“A Good Day to be Bad!” (Zom’tober & Apocalypse Me)

Last week of October and my last submissions for the two challenges, I’ve gone back to the more “traditional” Zombies and a Survivor this time, and also just for fun I’ve given each a little backstory too. All three came from my “Z-clipz, Zombie Horde part 4” box, by Studio Miniatures that I bought many years ago now. As usual I mounted all three figures onto two pence pieces, built up the areas around their feet with filler, and gave them a coat of matt black with the old rattle can.

Louie “Crazy eyes” Martinelli had been what he liked to call “a professional criminal” for nearly fifty years, he’d been in trouble with the law since he was old enough to steal candy or throw a stone at the local cops. His career really took off however once he got in with the local crime syndicate, quickly working his way up the ranks with his reputation for ruthlessness and a total disregard for human life (innocent or otherwise). Finally he’d been brought to “justice” and was now sitting in a prison bus heading to his date with an electric chair. That’s when the sick looking idiots wandered out into the buses path, causing the driver to swerve violently tipping the bus onto its side. Seizing his chance Louie gripped the guard as he fell against him, chocking him with the chains about his wrists, then quickly rifling through his pockets he found the keys! Loosing himself he took the guards shotgun and blasted open the rear door, ignoring the shouts of “Hey man let us out too!”. Already more of the shambling weirdo’s were heading toward the stricken vehicle one got a little too close and Louie blasted him straight in the face! A pick-up screeched to a halt behind him, a woman leaping out crying “What happened!” turning smiling eyes upon her he dispatched her too with a pull of the trigger. With the cries of the rest of the prisoners in the back of the bus calling for him to let them loose, he calmly walked to the woman’s truck just pausing long enough to “flick the bird” and call “lunch is served assholes!” to his fellow inmates as the first of the undead fiends clambered in through the open back door of the bus. Today was his lucky day the bitch had a rather nice rifle on the passenger seat, “she should have taken it with her”, he thought after all you can’t trust anyone these days! The judge had called him a “Menace to society”, well it looked like society had pretty much had its day. The first screams started emanating from the bus as Louie put the truck in gear and pulled away, chuckling to himself he thought “Score one for the bad guys!”….🏃🏼‍♂️

So starting with his rifle, it was given a dry-brushing with some chainmail, then I tackled his overalls, after two coats of orange, I highlighted these with yet another coat of orange this time lightened slightly with a little white. Turning to his skin I first undercoated it in European flesh, then after his eyes and mouth were added in white and black, I highlighted it with more European flesh mixed with a bit of pale flesh. A little coffee and cream was then used on the collar of his T-shirt and the tag on his overalls, and his bread was just dark grey with mid grey highlights.

Sam had been having a good day, he and his best friend Henry were out doing their favourite thing, rooting through old sheds and garages looking to buy “tat” from people to take away “do up” and sell on for a profit, they had already found an old stationary engine some sign’s and had now come across an old 1940’s tractor in need of some “TLC”. However as Sam climbed over the pile of junk to get near enough to see if it would start, something to his left caught his attention, and there it was…a Brough Superior! Rusty but looking complete, quickly he scrambled his way towards the vintage motorcycle, but just as his hand reached out toward the prize of a lifetime another smaller withered and decidedly “green” looking hand also reached out  gripping his left hand in a surprisingly strong  vice like grip and wrenched backward pulling the lower half of his arm clean off! Screaming in pain he franticly dragged himself back towards the door of the shed calling to Henry for help, instead yet more bloodied hands swiped at him and insane visions of snapping jaws filled his view, struggling wildly he pulled himself clear, and headed toward the light streaming through the open door. Staggering out of the shed the last thing he saw was “Henry” his “Great mate!” roaring away into the distance as fast as his vintage Norton would carry him….💀

Apologies to anyone not familiar with who this zombie is based on, but I was struck by the resemblance to “Sam Lovegrove” of “Shed and Buried” fame here in the UK (and extra points to anyone who worked out who I was basing the story on before I said! 😉). The only change I had to make to the figure was to add a little “greenstuff” to his bandanna to turn it into Sam’s trademark “woolly hat” and long ponytail. Now for the zombie flesh on both figures I thought I’d try deep turquoise, stone green (always a good zombie colour!) and pale flesh. Then Sam’s jeans I did in my usual colours of royal blue and blue grey mixed for the undercoat and blue grey on its own for the highlights. The facings on his jacket were next (well where the front flaps were turned out showing the lining), these were simply dark red with bright red highlights. His “woolly” hat was them painted German field grey, then taking more of the same and adding in olive and stone green I dry-brushed the woollen “headgear” with the resultant colour. His hair and beard I just did in dark grey, in the hope that the Quickshade would take care of the underlying brown. A little chainmail down his jacket zip, and a bit of royal blue highlighted with some ocean blue on the tie in his hair and he was done but for the gore, but I’ll cover that below.

