“Blax the Kleric’s, top ten of 2020”

It’s hard to believe it’s been a couple of years since Roger last permitted me momentary access to his wonderful hobby blog “Rantings From Under The Wargames Table”, and I extended a similar invitation to him with my own website “Fantorical”. However, the annual exchange programme is back once again for 2020, and despite us both taking a temporary break from the hobby during the past twelve months, there’s still plenty to see and admire in Roger’s painting/sculpting output.

(10) “Peter Pig” – Barsoom Skimmers (May 8th):

Whilst Roger himself was rather unimpressed with how these skimmers turned out for his “pseudo Barsoom force from the John Carter on Mars series by Edgar Rice Burrows”, I myself thought they looked awesome. I especially liked the contrast he created between the vehicles’ bronze metalwork and their grey curling vapour stands.


(9) “Giveaway Toy” – Daleks – Giveaway Toy (August 13th):

Okay, so whilst the plastic toy miniatures themselves might not do the Masters of Skaro much justice, I thought Roger’s paint-job to turn them into Eternity Circle Daleks looked very good indeed. I’ve actually tried painting some “Warlord Games” Daleks using the blue and silver colour scheme Roger has employed and had to stop after ‘picking out’ all the nodules gave me brain-ache. The fact Roger therefore churned out five of the figures toot sweet is awe-inspiring.


(8) “Irregular Miniatures” – Dan Dare (April 5th):

Dan Dare has always been a truly nostalgic comic book character for me; albeit I only encountered him during his days in “2000 A.D.” As a result I was mesmerised by Roger’s endeavour to pigment a number of 42mm figures inspired by Frank Hampson’s creation, and the bright red of Dare’s spacesuit, coupled with the gorgeous gold of his helmet, made this a real winner in my books.


(7) “TinMan Miniatures” – Jalara (April 5th):

I must confess to having never heard of “TinMan Miniatures” until Roger started posting about some of his collection. However, I was soon pouring over their quite considerable catalogue once I saw his finished version of Jalara, and desperately trying to convince myself that I really didn’t need to purchase a few figures from their marvellous range of models. Fortunately, I quickly realised that I would never be able to match the delicate brushwork Roger has achieved marrying up the female fighter’s flimsy black attire with her soft skin, so felt it wise to leave the range well enough alone.


(6) “Demonworld” – Elven Command  (May 30th):

I just think this is marvellous Command piece whose colourful composition would make it the envy of any Fantasy wargamer. The excellent chainmail contrasts really well with all the vibrant greens and dark browns. Whilst Roger once again excels in providing an example of his first-rate free-hand on the unit’s banner. Corking stuff.


(5) “Self Sculpted” – Keith  (May 20th):

Utterly bizarre in its look, this self-sculpted entry for “Monster May(hem)” immediately made me wish Roger had not stopped selling his green-stuff efforts at wargaming shows anymore. For whilst I suppose the tentacled creature is a little ‘niche’, I’d certainly have liked to have owned a handful for myself. In addition, Roger’s paint-job is absolutely top notch, with the behemoth’s pink flesh and dark green shell working really well together.


(4) “Self Sculpted” – Battlecat (June 28th)

Roger’s ability to create numerous masterpieces inspired by “He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe” is somewhat legendary within the blogging world I frequent. So when he announced he was going to be making some more additions to his growing collection as part of “Forgotten Heroes” I was rather excited. Fortunately, this model of an armoured Battlecat more than lives up to the high-standard set by its predecessors, and I loved Roger’s attention to detail to ensure it resembled the old children’s toy as closely as possible.


(3) “Reaper Miniatures” – Female Vampire Warrior called D’Mona ( October 22nd):

Roger’s decision to “paint up a Vampire in honour of our fallen comrade Bryan Vampifan Scott” was definitely a good one, considering just how very well he pigmented the model by “Reaper Miniatures”. The white (undead) flesh contrasts super-well with the predominantly red costume. But what really caught my eye was some of the subtle blending Roger took the time to do, on the flowing robes. Simply lovely stuff.


(2) “Copplestone Castings” – Barbarians (November 29th):

Subject matter is always an important element to me when it comes to these annual Top Tens, so it was probably always going to be somewhat certain that a figure representing my favourite Sword & Sorcery hero, Conan, was always going to make it on to my list. Luckily though, this particular miniature of the Cimmerian was not only painted to perfection by Roger, but is accompanied by the equally as well pigmented Red Sonja and Valeria.


