“The Falcon that Flew the Ocean (Twice!)”

This hobby of ours is populated by the very best of people, never let anyone say different. Case in point the extraordinarily fine gentleman who goes by the name “Keith” and lives over the other side of the pond in a land I believe the locals refer to as “The United States of America” (Never heard of it myself, must be one of those new tiny islands out in the ocean somewhere!). Anyway regular readers may remember a few months back I re-painted a “James Bond car collection” mustang as one of my “Forgotten Heroes” entries, and during the comments that went back and forth after this Keith mentioned that he had a “Wargames Terrain Workshop” Ford Falcon (of the Mad Max variety) sat upon his desk, I then mentioned that I intended to buy that exact model to add to my “post-apocalyptic” project at some point. He then offered to send my his (are you keeping up?), anyway to cut a long story short after much to’ing and fro’ing said Falcon took its second trip across the Atlantic back to the UK and into my possession. I promised Keith that I’d have it painted by the end of the year, and as it is predominantly black, it seemed a perfect choice as one of my “Quick Fix” projects.

Now before I could start slapping some paint on it there were a couple of things I needed (well wanted) to do to it first, though the casting was wonderfully “bubble” free as you would expect from “Mr Stone’s WTW company” there was a little excess resin in a couple of the wheel arches, nothing much and something any but the more anal among us would be bothered with, but guess what? Yep out came my “Dremmel” and a small tapered grinding bit, I then had to repair the tyres a little with some greenstuff where I’d been a little over zealous. The other problem (with me not the car) was that being a one piece casting the windows were of course solid, now the example on Dave’s site has very nice “landscape” reflections painted onto the windows, but I didn’t fancy my chances on being able to do them justice myself, and they also wouldn’t match “Mary’s stang’” (OCD is a bugger sometimes!), so as I don’t actually own a “Max” figure (well I do but he’s not painted as Max), I thought I could stray a little from “cannon”, and add mesh to the windscreen and side windows (the rear two I’d paint as steel plate, glass replacements). So taking some paper and pressing it over the windscreen and side windows I drew around the apertures with a pencil’ used these templates to cut some aluminium car bodywork repair mesh I had to shape and stuck it on with a liberal amount of superglue.

Painting was in comparison pretty simple, a spray coat of matt black was touched up with a brush, then the tanks and engine block were painted dark grey before being dry-brushed with chainmail along with the back windows, mesh, exhaust pipes, wheels and the odd edge here and there. Orange was added to the indicators, dark red highlighted with bright red to the taillights and citrus orange was used to “line-in” around the headlights.

Then in what can only be described as a “Brain Fart” I decided to paint the front right hand wing (fender) in the original “MPR Interceptor” colours of yellow, red white and blue, so as to look like a new wing had been taken from another car to replace a damaged one (why!!). Anyway as soon as I started trying to apply citrus orange over the black I knew I’d been stupid! Three lumpy coats later I dry-brushed some lemon yellow over this then added the red and blue stripes in pink burgundy highlighted with bright red and royal blue highlighted with dark blue respectively. Finally here I added the while line in (you guessed it) white.

So now it was time to start the weathering, chestnut highlighted with some orange was used to add the rust (making sure to not add any to the bumpers, as these are plastic, see, thirty years in a car factory have taught me something!!!). Then the tyres were re-painted black (again as these wouldn’t rust), and the whole thing was given a coat of “Quickshade Strong tone”, then the “rusty” bits were gone over again in the same way as before, and lastly dry-brushes of saddle and Eurasian flesh were applied to add a little (a little! 😂) road dust. This unfortunately covered up most of the stripes on the “yellow” wing, should have just stuck to black (oh well 🙄) .

Again simple stuff, I think it took longer to write all this than it did to paint it (ignoring drying time of course). I might “ramp” it up a bit this week and paint three figures I’ve had my eye on for a while…

So till then, cheers Roger.

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42 Responses to “The Falcon that Flew the Ocean (Twice!)”

  1. Alex says:

    I absolutely love it mate, cracking job 👍😁

  2. Dave Stone says:

    What a wonderful rendition of the Falcon Roger, great use of the mesh to eliminate the problem with painting windows, and the weathering and wing replacement look amazing. This has to be the most expensive Falcon, on record with it’s double postage across the pond ! LOL
    Would you mind me showing your car on my social media accounts ?

