“The Saga of Constanzi, Katerina & Elena”

I blame the heat! (well I’ve got to blame something), unlike most years as we were approaching the end of “Forgotten heroes” month, for a change I knew exactly what I was going to paint up next, that being three of the new miniatures I bought from “Phalanx” wargames show the other week (I hope to paint up the rest next, but you’ll have to wait to see what they are). Three figures one week’s easy painting, or so I thought. Now these three “Belt Fed Gaming” ladies first came to my attention back when they appeared on “Colonel Bill’s” blog that was ably run at that time by Roy Williamson, many positive comments were made with several people (including myself) postulating that they would be on shopping lists in the near future. Well I lived up to my end of the bargain, and came home in possession of three very nice little vampires and £8.50 lighter in the wallet. So it was with fevered brow and baited breath I worked toward the end of my “He-men” safe in the knowledge that these were awaiting the attention of my brush, but it was once I had based and undercoated them in my preferred manner that doubt began to creep in.

Rather than paint them in the “sexy” and still somewhat healthy manner of the ones on the website I had decided to go with an altogether more pallid appearance based loosely upon how I remember the ones in the movie “Van Helsing”, I had great trouble however getting this how I wanted (I’m still not sure about the final colour), and as stated at the start of this post the heat didn’t help at all, with last Sunday being that hot the paint was drying on the brush before I’d got it on to the figures! Anyway it all turned out in the end (sort of), so now I’ll go through how each one was painted.

Constanzi, as her dress was to be predominantly green I began by painting it in German field grey (which is actually a deep turquoise?) mixed with a little aquamarine, and this was then highlighted with more aquamarine this time mixed with some turquoise. Then I turned to the flesh and features, (so this next bit applies to all three figures) I started by laying down a base of pale flesh, I then mixed more of this with some light turquoise and highlighted with this. I added the mouths next in dark red, and after adding the eyes in white I dotted in the pupils with bright red, this was also used to highlight the mouths. Then more white was used to add their fangs, and some German field grey was used for their lips. I still wasn’t happy with the faces so mixed some more turquoise and light turquoise into a thin wash (it was still drying way too fast though), and used this around the eyes and cheeks to add shadows there, and in their cleavages too. All three then had their jewelry added in bronze with shinning gold highlights. Then turning back to Constanzi alone again, her hair was undercoated in black before dark grey highlights were added, and the bow holding it at the back was done in yet more turquoise with light turquoise highlights. Finally the heart she is holding (yuck!) was added in dark red and bright red, and the jewels in her necklace and earrings were Samurai satin green.

Katerina’s dress on the other hand was to be red so a base of dark red was applied to over these areas, followed by highlights of pink burgundy, all the frills and ribbons were then added in coffee and cream before I set to work on her flesh (see above). Her hair was then added in chocolate brown, and as I wanted a dead, dull look to it I decided to highlight it with a mix of more chocolate brown mixed with some mid grey, the flower she uses to pin her hair was then added in pink burgundy highlighted with some bright red, and the ribbons were done as before. A spot of metallic red on the jewel hanging from her necklace finished her off.

Elena, now I have to admit that it wasn’t until I came to paint Elena that I discovered that she is showing a little more (well you know) than I had originally realized, so apologies to anyone who finds this a little to “racy” (though if women who look like this get you going, I’d seek medical help if I were you). Anyway purple was to be the colour of choice on my wayward gypsy vampire (she just looks a bit like a gypsy girl to me). So her skirt was first undercoated in royal purple, and then highlighted in plum, I also did her shoes this way. Next her corset was highlighted in dark grey (it was already black from the undercoat), and the bottom of her skirt (petticoat?) and blouse were added in coffee and cream. After her flesh was added with the addition of a mix of European flesh, light turquoise and a touch of pink burgundy, on her “exposed bits”, her hair was added in rust, with rust mixed with mid grey for the highlights. That just left her jewels to add (stop sniggering, I mean the ones around her neck!) and these were done in blue steel.

Basing and finishing were of course completed in my usual fashion. Now the other big news since my last post is that I have “played a game!” Yes! An actual game, there is no AAR for me to post, so I afraid I’m still a total fraud as far as some people are concerned, but at least this is a step in the right direction. The game in question was “Dungeon Saga” by Mantic games and is the latest purchase by my eldest son who brought it with him last weekend (as I have been nagging him to let me have a look at it since he mentioned he’d bought it at “Games Expo” a few weeks back. We only played one of the early simpler scenarios, but I can report that it appears to play very well, and has a feel of “Zombicide” to the mechanisms. He has however left it here (on my request) so that I can start working my way through painting it all up for him, so over the next few (lord knows how many, as there’s quite a bit of it) weeks, expect to see various doors, tables, chests as well as figures popping up in my posts. I might even have a mess about playing with them too.

So till next time, cheers Roger.

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28 Responses to “The Saga of Constanzi, Katerina & Elena”

  1. Dave Stone says:

    The flesh turned out really well Roger, looks a very unhealthy colour as it should for vampires. The colour choices for the clothes look excellent and all the detail work just adds to some awesome painting

  2. Wonderful painting, Roger, on some very nice looking minis indeed. You did however have me with the non-appearance of your AAR… I’ll be very interested in your thoughts on Dungeon Saga, as I own that particular box, but never been able to get started with it – too many distractions sadly.

