either then, they are called “Star Wars”.

        Cheers Roger.

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