    • Thanks Dave, sadly Keith cost you a sale as I was going to buy this soon anyway (So blame him for a change 😉). I was an incredibly kind gift on his part especially with the price of postage to and from the US at the moment.

      Please feel free to use anything on here that is of use to you anywhere you see fit! (That includes the Coke machine and other cars I did a while back, if they are of any use to you).

      Cheers Roger.

      • Dave Stone says:

        No worries on the sale mate, as long as people get enjoyment out of our stuff that’s the main thing.
        Thank’s for the permission mate, always like to ask before just posting up.

      • No problem matey, I understand and would expect no less from you,as I said “the best people”. 😊

    • angrypiper says:

      Oh, I think a REAL Ford Falcon might be more expensive…

      • Dave Stone says:

        Your not wrong there Keith, my wife found one that had been modified to look like the one from the film and they wanted £85,000, so I had to make do with having a model one ! LOL

      • £85’000 for a car with no rear hatch! not very secure or weather friendly for this country anyway mate 😁. With the weather we have, and the rising seas due to climate I think James Bonds submarine Lotus Esprit would be a better option!

  3. That is really nice, Roger! 🙂 I saw the picture of the different coloured wing before getting to your description of it and thought “nice touch”!

  4. Wonderful work Roger. Love the way you do rust and it once again has turned up trumps on this project 🙂

  5. Love it Roger, the window mesh was inspired and looks so cool. Topped with an excellent paint job you’ve ended up with one hell and a great looking vehicle. 🙂

    • Thanks Dave, I wish I could take credit for the mesh idea, but I saw it in a magazine twenty odd years ago, I actually used it on some of my original Grenadier “Future Warrior” vehicles back then. Useful stuff worth picking up from Halfords or most motor factors comes in a sheet about A4 size.

      Painting was pretty simple tbh no real detail work.

      Cheers Roger.

  6. Matt says:

    Absolutely outstanding work, Roger, the car looks amazing and the weathering/rusting is just sublime. Credit to Dave for such a great model and Keith for sending it across the ocean!

    • Thanks Matt, but please contain your praise filled comments to me (It is my blog after all) 😉.

      Seriously, two very talented and generous gentlemen, just don’t tell them I said OK) 🤫

      Cheers Roger.

  7. angrypiper says:

    The Last of the V-8 Interceptors looks wonderful, Roger! I may have made you promise to paint it; but I really meant promise to paint AND game with it! So get on with part 2!
    Seriously though; I bought a bunch of stuff from Dave, and although I love it all I realized I wasn’t going to get to this car anytime soon. Dave was quite generous with me (talk about great people in the hobby) and so I “paid it forward” and sent the Falcon to someone who would give it the love it needed. I would have handed it to you personally if I could, but there’s an ocean in the way. The shipping saga just makes for an interesting story!

    • Thanks Keith, but I doubt it’s the last Dave’s probably got loads more round at his house 😁.
      Actually I think it was me who promised you I’d get it painted by the end of the year, and I certainly wouldn’t have mentioned GAMING with it!! if so I have received it under false pretences sir!! 😉.

      To be honest it was on my to buy list but I’ve been hanging back I wanted to add the “Blakes 7” spacecraft he previewed a couple of lifetimes ago to the order🙄.

      Yes these oceans do get in the way somewhat don’t they, I’ve been offered a free room to stay in by Mark, but just can’t figure out how to drive there from Blighty’

      Cheers Roger.

  8. Pete S/ SP says:

    Really love that- excellent work.



  9. Guru PIG says:

    Agree with all of the above. great job.

  10. Loved the story and kudos to Keith, Dave and even you Roger!! Love what you did here – truly rusty gold.

  11. Wow man I love this. I think the Windows turned out looking very cool and even more post apoc. The weathering is fantastic.

  12. patmcf says:

    Well done Mate,you have certainly have achieved the Aussie vibe with all that great rust effect!

  13. Mate, it looks the absolute nuts. Simple can be extraordinarily effective when it’s done wl and that’s exactly what you’ve pulled off here 👍

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