(1) “Self Sculpted” – Pond (July 25th):

I’ve already waxed lyrical enough about Roger’s insane ability to self-sculpt all manner of wonders using the mystical medium of green-stuff. But this Pond produced for the “Summer Scenery Challenge”, and all its associated detritus is simply breath-taking. Whether it be Roger’s ensemble comprising of “Tetrion”, purposely melted “Games Workshop” plastic barrels, and green-stuff tentacles, his staggeringly good work with “Vallejo” Water Texture, or the scenic piece’s paint-job. This project has so many elements with which to marvel at.


As per normal, there are many other models which Roger has painted to perfection which haven’t quite managed to make this list, so I really would recommend taking the time to peruse his bumper crop over the past nine or so months. Just don’t expect much when it comes to looking at his output for our “HoTT’ember Challenge” in September, LOL…!!!

Simon (Blaxcleric),

As per’ usual I’ll just stick my oar in at the end to thank Simon for once again taking the time to peruse my back catalogue and drag out the “Best of a bad bunch” for this very enjoyable annual event. If you want to see some properly painted figures please follow the link below that will take you over to Simon’s own ”Blog” where I have been doing much the same with the excellent figures Simon produced over the “year from hell” we like to call 2020….


That just leaves me to wish you all a very happy new year from the both of us, and here’s to a safe and productive 2021!

Cheers Roger.

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16 Responses to “Blax the Kleric’s, top ten of 2020”

  1. Dave Stone says:

    Great selections Simon, which included some of my own favourite pieces by Roger over the last 9 months, I think you both do a great job managing to select just 10 from each others work

    • Thanks Dave, I think Simon has done a top notch job, and apart from one choice I pretty much agree with him this year for a change 😁

      Cheers Roger.

      • Thanks very much Dave. Roger’s did some really nice “HotT” armies during 2020, so that was three simple choices to start with, imho. Plus he also did Conan the Barbarian and Dan Dare. I was halfway there already, LOL!!

  2. I think a toxic wasteland pond coming in at Number 1 for 2020 is very appropriate! 🙂 Love the countdown! Happy New year!

  3. Thanks very much indeed for doing this once again, Roger. There were some outstanding pieces to chose from as usual, and I was a little disappointed that I couldn’t stretch my list to 12-13 tbh. In addition, this countdown made me once again visit that cursed “TinMan Miniatures” website, and I’m now pretty convinced an order will need to be made from them during this new year; as well as from “Demonworld” tbh – LOL!!!

    • Ha ha, I think I’ve got a few Elves left over from my Hott army, if you do jump that way let me know and I’ll post them over to you., Tin Man are also lovely figures you wont be disappointed there either.

      For a change I agree pretty much with all your choices (except the John Carter, Skimmers, I mean come on! 🙄) because of this now have formulated a plan…if I just paint ten figures in the year, I’ll know what you are going to pick! (genius!).

      Thanks so much for doing this and indeed for coming up with the idea to begin with.

      Have a great new year, all the best, Cheers Roger.

      • I may well take you up on that offer Roger at some point, as I’m keen to get some more 15mm forces finished in 2021, and frankly I’m a bit dubious about the other “Alternative Armies” forces I own – they’re just as old as their Elemental sculpts. Obviously though, I want to paint up those Barbarians you kindly sent me first 🙂

      • No problem mate, whenever you are ready, I was tempted by the Alternative Armies 15mm Christmas Hott army I have to admit, but haven’t pulled the trigger on them yet. I do want to do a Hott Amazon Army, and have seen some possible figures, but they are in the US so postage will be crippling on them, still no panic on these at the moment as I’ve got enough stuff to keep me busy for a while anyway.

        Cheers Roger.

  4. Mut says:

    Some great choices here! My fave has to be the Battlecat: such a marvelous conversion with awesome sculpting and painting.

  5. I must say I did enjoy that post and loved the idea of an annual review conducted by a third party. Some lovely work there Roger. The toxic pound is indeed a stand out on several levels and I must say I do love a Dalek or five. Happy New Year. 🙂

    • Thanks Dave, it is rather a fun idea isn’t it, Simon has to take the credit here though as he came up with it waaaay back when we were both starting out, and had only a couple of followers each (I’ve got nearly double that now!).

      I think you mean “Toxic Pond”, as a “Toxic Pound” is what Europe now considers our currency! 😁

      Might be some more Daleks this year, we’ll have to see.

      Happy new year mate, Cheers Roger.

      • Oops, the nice thing about tech is I get to blame spell checker for my typing errors! I must say I do like the idea of doing Daleks myself, by far and away my favourite alien, mainly I think because they don’t take human form. Another thing for me to check out! 🙂

  6. Great post and nice approach to an end of year! I’d love to do this!

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