“A Quick Fix”

OK so for the last week and a bit I have been free of the shackles of “challenge season” (four themed month’s on the trot), and able “to paint whatever the hell I like!”, and guess what, I haven’t been enthused to paint anything…

So as not to grind to a total shuddering halt I thought I’d go for some quick and simple pieces just to keep my hand in as it were until my “mojo” returns , and so as you out there in “Blogland” know I’m not dead. So with major projects off the table as present, I thought (and you may find this hard to believe) I’d start with a few simple bits of MDF scenery (I know! This is what killed a lot of my mojo in the first place!, but hey I’m a complicated man OK (sort of)).

Anyway, it turned out taking the pieces I’d pushed out of the windows on my “Slum Blocks” (see last post), I had enough pieces to make up six more of the smaller “crates” like I’d made a couple of posts back as part of my scatter scenery (see links at the bottom of this post). I began these by taking three of the window pieces for each crate and glued the longer sides together into a “U” shape, I then created the bottoms and end pieces of my “boxes” with card cut to size. The ends then had lengths of “coffee stirrer” added around the edges with the joints cut at 45 degree angles. They were then glued down onto slightly thicker and bigger cardboard bases and the visible overlaps on these bases were then covered with PVA glue and sprinkled with sand.

After a coat of matt black I painted them in royal blue then highlighted this with ocean blue, these were then dry-brushed here and there with chainmail, then with chestnut and a little orange to add some rust. Everything was then given a coat of “Quickshade” strong tone, then the bases were painted chocolate brown, dry-brushed with Khaki, and then again with coffee, so as to match our Dead Zone figures and scenery. This was then followed by spraying them over with matt varnish.

Simple, simple stuff and not really much to show for ten days of “carte blanche”, but it is something to show. I know what I have lined up next, and it’s another “Quick fix”.

So till them, cheers Roger.

Slum Block post…..

“I Should Have Had Fries With These!”

Scatter Scenery post…..

“Quick Scatter!!!” (Season of Scenery Challenge 2021)

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24 Responses to “A Quick Fix”

  1. Dave Stone says:

    Great work on the crates Roger, and as I said before, an excellent use of the offcuts from the bigger projects leaving nothing to waste.
    It’s almost like you needed a challenge to focus you into a project mate, hope the mojo returns soon for you.

    • Thanks Dave, as I said simple stuff, I really enjoy the theme month’s but I think I’m just a little “burned out” after them, I think a couple of weeks “faffing about” on simple stuff will keep me ticking over till “Zomtober” starts.

      Cheers Roger.

  2. They look excellent Roger. Love the rusty blue colour scheme. They should tie-in very well with your other Deadzone Scenery.

  3. Alex says:

    Brilliant way to get some value out of the offcuts mate – top job!

  4. Waste not, want not Roger! Nicely done and good to know you are alive and well! 😉

  5. Matt says:

    Really good use of spare parts, Roger, and the final painted pieces look superb! I know what you mean about challenge burnout, I’ve done eight so far this year but I’m looking forward to Zomtober… I just have to buy some more zombies for it!

  6. Pete S/ SP says:

    Very nice work on those crates- really like the weathering on them.



  7. Nice work there Roger! 🙂 Please do not suggest to Dave Stone that he should run the Season of Scenery challenge for an extra month next year just ’cause you’ve been a bit slow with your painting! 😉

    • Thanks John, god forbid!! Two months is plenty long enough😉, I’ll have you know I completed all my entries within the two months allotted, these are just extra’s for me and don’t count toward the SoS Challenge 😁. My next post could technically have qualified too to be honest so…..😜.

      Cheers Roger.

  8. borderguy190 says:

    Really nice use of scrap to create more terrain. well done!

  9. angrypiper says:

    Love them, Roger! I feel your burnout pain. Although I love Monster May(hem), Forgotten Heroes, and the Season of Scenery and look forward to them every year, after four months I’m ready to paint whatever I want again! Maybe I’ll do something for Zombtober or Orktober (or both); but once that’s done I’m a free man until May again!

    • Thanks Keith, I’m with you 100% mate, I love all the challenges but they do tend to leave me at a bit of a loss at the end as to what to do next, I do want to do some “Zoms” in October as I have some that I bought at a Salute for just that purpose fare too many years ago, along with so Dead Zone “Plague” (Zombies) I recently inherited too.

      So though I don’t want to take a month off, I am going to take the foot of the accelerator and coast for a bit I think.

      Cheers Roger.

  10. They look great, really solid – love the rust effects too, really sells it!

  11. Lovely weathering and sooo happy to know that you have not assumed room temperature. Zombies have no fine motor skills after all, and your work would suffer…

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