“Zom’tober…Down Mexico way”

Week one of “Zomtober” and though it seems pretty quiet out there in “blogland” on the “Zomtober” front this year there do appear to be a couple of other people “joining the wave of undead”‘. I have already sorted out my figures, so I’m in for the month anyway. I plan on painting up one or two of my Studio Miniatures zombies, along with one of the lady survivors I got from Copplestone zom-16-1-unpaintCastings each week.

I began “Conchita’s” my survivor from “South of the borders” painting by dry-brushing her shotgun with chainmail, then her boots and the “pump grip” on her gun were undercoated in chocolate brown, her boots being highlighted in leather brown, the grip with butternut. Her cut-off jeans were then undercoated with a mix of some royal blue and light blue, these were then dry-brushed with some zom-16-1a-paintlight blue, her bikini top was undercoated in dark red and highlighted in bright red. Flesh next and as I wanted a Mexican feel to her I took some leather brown and mixing it with some of my flesh tone seven paint, I created a tan brown flesh tone, and this was used as an undercoat for all her flesh. After her eyes were added I mixed some more flesh tone seven with a bit of European flesh and highlighted her with this resultant mixture. For her hair I wanted a very dark brown colour, so taking chocolate brown I added some black and the resultant colour was used as the undercoat for this. Then more chocolate brown was mixed with a little chestnut and this formed the highlight. That just left her belt and the heels of her boots that were painted black and highlighted with a little dark grey. A coat of “Quickshade” finished her off.

For my beret wearing zombie I wanted to go with a pale blue complexion similar to the colour that Bryan “Vampifan” Scott achieves on a lot of his zombies, so I painted, stone green, light blue and pale flesh in that order straight onto the figures flesh areas and zom-16-1b-paintmixed the three colours together in-situ, the colour came out alright but it was still not as blue as I was hoping, but I can live with it. Her dress was then added in coffee highlighted with cream. I then highlighted her boots and jacket that I had left black with some dark grey, her back pack was given several coats of citrus orange and then a highlight of lemon yellow. Pink burgundy formed the undercoat for her scarf and beret, and her hair was chestnut highlighted with a little orange. Orange also formed the base for the lining of her coat and a light dry-brush with the same mixed with a little white finished this off. A little dark red was dotted here and there, and a bit of bright red was splashed about to add some “gore” and she too was ready for “Quickshading”.

My other “Zombie” lady this week was begun with a mix of deep bronze green, stone zom-16-1c-paintgreen and pale flesh, which again was mixed on the figure. Then her pants were undercoated in dark grey, and this was then mixed with some white for make a light grey that was used to highlight them. Her vest top was then given the same treatment using porcelain blue and pale blue, and the bandage on her arm and her trainers were then painted coffee and cream (with royal blue slashes added to her shoes). Her hair I left black and dry-brushed some little light grey highlights over it, then her “gory bits” were added as above and she was given the “Quickshade treatment. All three were then based in my usual fashion and given a coat of matt varnish to take the shine off of them.

I know a couple of people are doing the “Zomtober” thing this year…



..and if I find anyone else participating I’ll post links to their sites here over the next few weeks, I’ll be running with this theme till the end of the month, so till next week…

Sweet dreams…Cheers Roger.

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14 Responses to “Zom’tober…Down Mexico way”

  1. My Zombtober post will be up on Sunday Roger. Lovely looking survivor there mate and I think the zomb flesh works well.

  2. Big fan of Conchita, Roger. Although I’m not sure about her attire considering she is faced with an infection which can be transmitted through the slightest scratch 😉 I’m also in awe of the two “Studio Miniature” zeds; nice animated sculpts and a cracking paint-job too. Lovely start to Zomtober my friend.

    It’ll just be a WIP posting for me I’m afraid tomorrow (thanks for the link btw), as I’ve been knee-deep in “Star Trek” starships this week as my own personal monthly challenge ended. But hopefully they’ll be something there to catch your end, and certainly by next week I’ll have a finished zed or two 😉

    • Roger Webb says:

      Thanks Simon, Conchita is a smashing sculpt, I see what you mean, though who wants to paint miniatures wearing head to toe reinforced bio-hazard suits (would Resident Evil be as popular if Alice ran around dressed like that?). I have to say I’m not really that over impressed with the Studio Mini’s figs myself (shame as I have six more to paint this month), I think the detail is a bit clumsy compared to the Copplestone figs.

      No need to apologise about the WIP on your Zoms, I know you have been busy with starships, and very entertaining your postings have been too. (sorry for the late reply to your posting BTW it’s been that sort of week I’m afraid).

      Cheers Roger.

  3. vampifan says:

    I really like all three of your figures, Roger, and I think you’ve nailed their colour schemes very well. Thanks for the shout out – much appreciated! My favourite one of the trio is Conchita. Sure she’s dressed inappropriately for a zombie apocalypse but there’s probably a good enough reason why. Hot weather is probably the most likely reason. Besides which, as long as she stays far enough away from a zed, she’ll be fine. That shotgun sure will help keep the zeds at bay.

    I won’t be taking part in Zomtober because for me, every month is Zomtober!

    • Roger Webb says:

      Thanks Bryan, as I said I really like the way you colour your “Zoms” blue (I know they are not all like that, but they are the ones that stuck in my mind). If you think she is inappropriately dressed what till you see some of my later entries!

      Oh and I know you live the Zombie life to the full.

      Cheers Roger.

  4. Splendid start Roger, Conceit is wonderful, might have to treat myself to one of those myself.

    • Roger Webb says:

      Thanks Michael (I think, unless you’re calling me conceited of course!). I’m glad you like the Copplestone gal’ as there is going to be one each week in October. I wholeheartedly recommend them.

      Cheers Roger.

  5. Brummie says:

    Brilliant work Roger. Love Conchita’s skin tone in particular. The zombies are great and I hope to tackle a couple of my own Studio ones as the month goes on 🙂

  6. Carrion Crow says:

    Very nice, Roger. I have to agree with you regarding Conchita over the zombies – but then Mark Copplestone is a brilliant sculptor. No zombies from me this month, but I will be getting into the spirit of the season in my own unique way…

    • Roger Webb says:

      Thanks Jez, Mark C has always been one of my favourite sculptors, he’s also a really nice chap as I met him once a long time ago, when he was working for Grenadier Miniatures that was based at the time in Deeside North Wales, and we just popped in to buy some fig’s and got taken in the back to meet him.

      Jez you do everything with your own unique spin! 😉

      Cheers Roger.

  7. Sam Pate says:

    Great start, Roger. I have that survivor figure as well, notitionally as part of a biker gang, but all without paint, so well done.

    I’m on board this year. Having spend September trying to get some more modern terrain done, I missed the first Sunday (no preceding week is my excuse) but have (some of) my mini’s looked out forming an orderly queue.
    All at http://weeblokes.blogspot.com

    cheers for now (I’m be watching)

    • Roger Webb says:

      Thanks Sam, she is a nice figure (as I keep seeming to say), I’ve got most of Marks Future Warrior sculpts from his Grenadier days painted up away in the loft myself. You should paint yours they smashing figs.

      Don’t talk to me about terrain, I really need to do some modern stuff myself, for Zombies and Supers, but just never get around to it.

      Will check out your blog, best of luck with the month.

      Cheers Roger.

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