“That Certain Sacrifice!” (Season of Scenery)

No not the notorious “Madonna” film, but a little project I’ve needed to progress for a while now, but more on that in a bit. First off I’ll apologise as this is a rather “bitty” post, it’s “Season of Scenery” this month, (well the next two to be exact), as I’m sure you are all well aware you can never have too much scenery and this challenge forces enables you to get finished (or at least progress!) all those scenic projects you have hanging about waiting for you to get up the impetus to get them done. This is a bit like paying your “Wargames” dues each year😁 .

So what have I actually achieved thus far…well not a lot to be perfectly honest, nine days into July and I’ve hardly applied a paintbrush to anything thus far, I have however not been completely idle as I have now stuck together the other five of my “slum blocks” by TTG, that are destined for our “Deadzone” games they still need a bit of detailing adding before painting, but the basic stuff is done at least. I’ve also knocked up another building/shed piece from some of the bits left over 🤨, there are still quite a few extra bits left on the MDF sheets, and I might re-visit these either before the end of the challenge this year, or in next years “SoS”.

I’ve also been distracted making these “pallets with pipes on” out of the cardboard centres from my rolls of doggy “poop” 🐶 bags, that I’ve been saving up since the start of the year, the pallets are made from good old coffee stirrers and balsa. Though the pipes are started, the pallets still need painting before they can be put together.

Lastly I have been working on my “sacrifice” lady to go with the “cultists”, I did a little while back and the “altar of sculls” I made in last years “Season of Scenery”. She started life as a Heroklix “Wasp” figure that I’d removed the arms from to use on my “Aftershock” figure way back in 2016 as part of the very first “Forgotten Heroes” challenge, I haven’t gone into a long detailed account of how I made her (you’ve had more than enough of them this year already!), suffice to say her pose made her ideal to use in a prone position, and after removing her other lower leg, adding a foot (you can only see the one), adding her skirt and couple of wires to build her arms over, all made out of that other favourite of mine “Greenstuff” she was at the point you see her now, ready for undercoating.

Along with all these I also have my “Advent Challenge” figures to complete for July, so as you can see lots of stuff underway, but nothing actually finished yet. Hopefully by next week I’ll have one of them completed, so till them…

Stay safe, sit back, and enjoy the scenery, cheers Roger.

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29 Responses to “That Certain Sacrifice!” (Season of Scenery)

  1. Dave Stone says:

    So much work all ready Roger, as putting the MDF kits and detailing takes such a time. Clever use of the tubes and great looking pallets, the victim is looking great too.

  2. Guru PIG says:

    Coffee stirrers, doggy poop bag holders – is there no end to the depths we will sink? We are an innovative bunch! What others call trash we call………um…….. tabletop trash! Great work Roger. Looking forward to seeing the end of your Deadzone terrain project, and hopefully mine as well.

    • Thanks Dave, I read an article about turning rubbish into scenery years ago, apparently it’s called the “Gomi” universe! 😉

      Definitely looking forward to seeing the end of this lot of DeadZone scenery! (yours I just like to see 😀)

      Cheers Roger.

  3. Lovely WIPs posting, Roger. Lots to get excited about, so don’t worry about not getting a paintbrush on much yet.

    • Thanks Simon, I know you are partial to a WIP posting, but I do like to have something finished to show, if only because it means I have something finished 😁

      Cheers Roger.

  4. That is still quite a bit of progress, Roger! 🙂 I think I’m in a similar position with stuff – not painted anything yet but getting towards that stage! The good thing about the challenge is that it “enables” me to make progress on all the bits I didn’t get finished in last year’s challenge! And I did recognise where the pipes came from – good thinking!

    • Thanks John, yes the problem with scenery is it needs more prep in general than figures do, plus of course I am so easily distracted 😉.

      I was throwing out those cardboard centres for quite a while till I found one in my pocket and thought…..💡

      Cheers Roger.

  5. I always like the creativity behind scratch building. Nice work on the pallets and pipes. 🙂

    • Thanks Dave, there isn’t really a lot of creativity going here to be honest, I’m using tubes to represent tubes, and little strips of wood to made little pallets 😁

      But thanks for the vote of confidence 😉

      Cheers Roger.

  6. Michael Awdry says:

    Best of luck with the scenery challenge Roger! Love the pipes, great find and the modelling on your sacrifice is looking spot on.

    • thanks Michael, it pales by comparison to your WW2 boards to be honest, but we’ll see how I get on,😁

      I’ve been on a bit of a “greenstuff” kick this year, but I think (you never know) this will be the last greenstuff conversion/sculpt this year now.

      Cheers Roger.

  7. Alex says:

    Good stuff mate!

  8. Nice bit of scratch mate

  9. Matt says:

    Great work on the palettes and pipes! I’ve saved a load of those tubes from rolls of poop bags but mine are plastic and have grooves on them, so I’m not sure how useful they’ll be. Your Wasp conversion is superb, and I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with those MDF buildings!

    • Thanks Matt, Sci/Fi pipes? sounds like an idea for ridged pipes to me. I’m sure you’ll come up with something, the Wasp conversion was pretty simple really, it was basically all there and just needed covering up a bit. 😉

      As for the MDF buildings, they aren’t going to be very exciting, if you look at the last lot I did….they’ll be the same as that hopefully.

      Cheers Roger.

  10. Awesome work Roger! 👏

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  12. Roger, these are all amazing. Love the victim conversion especially. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, though as it was your trash you get a twofer!

  13. patmcf says:

    As an old warehouse store man I have to say that you have done a mighty job on those Export pallets!! I recognized them straight away!!!
    Love the sacrifice lady conversion!

    • Thanks Pat, Strangely I very nearly became a wharehouse man myself very recently, the car plant where I work is going through major changes at the moment, and I applied for two new jobs internally. One was in the new wharehouse and the other in the new “Battery cell” (we are going over to electric cars), I got both but have taken the Battery cell position.

      Cheers Roger.

      • patmcf says:

        Wise move mate as the way things are here it’s all heading towards Electric cars down the not to distant track, I feel they are a little optimistic on there time frames as I don’t think they have really considered how bloody big this country is 😅😅. Good luck with the new one mate, I’m not surprised you won both of them 😉🤓

      • Thanks Pat, I was surprised I got either, as I had to sit tests for both, the first time I’ve sat a test since I started 35 years ago!!

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