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Sci/Fi Month (Advent Challenge)

Advent challenge time again, and for a change both figures this time are of the Sci/Fi persuasion (there was a definite lean toward the fantasy genre in “my” calendar at least). Now I’m well aware that I should really have … Continue reading

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“One Little, Two Little, Three Little….”

“Sometimes men just can’t help acting on impulse”, as the old commercial used to say and that is very much what happened to me the other week, scrolling down the “Miniatures Page” website I came across a news story that … Continue reading

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“Miscellaneous Musings & Twenty Millimetre Twaddle ”

OK, so the big day is nearly upon us now, so I’ll keep this post relatively short as I’m sure you have got things you would rather be doing than read my nonsense. Last time I left you with the … Continue reading

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“A roll of the die” (week 9)

Round and round and round it goes, where it stops no one knows! Well actually it dosen’t go round at all but you get what I mean, this weeks toss of the die was on Lancelot’s (heads) list and consisted … Continue reading

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