Rishi had finally got his dream job as head of the company, he’d thought his chance had passed after the board had picked “Liz” over him just six weeks before even though Rishi had warned them that her crazy plans for expansion could bankrupted the company! But now they had sacked her and come crawling back to him. He’d sort out the finances and once he was settled in he’d take revenge on all those who’d tried to scupper his meteoric rise in the company! That lying swine Boris had better watch his back he thought! To think only two years earlier he’d been waiting tables in a restaurant and look at him now! He settled back enjoying the moment of victory, he was disturbed from his reverie by the sound of a commotion coming from outside his office, he “buzzed” Miss Mordaunt to ask what it was? The damn woman wasn’t answering! She was another that would have to go! Getting up he opened the door to his office only to see the bloody remains of his secretary sprawled across her desk, a noise behind him made him turn and he found himself looking into the dead eyes of and bloody drooling maw of “Liz”, before he could react she leapt at him, her teeth snapping at his face….💀

Okay I admit it, I had started painting this figure before Mr Sunak was elected, but the other day I sat down to continue with his painting when it struck me he was a dead ringer for the new “PM”, Luckily the colours I’d picked so far would work and I hadn’t started his backstory yet…result! So as I said above his flesh was done in the same mix as Sam’s, then Rishi’s trousers were dark grey, with more of the same with a touch of mid grey added to form the highlights. His shirt was my usual coffee and cream, and his tie I did first in navy blue then highlighted in royal blue, originally I was going to the diagonal stripes in black but this would have been too dark to show up really, then I considered white, but in the end went for sand. A dot of chainmail on his belt buckle and that just left his hair, watch and shoes, all of which I left black with highlights of dark grey, except his hair where I also added a little mid grey at his temples.

Time to add the “gore”, now both of these “zombies” are pretty much physically intact so I decided to forego the purple of “organs on show” and just left it at some plum and bright red splattered about their person, this was then followed by a coat of Strong tone “Quickshade”, basing in the usual manner and a coat of matt varnish.

And that dear friends bring my Zom’tober and Apocalypse Me to a grizzly end, next month it’s “Mo’vember” where all things facially hairy are the norm! If you’d like to take part it really simple, all you have to do if paint figures with some form of facial hair, you can paint as many or as few as you like (well at least one 🧔🏼), and let me know through the comments on this blog (with a link to the post would be helpful) and I’ll add you to the list.

So till next time, unpleasant dreams! Cheers Roger.

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24 Responses to “A Good Day to be Bad!” (Zom’tober & Apocalypse Me)

  1. Alex says:

    Lovely job mate, ol’ crazy eyes is brill!

  2. Marvellous stuff Roger. There’s some great colours and painting on show with these guys, imho. Poor Sam definitely was having a bad day. There really are some great sculpts in the “Z-clipz” range.

  3. Dave Stone says:

    Excellent work on all 3 Roger, and I think that’s the best Rishi has ever looked ! LOL awesome back stories for all of them as well.
    Count me in for Movember, I’ve already got some models lined up for it.

    • Thanks Dave, haha give him six months (if he lasts that long, you never know these days! 😁) and I think he might look a lot like this to be honest!

      The stories were fun to write, wasn’t going to bother this year, but all the “cool” kids were doing it so…..😉

      Thanks mate, I’ll add you to the list.

      Cheers Roger.

  4. Guru PIG says:

    Great work Roger. Absolutely love the paint work and especially the back stories. Brings the characters to “un-life”!

  5. I have a pain from laughing so much! 🙂 The minis are great, Roger, and I’ll have another look at them when I’ve wiped the tears out of me eyes!

    • Thanks John, I was a little worried I might offend any Conservative supporters with Rishi’s back story, but then thought, well there aren’t many of them left these days anyway so what the hell! 🤣🤣🤣

      Cheers Roger.

  6. Pete S/ SP says:

    Nice work there Roger.



  7. Nice work on the zombies Roger and I liked the background stories too. I’m reminded of the fact that I have a pile of zombies of my own to get done one day! 🙂

  8. Nice colour choices. Rishi is my favourite. Love the backstories but I have no idea who Sam Lovegrove is

    • Thanks Luke, nice to see someone likes “Rishi” (you can tell you don’t live in Britain! 😉).

      Wouldn’t expect you to know Sam Lovegrove TBH, he a very minor celebrity over here, that I guess is pretty would be similar to the blokes on your “Outback Car Hunters” program over there.

      Cheers Roger.

  9. Love the back stories 🤣👏👏

  10. Azazel says:

    A great trio of characterful undead here, Roger. I’ve barely been able to get any painting done this month, but I’ll see if I can pick out a beard or two (once I finish the few models on the desk first!)

    • Thanks Azazel, haha I imagine you saying you’ve barely painted this month probably means slightly more than mu yearly output! 🤣🤣🤣

      Would be great to have you on board mate.

      Cheers Roger.

  11. patmcf says:

    I’ve never been a Zombie fan Roger! and the way you have painted theses ugly buggers hasn’t changed my mind! UURGG !! Well done mate.

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