Sci/Fi Month (Advent Challenge)

Advent challenge time again, and for a change both figures this time are of the Sci/Fi persuasion (there was a definite lean toward the fantasy genre in “my” calendar at least). Now I’m well aware that I should really have been getting on with my “scenic” items, and there has been a little (very little if I’m honest) progress on these, but as I knew I also had to get these figures done by months end I thought I’d concentrate on these and get them out of the way (that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!). Anyway what we have here are two really rather nice miniatures…

No 9 Space Henchman

No10 Sorcerer Magus, Battleguard

Both of these are the official names by the way, Now I have to say I have absolutely no idea what a “Sorcerer Magus, Battleguard” is, but it appears to be a robotic magician, so if that’s what you are after, now you know you can find one on Reaper’s site! 🤖🧙‍♂️  So once the “Henchman” had’ had his base cut down, and the “Sorcerer” had been stuck together and mounted in a couple of “greenstuff” blobs to hold him upright on their respective coins, the bases were built up with some filler and a couple of  “kitty litter” rocks were added, and it was out for a coat of matt black.

Taking the Henchman first, he was given a dry-brushing with some chainmail over his weapon and buckles, then sticking with his belts, these and his boots were first painted chocolate and then highlighted with some leather. Now with his shirt I thought I’d pay a little “homage” to all the “thug’s” to feature in those cop films of the eighties, and give him a bit of a spin on the classic “Hawaiian shirt”. So starting with a lime green base, I highlighted this with more lime green mixed with a touch of cream to lighten it, white and orange were then used to add the flowers. Pants came next and I just went for dark grey highlighted with a mix of the same and some mid grey here. His flesh was next on the agenda and again I dredged up a memory from somewhere (The movie “Heavy Metal” I think), of an alien “thug” who was a lilac/pink colour, so after laying down a base of fuscia mixed with Polish crimson, and after his eyes and mouth/teeth were added of course, I highlighted the flesh with another mix, this time of lilac, more Polish crimson and cream, I quite like the final colour. That just left a dot of ocean blue, highlighted with a spot of pale blue on the “light” at the back of his gun and he was done.

Taking the “Sorcerer Magus, Battleguard” or SMB (sounds good doesn’t it!) next, again he was begun by dry-brushing him all over with chainmail, then as before I painted in his belts, boots and bags with chocolate brown along with the shaft of his mystical  wand, then highlight said boots and baggage with leather, and his “stick” with Eurasian flesh. For some reason I got the feeling he would have originated on some sand covered barren world, so wanted to reflect this in his clothing, therefore I undercoated his exposed pieces of shirt along with the visible areas by his knees, with sand and highlighted them with coffee.  For the tabard hanging between his legs I went with saddle highlighted with more Eurasian flesh, and his cloak was yet more Eurasian flesh this time as the base, and a mix of even more Eurasian flesh this time mixed with ECW buff, and coffee formed the highlights. I decided to “jazz” his armour (bodywork?) up a bit so added some areas in copper, highlighted in bronze, and then added his eyes in lime with a florescent light green dot. Like any wizard worth his salt he is holding/about to hurl a fireball, so that came next, I worked my way up and outward on this with ruby, orange, citrus orange, lemon yellow, and a touch of white, and that just left the stone on the end of his staff and this was first painted ocean blue, and while this was still a little damp (not easy to do in this heat!🥵) I added the highlighted edges in pale blue.

Both figures were then given a coat of Quickshade (strong tone) and once dry they were based in my usual manner, and sprayed over this some matt varnish. If memory serves me correctly (and it often doesn’t these days), there is one more Sci/Fi inspired figure from my calendar to do, but for now that’s July’s Advent figures out the way, so I guess it’s back to the scenery.

Till then, stay safe, and cheers Roger.

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30 Responses to Sci/Fi Month (Advent Challenge)

  1. Matt says:

    Well there’s a coincidence — I’m halfway through painting the space henchman LOL! Yours looks great, Roger, the lilac skin is very alien and the flowery shirt is a lovely touch and really well done!

    The SMB is also really well done, the colours work together and the touches of metallic pop. Nicely done, sir!

    • thanks Matt, I was thinking of the excellent Sci/Fi civilians you did the other week while I was painting the henchman, I thought he’d be a good fit with the rest of those figures 😁

      Cheers Roger.

  2. These are great, Roger! 🙂 I really like ’em! The henchman reminds me of a Sontaran from Dr Who!

  3. Terrific stuff Roger, and that alien Henchman is particularly nice – awesome shirt flowers btw.

  4. Dave Stone says:

    Great work on both models Roger, your colour choices and added details give them both a lot of life and character.

  5. Pete S/ SP says:

    Great stuff- love the hawaiian shirt it is very nicely done.



  6. Nicely done as always Roger. On to August! 🙂

  7. Alex says:

    Excellent work mate, that shirt is excellent 🤘😁

  8. Michael Awdry says:

    Too cracking miniatures Roger, but I just love that Alien henchman and his Hawaiian shirt – genius!

  9. Whoa! The space henchman is a hard arse

  10. Guru PIG says:

    Love the henchman. The face and the shirt are awesomely bad taste! Great work.

  11. Personally, I want that shirt for the golf course! Great paint job indeed on both (but the shirt is my fave Roger!)

  12. patmcf says:

    The Henchman cracked me up as for a moment I though it was Clive James !!!

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