    • Thanks Simon, Saga play’s very smoothly from what I’ve seen so far, it’s not too complicated though it does lack the depth of D&D, I believe once you get into some of the expansions you can play solo, though as I said above, it works well in the manner of Zombicide with several players, to get more atmosphere. Also like Zombicide there is very much a sense of different characters have different attributes and the knack is working out the best role each character should perform and the best times to use those abilities. eg, the Dwarf is your basic “tank” so blocking and slowing down monsters is his ideal role, the Barbarian is your heavy close combat hitter, so you use the Archer to soften enemies up before he finishes them off, and the Mage is your medic/door opener etc…

      It is well worth a look, as you should be able to add a ton of stuff into the mix once you have the basic character templates worked out. After only one game I had a big scenario flying round my head as a game for the Xmas hols when Myles is home!

      Cheers Roger.

  3. The vampirettes look great Roger!
    I would love to have a little go at Dungeon Saga, so glad to hear you enjoyed playing it

    • Thanks Andy, (sorry still can’t seem to comment on your blog), Saga is a good little game and well worth a look, would work well as a “car boot” game as we used to call them back in my Chester club days, simple to learn and playable in an hour or so, so good to keep in the boot of your car if for some reason you end up without a game to play on game club night. I had Talisman as my “car boot” game in the back of my old Nova for years!!

      Cheers Roger.

  4. I really like these Roger, I think they are going to have to go on the wish list.

    • Thanks Michael, I do heartily recommend them, despite the “page 3” element. 😉

      They might even make a guest appearance in the Saga game I’m tentatively planning for Christmas….

      Cheers Roger.

  5. Bryan Scott says:

    Three sexy female vampires – what’s not to like? Of course I love them all. The figures are very beautifully sculpted and your paint jobs certainly do them justice. Many thanks for sharing, Roger. You’ve made me very happy with this post. I just hope that Simon picks them as his favourite painted figures of yours for his review of your 2018 figure painting output. I know I would! 😉

    • Thanks Bryan, somehow I thought this post had your name written all over it 😉 They are really nice figures and I have to say Katerina, in particular would look fantastic in one of your “Wild West” scenario’s, though I could see you painting them with a more appealing fleshtone, mine look a little past their “sell by dates” to be really “sexy”.

      And stop trying to influence the judges! all bribes must be passed through my hands first!

      Cheers Roger.

  6. Nice mate. The skin tone is lovely and pallid

  7. angrypiper says:

    First, Roger: I am heartily offended by the raciness of your blog. Had I known I would be viewing smut such as this, I would have stayed far away, indeed. Shame on you, sir!
    Second, I don’t think that I would have ever thought to add turquoise to a flesh color, but the results you got were terrific. I struggle with pallid flesh tones, as they’re somewhat tough to shade well being so…well, pallid. I think I might try this trick myself.
    Lastly, I also own Dwarf Kings’ Hold, and I haven’t painted it yet. Truth be told, I’ve been putting it off. If you and Simon are up for it, I suggest we make a shared project of getting our sets painted! We can post our progress on our respective blogs and cheer each other on. To my knowledge, there aren’t any bare naked miniatures to offend my delicate. puritanical sensibilities in that box, so what say you both?

    • Thanks Keith, sorry if I offended you, I better not mention that it was so warm last week here that I was painting these miniatures in just my underwear!! and I had the fan pointed directly at me (not keep me cool, but to make my nipples stick out! 😉 ) so yes shame on me, I am a very naughty boy! and need punishing (sorry I’ll stop now).

      I’ve used the Turquoise flesh technique before on Zombies (actually I use a lot of odd colours on Zom’s as I like the different effects rather than having them all the same colour), but have never tried to get it this pale before, I think if I did it again, rather than starting with a base of pale flesh I’d start with the turquoise and work up to the pale flesh (if that makes sense) as I think I went to pale too soon.

      Though the above copy of Dungeon Saga is not technically mine but my sons, I am authorised to paint the contents, so yes I’m happy to join you on a voyage of painting discovery Saga wise, it would be great if Simon could join us (he may be a little snowed under at the moment, with Warlord commitments), but yes sounds like a plan.

      Cheers Roger.

    • Shall we go with September then, gents? “Saga September” has a nice ring to it, and it’ll give me time to dig them out and prep them 🙂

      • Saga,tember it is then, if that’s OK with Keith.

        Cheers Roger.

      • angrypiper says:

        I’m fine with September! That gives me some time to get some other things going. So, should we all do the same miniatures at the same time (i.e. let’s get the heroes done before the first post, or the skeletons, or whatever…) , or is it anything goes, do what you want when you want? Either way is fine with me.

      • Can we do anything goes please? I believe some of the minis can be used for Kings Of War, so I might focus upon them 🙂

      • OK, so it’s September, paint anything from the Dungeon Saga box game, in what ever order you like, and we’ll see how far we get though all the bits in the box. Sounds like a plan to me! 🙂

        Cheers Roger

  8. Carrion Crow says:

    Blimey Roger…my trio of vampires have remained unpainted since I picked them up at Salute, but as they can do double duty in both Blackwell and Ravenloft, they will be moving up my painting queue. As will the Reaper Bones Graveyard Golem…because he(?) Is too cool to leave unpainted for long.

    • Thanks Jez, I did think of you Blackwell games while painting them, I could see all three fitting perfectly into that setting, At the time of purchase I didn’t have a plan for them, I just really liked the figures (like the next lot tbh), but I am not thinking of including them in a scenario for Dungeon Saga, I have running about my brain.

      Yep, you should definitely paint yours 😉

      Cheers Roger.

  9. Glad to read about these and see them in their undead flesh. Creepy indeed Roger! No mistaking them for a pickup at the bar. Nicely done.

    Stay cool.

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