“Forgotten Heroes, Purple Mane”

So we come to the end of another “Forgotten Heroes” month and even with being stuck in the house and no “work” distractions I’ve still managed to just squeeze it in under the wire! I really can’t offer any excuses except that it has been soooo blooming hot that I have been reluctant to go into my hobby room (it’s not just mine, I share it with the cats! Real ones that is), as it gets the sun full on by midday. Dry’s the paint super-fast, but strangely has the opposite effect on me!

Anyway whining aside I have now finished my “felines”, and as promised by Jez I have decided to finish with my favorite “pun” of the month as a title! (Even if technically panthers don’t have manes, picky!). But on with the painting…

Well before I could pigment my pussies they were glued onto the MDF bases I’d cut for them last week, each with a slither of card under their feet to lift them up to match the rest of my MOTU figures (yes I am that anal!!), then “Tetrion” filler was spread over the bases and (ironically) a few “Kitty Litter” stones were added for interest. Both were then given a coat of matt black.

I decided to begin Battle Cat’s painting by giving his helmet and armour an undercoat of dark red, then dry-brushed this with bright red, then again with metallic red and then highlighted this with more bright red . His saddle and girth strap were then added with chocolate brown with leather brown highlights, the originals don’t have these but I thought too make it a little less hard on the old Eternian “bum” I would. I also added the strap “rings” in bronze with shinning gold highlight’s. I turned my attention to his fur next, and this was where my old post about Cringer came into its own as I was able to follow the steps I’d used on him, so, I began by giving these areas an all over coat of deep bronze green, then followed this with a very heavy dry-brushing with a mixture of more deep bronze green, olive and shamrock, mixing these together in varying amounts till it looked about the same as last time. I began adding his stripes, in black next, and once these were dry I added the yellow inner lines on his stripes with citrus orange (this was slightly easier than last time due to his bigger size), both mouths were then added in dark red with pink burgundy for the tongues. I painted his teeth in white as I wanted then to stand out against his grey muzzle, and that came next, this was a mix of light grey and white gently dry-brushed on, His claws were last with black being used here.

Panthor was easier to paint as he was without the dreaded stripes! Anyway the armour on the toy version is grey so that’s where I began, with a mix of dark grey and a touch of black, that was then dry-brushed with more dark grey this time mixed with a little mid grey, and lastly to get a little metallic sheen I did a final dry-brush with more mid grey with a touch of silver added. The saddle and girth strap I did in black this time with dark grey highlights (these were also used on his nose). Again I added the strap “rings” in bronze with shinning gold highlight’s but this time also added the skull atop his shoulder plate in this as well. Turning to his fur next I began by putting down an undercoat of royal purple, this was followed by a dry-brushing of plum, and finally some highlights were added using a mix of more royal purple and a little lilac. I replicated the bright green eyes of the toy (though a little neater I hope!) by first painting them in shamrock, then adding irises in lime before putting in a black line for the pupil. His mouth and claws were done in the same manner as Battle Cat above.

Both were then given a liberal drubbing with a Quickshade (strong tone) loaded brush, and once dry their bases were painted chocolate brown, then dry-brushed with khaki, and then coffee. Areas were then picked out with scenic green before said areas were flocked with some Javis “Summer Mix” hairy grass. A final spray coat of matt varnish and they were finished. As I promised Jez I have dug out my He-man and Skeletor figures to accompany their respective mounts for the final photo’s.

So that brings “Forgotten Heroes” to a close for another year, as usual it’s been immense fun, and seeing all the other entries taking shape to completion (though a couple aren’t actually complete just yet!) is a real inspiration. I have to thank Jez for coming up with this great event and for letting me take part, it really is the “purr’fect way to fill your lockdown time! (Sorry just had to get one more in  😉).

So till next time, stay safe, and cheers Roger.

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26 Responses to “Forgotten Heroes, Purple Mane”

  1. Dave Stone says:

    Excellent work on both Roger, they certainly do justice to the original toy counterparts.
    Will you be doing removable riders for them at a later point ?

    • Thanks Dave, do you know I’ve been waiting for someone to ask that. Simple answer is no I probably wont, There are so many characters in the MOTU Universe that if I do anymore I would want to add new figures to the collection rather than re-doing He-man and Skelly.

      But as it stands I have run out of base figures, (I’d have to see if I could get anymore dollies from Bronze age, as they are no longer on the web-store.) and I have a non-MOTU character in mind for next years “Forgotten Heroes”. So no plans at the moment.

      Cheers Roger.

      • Dave Stone says:

        I see, makes sense, with your modelling skill why don’t you make the whole figure ? I know it can be a scary prospect, but you have the talent to be able to do it !

      • I have made human fig’s from scratch before (did some for WSD), but generally I’m happier doing monsters, as Bob Olley said “The great thing about doing Orcs and the such is there is no reference to say you’ve done them wrong!”

        But thanks for the vote of confidence! 😁

        Cheers Roger.

      • borderguy190 says:

        Nicely done. Looks just like I remember my brother’s toys from yesteryear.

      • Thanks Harry, the memory can play tricks you know! The originals were quite a bit bigger, and not just because we were quite a bit smaller 😁.

        Cheers Roger.

  2. Brilliant! 🙂 Have really enjoyed following these two from the start!

    • Thanks John, I like to post works in progress posts for this sort of thing otherwise people think I’m just sitting on my bum as I haven’t painted anything! 😁

      Cheers Roger.

