“The Gooder’s”

“There are those who believe that the people outside the city are just as good as those privileged enough to live inside it, with access to medicine and clean water, and are raising an army to force Cowley and his cronies to either submit to their demands or to gain access by force. They call themselves the WPRA”.


“Wasteland people’s repatriation army…we just call them the gooder’s”.


“Short for Do’gooder’s”.

So we come to the second little group figures for my “Into the Wasteland” project, “The Gooders” a bunch of misfits out to save the world (whether it wants saving or not!), led by the charismatic “Ham” Tyler, a self-styled “Robin Hood” of the apocalypse this little group has big plans, but very little idea or chance of achieving them, often causing more harm than good they mean well.

After pulling out four more of my “Future Warrior” figures by “Moonraker Miniatures”, I added in the “free” Mad Max figure I got with my last order from “Copplestone Castings” to make up the unit, they were all based up on “tuppences” and had their bases built up with filler before they were given a coat of matt black. Now before I go any further can I just say that these chaps were considerably harder to paint than lasts weeks as there was much less uniformity to their attire, so rather than write a short novel listing how each one was painted I will just cover some of the basic painting and list the other colours used (mainly so you can see how many there were!). So I began as always by dry-brushing all the “metal bits” with chainmail, and then added the “camo” with a base of deep bronze green, then splodges of pink burgundy and coffee, were painted over the top of this, from then on various parts were picked out with either the colours listed below or mixes of two or more of them (often as highlights). So in no particular order, I used… Pink Burgundy, Orange, Dark Red, Bright Red, Flesh tone 7, Copper, Light Blue, Coffee, Cream, European Flesh, Pale Flesh, Olive Green, Chestnut, Stone Green, Dark Grey, Light Grey, Blue Grey, Light Blue, Royal Blue, Porcelain Blue, Aquamarine, Chocolate Brown, Leather Brown, Butternut, Dark Sand, Sand, Khaki, Bright Gold, White, Black and Day-glow Green. This was followed by a seemingly never ending round of “touching up” as I went round and round the figures correcting any mistakes or inadvertent paint splodges, and more than one case of bits I’d forgotten to paint in the first place, so much so that as I needed to get the “Quickshade” on them by Wednesday night, to let this dry enough to flock them on Friday (otherwise they can be too tacky, and the hairy grass will stick to the figures, something that happened a bit last week), it was half past eleven before I was happy enough with them to let the “shading” ensue!

As well as the figures above I also decided to finish something I started many moons ago, that I thought would also be appropriate for this project. I bought the oil drum (along with several others) from “Scotia Grendel” I think and knocked up the stand it’s perched upon from some left over bits of balsa I had about, and that’s as far as it ever got…until now. I started by drilling a hole in the lower side of the top, and after gluing a short piece of florists wire into it built up the tap around this with some greenstuff, then it was based up on a “Heroscape” token (I use these to denote objective markers), before it too was sprayed black. I then “stippled” royal blue around all the areas that weren’t going to be rusted. After this I mixed some royal blue and blue grey on a Pringles lid and stippled again, to show where it had faded in the sun. Next rust was stippled on the other areas along with a touch of chainmail. The stand was then added in chocolate brown and butternut, before it too was “Quichshaded” After this was dry more rust, chainmail and a bit of orange was again stippled over the rusty areas. I also added a little clump of rubberised moss at the one of the back legs to add a little interest to the base. I was going to paint “Gas” on the top, but decided that this might limit its usefulness, as now it could contain anything from water to fertilizer, dependent upon the scenario.

This and all the figures were then based in my normal fashion, and after this a final coat of matt varnish sealed the deal as it were. I think I’ll add a few “star” characters to my cast next week, so till then…

Cheers Roger.

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14 Responses to “The Gooder’s”

  1. Good grief, Roger! You’re suddenly painting like there’s no tomorrow!! Camo patterns, rusty containers and self-made objective markers – blimey! Plenty to see and like with this particular posting, with Dom and Garth proving my favourite minis – But that barrel being the stand-out paint-job in my books!

    • Thanks Simon, that may all grind to a halt I’m afraid as I’ve now run out of shiny 2p’s so can’t base up this weeks figures at the moment! Glad you like Garth, I was afraid you might think it was sacrilege painting up “new” Mad Max out of his trademark black leather pants. and with blond hair. I was quite pleased with the objective marker, all the fault of your “drinks machines” that.

      Cheers Roger.

  2. vampifan says:

    Great work all around, Roger. I’m showing my age but I remember a certain Ham Tyler who appeared in the 1984 series of “V – the Final Battle.” He was one of the coolest characters in the show! Although he certainly didn’t look like Mr. T from “The A Team!” Your painting is superb and I love that converted barrel.

    • Thanks Bryan, yes that’s where I got the name from, Micheal Ironside, pl;ayed the character, in “V”, and in always loved his “bad ass” portrayal. Sad trivia fact Mike Ironside also played one of the major “baddies” in “Total Recall”, and the actor who played “Ham’s” sidekick “Chris” in “V” is also the chap Arnie talks to on the train on Mars after he first arrives. I was originally going to call “Garth” Chris after Ham’s sidekick, but after I’d painted him (and because he is slightly bigger that the Moonraker figs), I decided to call him Garth as he reminds me of the character from the Daily Mirror cartoon strip of the same name.

      Cheers Roger.

  3. Hahaha nice one Bryan, I remember Ham – loved “V”
    Great work Roger, love the barrel and the faction look fab!

    • Thanks Andy, “Gooder” short for “Do Gooder” was Ham Tylers nickname for “Mike Donovan” leader of the resistance in “V”, so it made sense (to my twisted mentality anyway), to call my resistance leader “Ham”. Glad you like the barrel from a master scenic’er like your good self that is praise indeed.

      Cheers Roger.

  4. vampifan says:

    @Roger and Andy. I remember watching “V” when it first aired here in 1984. It was ITV’s alternative to the Olympic Games on BBC. I hate sport but love sci-fi so I was hooked from the start. I thought it was great series, although the subsequent series were rather naff. Anyway, I recently got the original series on DVD and when i watched it early this year I found I enjoyed it just as much as I did in 1984. Amazing!

    Roger, you’re spot on about Michael Ironside and his partner Chris (played by Mickey Jones). As a Daily Mirror reader I fondly remember Garth and I even have a couple of graphic novels of his many adventures.

    • I too loved the series, have watched it again when it was re-run a few years ago, and thought the special effects aren’t that “special” by todays standards the story still stands up well, I’ve also read the book, which is also very good, as you say the subsequent series was a bit naff (read a couple of the novelizations of some of those too). Never got into the new series they did a couple of years back, like BSG I think the original was just better.

      Cheers Roger.

  5. These are superb Roger, great choice of miniatures for the ‘Gooders’ and had to do a double take at the blonde road warrior, cracking work. Love the scratch build too, really turned out well.

  6. Carrion Crow says:

    Apologies for the lateness of the comment, Roger. Nice ti see you’re continuing with your ‘Wastelands’ project and that oil drum objectuve marker really is rather cool. As you say, could be anything in there, from water to fuel. Nice work.

    • Thanks Jez, I am quite enjoying this at the moment, I have a ton of ideas running through my head, but a lack of time to get them all done (isn’t this always the way!). I think I’ll concentrate on getting the stuff Bryan so kindly financed done first then I have a couple of scenic items in mind.

      Cheers Roger.

  7. gisby says:

    Once again, lovely work. I await the next installment with bated breath.

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