“A rock & roll of the die” (week 32)

Well here’s something you don’t see on this blog every week, a Games Workshop post! As I said I was going to do last week I dragged out the old coins of fate, and for a change we got a double head result, this meant that this week’s lucky recipients of the paint filled brush came from “Lancelot’s” list. The D30 then came up with seventeen goffik-unpaintand this equated too…

Box 17– (3x 28mm Games Workshop Orcs or should that be “Orks”)

Now technically these are not my figures as the box of Orks actually belongs to my youngest, as he and “the other one” wanted to play 40K a while back, so in order to do this boxes of Orks were bought to fight Myles’s “Space Marines”. The younger son however has no interest in painting whatsoever so guess who was lumbered with that job! Anyhow enough were painted to let battle commence, but as his birthday was imminent the sister in-law asked what he would like as a gift? “Some Orks” came the reply, now many years ago the brother in-law had a job where he had a lot of spare time and easy access to “GW’s” Chester store (you can see where this is going). To cut a long story short, the gift box contained several unopened blister packs of what we’ll call “classic” metal “Greenskins” and it’s from these that I have pulled the “Goffik Rok Band” that adorns this week’s posting.

Now looking down at the vast array of paint pots that are “strune” across my painting goffik-paint-1table I think going through all the colours on each individual figure is going to take far too long, therefore I think a general overview is the better option. So after the figures were glued into their “slotta” bases (spit,spit!) and was Tetrion spread over them to hide the slot they were out for a spraying with matt black. This was then touched up with a brush to make sure they were fully covered. goffik-paint-2Following this a heavy dry-brushing of chainmail was applied and then two lighter coats of rust and more chainmail were dry-brushed over this, all the flesh was undercoated in deep bronze green and then highlighted with goblin green. Some of the metallic areas were picked out with metallic red/blue or gold, and the denim jeans two of them are wearing were royal blue dry-brushed with light blue. All the leather areas were either left black highlighted with dark grey or chocolate brown with leather highlights. The singer’s pants were coffee/cream with plum “slashes” across them, and the lizard atop his guitar was painted German field blue then highlighted with aquamarine, and some spots of shamrock finished him off. I added the legend goffik-paint-3“Very Metal” to the back of the one chap’s leather biker jacket as a reference to “Vivian” the “Punk rocker” played by Adrian Edmonson in “The Young Ones” comedy series of my youth, as he used to have the same scrawled across the rear of his studded cut off denim jacket.

A coat of “Quickshade” followed the painting and then the bases were painted with scenic brown and highlighted with scenic green. No flock was applied as for some reason (best known to himself) the youngest didn’t want his Orks flocked. So it was just out for a final coat of matt varnish and they could go into the box with the rest of his (bigger than I remembered, did I really paint all them!) collection of Orks, Exactly what use a “Rock band” is in a game of 40K I don’t know (I never played Orks those many, many years ago when I did play 40K), but they were quite fun to paint.

Oh well, zombies and survivors next as my next post will fall (just) into October, sorry Zomtober!

So “bring out your dead!!”.

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13 Responses to “A rock & roll of the die” (week 32)

  1. WOW! One really does never know what you’re going to paint up next Roger. One minute its VBCW and now its the classicly rare ork rock band musicians from the early days of “WH40K” (if not “Rogue Trader?). And what a tip top paint-job you’ve turned out as well. The singer is probably my fave of the lot. But they’re all cracking imho; certainly a tasty Top Ten candidate 🙂

    • Roger Webb says:

      Thanks Simon, Oh god are they really rare! and they were still in the blister pack too! perhaps I should have listed them on Ebay instead of painting them, the youngest would never have known.

      Oh well too late now, CheersRoger.

  2. Well they are a cracking looking band of Orks! I’d forgotten they existed, v nice Roger.p 😋

  3. vampifan says:

    Now they bring back memories, Roger. I still have my set and I really like them. Back in those days GW produced a lot of fun minis like these. Nowadays, I no longer associate GW with the word, fun! Good for you for keeping them and finally painting them.

    • Roger Webb says:

      Thanks Bryan, they did do some fun and unusual stuff back then, remember the “Christmas marines”? space marines carolling with Christmas lamps, wish I had a set of them now! I don’t know if back then they had designers with more artistic flair, or if they just keep them on a tighter leash these days, I don’t think nearly everything being huge run plastic helps, they just don’t seem to want to take a risk on something that might not be a big seller. I think this has helped the popularity of “Oldhammer” in a way,

      I do feel that GW has lost it’s sense of humour these days, everything is really dark and brooding, and at the end of the day this hobby is supposed to be about fun, I think we need that now and then.

      Sadly I can’t take credit for keeping them all these years, that comes down to mt brother-in-laws habit of buying considerably more than he ever painted.

      Cheers Roger.

      • vampifan says:

        The GW special Christmas figures were always a favourite of mine. Once again, I still have all of mine. There was always an anticipation during the run up to Christmas wondering what they’d produce next in this line. Fun days that I very much doubt we’ll ever see again. More’s the pity!

  4. Absolutely superb and I certainly wasn’t expecting these! Cracking paint jobs Roger and I love the back of the guitarist’s jacket – rock on!

  5. Roger Webb says:

    Many Thanks Michael, I quite enjoyed painting them, took my back to my misspent “yoof”.. I’ll ask you while I’ve got you, any idea what’s happening about “Zomtober” this year? as it stands I appear to be doing it on my own.

    Cheers Roger.

  6. Carrion Crow says:

    I agree with your comments regarding GW, Roger. They did used to have a sense of fun, as evidenced by these models. And there were always one or two limited edition figures that fit no specific games system – like the space skeleton – which were just fun. Probably why I own some GW figures, but haven’t bought anything from them within the last 10 years or so.

    • Roger Webb says:

      You and me both Jez, I literally can’t remember the last figure I bought from GW, in fact I think the only thing I have bought from there in the last ten years is greenstuff, and as I got probably ten more years supply from Salute this year, lord alone knows when I will go in one again!

      Cheers Roger.

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