  3. Pete S/ SP says:

    Very cool.



  4. Carrion Crow says:

    Had I not followed along with the process of the conversion, looking at the finished product, I would never had guessed these started off as cheap plastic toys. I think this just goes to show why we consider you a Master of the Greenstuff.

    Excellent work, Roger. Can’t wait to see what you’re inventiveness comes up with next.

    • Many thanks Jez, to be honest the hardest part (and I’m not just saying this), was finding decent base figures to build upon, you wouln’t believe how much trouble I had finding a couple of Tigers the right sort of size! all the “wargames” ones were too small and a lot of the toy ones these days seed to have shifted up a scale! The really annoying thing was I remember having some toy tigers as a child that were perfect! but I don’t seem to have them anymore and Ebay was a dead loss tbh. Perhaps I just don’t have your “Google Foo” skills, as it was just blind luck I came across these at the Museum.

      Anyway, I have a sort of plan in mind for Dave’s “Summer Scenery Challenge”, but we’ll see how that pans out. (are you taking part by the way, your scenery skills are legendary, you’d be missed if you didn’t).

      Cheers Roger.

      • Carrion Crow says:

        Always the way… you’ve got the idea in your head, but other people just don’t produce the parts you need. What is the World coming to…

        And normally I would take part, but as I’m back to work, this is impacting on additional hobby time, so it’s unlikely. However, I may be adding some “potatoes” to my “sprout”, as I now have the proxy bodies I need…

      • As we rapidly approach the 3D printer age, I’m guessing that soon everything will be available to everybody, but will we be happy….I wonder?

        As I said Jez, you will be missed, I’m guessing “Sontarans” are the potatoes?

        Cheers Roger.

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  6. Mut says:

    These are just excellent. There’s no way I’d think they were homemade conversions. Well done!

    • Thanks Matt, strangely I said something very similar about Harry’s excellent conversions for “Forgotten Heroes”, over on his blog too. I appreciate that mate.

      Cheers Roger.

  7. Michael Awdry says:

    Amazing! My apologies for the late response, all a bit busy at work, but these warranted taking the time to post a congratulatory message! So wonderful Roger, a real treat to follow along with the conversion process too. Bravo!

    • Thanks Michael, early or late all comments are gratefully received. I imagine this is a very busy time for teachers, not to mention uncertain.

      They are a bit of nonsense but they fill the time. 😄

      Cheers Roger.

  8. Hey Roger, nicely completed project, though this cartoon is…tough to say…too new for me! Well, some of my classmates at USMA did watch it in the company dayroom but it was not my thing to do (more studying and gaming on free time – what very little we has then). Still, I lived the WIP and all the write-ups and the final product is just outstanding. Sorry for the late read and feedback but I was pretty busy last week with Aztecs (still 21 in queue), a bit of golf (never enough), annoying the wife (that’s a lay up), and this weekend we celebrated our Independence Day in the age of COVID-19.

    • Thanks Mark, It was a fun little project glad you enjoyed it, strange thing is though i did watch the cartoon as a child, I was never really that big a fan of it myself, it’s really only in later life and especially since I completed He-man and Skeletor, and the research that I did into them that I’ve really “got into” the whole MOTU universe.

      I can see how your Aztecs would be taking up a big chunk of your time at present, and being able to go out and play golf again after the long lay up must be a pleasant change too.

      Ah “Independents Day”, when America threw off the yoke of misrule by an incompetent and dictatorial British government, could do with a bit of that ourselves right now! 😉

      Oh and I cant believe you could ever annoy anyone!

      Cheers Roger.

      • Funny, as my ancestors had nothing to do as none of them were in the US until after the Civil War. Still, glad to have the Constitution and the Bill of Rights as shields against tyranny- just hope they continue to work. The virus is surging again, this time down south and out west. So far in Massachusetts we’re reopening slowly, though it’s a mixed bag as I’ve finally decided that I’m really retired (and to do so at 57 ain’t a bad thing). Just now I golf with retired guys – and I am one of them. Except they play from the senior tees and I don’t.

        As far as annoying the wife, I can do that. I did tell her that if she wanted she could smother me with the pillow and get some peace. She replied that it was too hard to do and she might get caught. So, I retorted that, ok, the problems for you doing that would act be that it was somewhat inconvenient and possibly detrimental to your future, that’s it? Seriously, she’s great, and I couldn’t do better. Having been married twice before her, I do tell her she’s the very best wife I’ve ever had!

        Cheers! Mark

      • We are waiting for a second wave here to be honest, I think it will be a miracle if we don’t as people just seem to think things have gone back to normal! Social distancing whats that! Idiots will be idiots, the older I get the more i realise that people in general are stupid!

        57 is a good age to retire if you can (20 would be even better in my opinion 😉), if all this has taught me one thing, I could retire tomorrow and not be bored!

        I always tell my wife, if she wasn’t here how would I know that I was wrong all the time! She is also the best one I have ever had (mind you she is the only one I’ve had!). She couldn’t kill me who’d look after the dogs!

        Cheers Roger.

  9. Azazel says:

    That’s an excellent pair of kitties. Seeing their progression from rather huiumble beginnings to solid miniatures was pretty cool as well. Well done!

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