“Into the Wasteland”

Well the best laid plans as they say, I know I said at the start of the year that I wasn’t going to buy any more figures this year, but I didn’t say I couldn’t win some now did I? As you may or may not be aware, a few of weeks ago I had some really great news. Bryan of “Vampifan” fame (check out his excellent blog via the link at the bottom of the post) informed me that I had won his “One Million Views” competition. £50.00 to spend with any wargames vendor of my choice (Hooray for me!!). Now strangely enough I had spent the night before looking at the “Wasteman” range of figures by Thunderchild Miniatures, now I first saw these at Salute last year, and I was impressed by the characterful sculpts back then, and I was really inspired to do a bit of “Post-apocalyptic gaming”, but the spanner in the works was the prices! £7.00 for a single 35mm figure, I don’t think so (I really am that stingy, you know). So where to get some “post-apocalyptic goodies” from without breaking the bank?… Moonraker Miniatures of course! They produce the old Grenadier “Future Warriors” range sculpted by one of my all-time favorites Mark Copplestone. Now I already own many of these figures from back in their Grenadier days so I know they are nice (you really can’t go wrong with Marks stuff though), and at £1.50 a figure much more within my budget. So a list of what I thought I needed was made up (£48.00 with £2.00 postage) and sent off to Doug at Moonraker, and I sat sweaty palmed awaiting their imminent arrival…but after a couple of weeks no sign, turned out Doug had put the wrong address on the parcel (luckily they were sent recorded delivery, so went back to Doug, how he does this at £2.00 P+P lord knows!!), apologies were made and he chucked a couple of extra figures in too before posting it out to me again, so I now had £51.00 worth of figures, Win,Win!

I have now also downloaded a set of rules “No Future”, from the free wargames rules site, and dug out my old “Ainsty” scenery (I might re-do the bases on these, or might not haven’t decided yet), I’ve sorted out my “factions” and a couple of “heroes”, now all I have to do is paint them. Anyway, I thought I’d start with the “Fed’s”, (Lewis, Bodie, Shaw and Doyle), these are the Federation Border Troopers tasked with keeping the “great unwashed rabble” out of “Salvation City” and out in the “Wastelands” where they belong, along with “Colonel Lynch” head of the Troopers, “General Cowley” (erstwhile leader of Salvation City, since imposing military rule), and his personal bodyguard “Collins”. I’ll add a bit more to their backgrounds in later posts.

Painting was begun as always with a spray coat of matt black that was then touched up by hand, before all the weapons were dry-brushed with chainmail. Next the boiler suits were undercoated in dark grey before being highlighted in light grey, the pants and accoutrements on the other two figures were undercoated in coffee before cream highlights were applied. Then the jackets and pieces of body armour were undercoated in navy blue, before royal blue highlights were added, to give the troopers a more “worn” appearance the body armour was then dry-brushed with chainmail. Turning to their flesh next, I mixed flesh tone seven (dark flesh) with European flesh and this was used as a base before highlights were added (after the eyes were added of course) in a mix of European flesh and pale flesh. The “black” trooper had his flesh done in chocolate brown and when I was highlighting the others I mixed a spot of that into more chocolate brown and used the result to highlight him. Hair came next this was either more chocolate brown with chestnut highlights, chestnut with orange highlights, sand with lemon yellow highlights or black. I used a little bright red, porcelain blue and shamrock for the ribbons of “Cowley’s” ill-deserved medals and then added some details on the three “senior ranked” figures in bright and pale gold. Lastly I added “Collins’s” lips in pink burgundy, and a few details on the trooper’s equipment in “day-glow” green.

All the figures were then given my usual coat of quickshade “strong tone” before being based as normal, except that I added less flock than usual (not sure why, but I think they look better this way), a final coat of matt varnish finished them off. I shall be staying with this project for at least the next few weeks. So expect things to get a little “down and dirty”, as we meet more denizens of the Wastelands…

Till then, cheers Roger.


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21 Responses to “Into the Wasteland”

  1. Carrion Crow says:

    I have to admit to also being a fan of Mark Copplestone’s work and have been eyeing up his future cops, both the old Grenadier sculpts and his own for a potential future project. Nice work, Roger – I look forward to seeing how this progresses.

    • Many thanks Jez, I am a big fan of Marks stuff, and at the prices Moonraker/EM-4 are charging, you really can’t complain. Even though many of these figures are over twenty years old now they are still comparable with a lot of new stuff. If you are in the market for “future cops” I say go for it!

      Cheers Roger.

  2. Looks like a double win Roger, first Bryan’s excellent prize and second finding these cracking models!

  3. Ooohhh lovely sculpts
    mate. You lucky, lucky fella

  4. Oh my word… out of no-where and with no warning appears arguably one of your best posts ever – probably second only to those annual Top Ten posts which some veritable wordsmith writes instead of you!! 😉 Marvellous stuff, and a great project I’m going to be following with a lot of enthusiasm. Great work on the General btw, and wonderful grey shading on the Major’s overalls. Top Stuff, Roger, really top stuff 🙂

    • Thanks Simon, I don’t know…I think that chap who writes those “Top Ten” posts has some rather odd taste in figures IMHO! 😉

      For instance “the General” is the one I’m the least happy with out of this batch, Oh and you are the other main reason this has been started, what with you “Mad Max” posts.

      Cheers Roger.

  5. vampifan says:

    I can’t tell you how heart warming it was to read this post. I think you spent your prize money very wisely, Roger. I have all of the figures you have bought here, as I too, am a huge fan of Mark Copplestone’s sculpts. My favourite figure, of the ones you have painted, is that of Captain Collins. I can vividly remember when I first bought her (many years ago) I thought to myself, she’s player character material. Such a great figure! Like Simon, I’ll be following this project with great interest and enthusiasm.

  6. Many, many thanks Bryan, this should be a bit of a laugh to be honest, I too love that sculpt I call “Captain Collings” I have her painted in different colours from the old Grenadier days too, she always reminds me of Judge Hershey (even though her uniform is completely different), I think its the hair.

    Thanks again for allowing me to do this with your generous prize, I hope I can justify your enthusiasm.

    Cheers Roger.

  7. Sounds an interesting project. If we’re talking favourites from those painted, I have to say my own are Bodie and Doyle. I’ll check out Moonraker Miniatures and see what’s on offer, as with this post, and Vampifan’s new WOIN blog, I’m seriously giving consideration to some Star Trek fun.
    Good stuff.

    • Thanks Roy, Moonraker are great to deal with (Doug is a real gent), the prices are great too, It’s worth checking EM-4 too, as the plastic stuff seems to only be available there. I keep looking at the dictator figure and thinking he’s a dead ringer for many of the “pompous officials” that kept popping up in Doctor Who in the seventies, eighties and nineties too.

      It’s nice when we can all inspire each other, like this.

      Cheers Roger.

  8. gisby says:

    Absolutely lovely, although I do have some bias, as I’m Moonraker’s webmaster, (and was to Mark Copplestone, many years ago…..) I have particular fondness for the Future Wars range, and you are doing them proud!

    • Ha, ha, I rather though you might approve of my choice of figures Tim, I did/do like the Wasteman figures but, I really couldn’t justify those sorts of prices, and Marks stuff is just so good and a joy to paint. Later on in the project (much later) I hope to add some “mutants”, but I’m thinking conversions of Mantic Zombies for these.

      Cheers Roger.

  9. What a fabulous new project and of course made possible through Bryan’s incredible generosity. You have already made a wonderful start and I am really looking forward to seeing more.

    • Yep, Bryan is a top chap. I thought I was going to have to wait until next year before I could make a start on this, I want to keep it pretty low level unit size wise, and run it almost like a cross between a Wargame and RPG, I might even do a Batrep later on in the project (just don’t tell Simon).

      Cheers Roger.

  10. Cool write up, and I am always a fan of big projects! Especially when they are an older range. I was not that familiar with these, but I am impressed with what you have accomplished Roger! Very well done, interesting, and sure to be tabletop fun.

    • Many thanks Mark, they are an older range (though not that old by your standards), I haven’t really accomplished a lot so far to be honest. At least I don’t have to cast these myself 🙂

      Cheers Roger.

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