“Jump to it!” (week 35)

“Roll of the die” time again, so out with the coins of fate, and a double head result meant that this week’s figures again came from “Lancelots” list. The old D30 then came up seventeen and this meant that this week’s winners are…    jan-2017-3-upaint

Box 17– (3x 28mm Games Workshop Orks)

Yes that’s right three more of Matthews (my youngest, though at seventeen not that young really) Ork collection. A root around the tin I keep the remaining unpainted “greenskins” in turned up these chaps (Jumpboyz? or something, I’m not sure of the name as I had already based them so had covered the “slotta” (spit, spit) tags on them. They were however missing a few arms, so these were glued on and as I wanted to add a little variation to them one chaps arms were positioned holding his gun across his chest. This meant that I had to fill the back of his shoulders with a little greenstuff, so while it was out I added a skull to his right shoulder and some sergeant stripes to the left. Then it was out for a coat of matt black and the painting could begin.

As usual this began with a dry-brushing of chainmail, but as these are scruffy “Orks” this was then followed with a second dry-brushing of rust (they just don’t look after their equipment, you know). I decided to go with the “Germanic” feel they had to them so their helmets and trousers were base coated in dark grey, which were then jan-2017-3a-painthighlighted in light grey. I thought for their jackets I do a bit of “camo” (why do I do this to myself!), so a base of earth brown was applied then “splodges” of sap green and then sand (my darker sand colour this is) were put over the top of this. Finally I added some “dots” in light green to add a little highlight (should you have highlights in camouflage? Oh well they’re there now). Flesh next and a base of deep bronze green was applied to their faces and arms, then after their eyes were added in red and cream, they were highlighted in goblin green (yes I still have some). Then the teeth were painted in using coffee and cream. Their gators, pouches and belts were then added in chocolate brown with leather highlights. I decided their backpacks looked a little plain, so the tops of the “rockets” were first painted dark red then highlighted in bright red (it jan-2017-3b-paintseems a little silly wearing camouflage when you have a bright red thing on your back, but on one ever accused Ork’s of being bright did they?). These then needed the chainmail and rust dry-brushing doing again. My sergeants stripes were then painted in using an undercoat of citrus orange with lemon yellow lined in over the top. Their boots I left black and just highlighted them with a little dark grey. Then just to finish them off I added a couple of the pipes on the backpacks in royal blue with porcelain blue highlights, some light green “LED”s here and there and some “graffiti” again onjan-2017-3c-paint their backpacks and they were just about done.

All three were then treated to a slapping with a Quickshade loaded brush and after this the bases were painted in scenic brown before being dry-brushed in scenic green, but no flocking was applied because that’s how Matthew likes them (I personally don’t but there you go), lastly they were spray coated with matt varnish. I have now rolled the die for this week, and it’s something (well some thing’s) a little smaller and more down to earth.

Now before I go, following a comment I made over on Jez’s excellent blog, “Carrion Crows Buffet”, I have promised to show a picture of my own “Proxy Doctor” Dr Who doctoring-the-tardissfigure, this was made using a Denizen Miniatures figure of “Arthur Dent” of “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” fame painted with the fifth Doctors jacket and the Sixth’s Trousers. Also shown are my selection of Tardis’s, so from right to left we have a HO scale Hornby police box, then my own scratch built version followed by to lovely “Ainsty castings” versions (one solid and one in the process of dematerializing, and in front of them another Hornby version this time in N scale. Jez has recently begun his own take on the good Doctor’s adventures, you can check out his progress so far here….


Till next week, cheers Roger.

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14 Responses to “Jump to it!” (week 35)

  1. More Whovian goodness, I have the HH version which sits permanently on one of my terrain boards. I may have to build one like Jez or find an alternative.

    Good job on the Orks!

    • Roger Webb says:

      Thanks Andy, Tardis’s are like trees you simply can’t have too many, I used to think my scratch built one wasn’t bad but looking at it now it’s a bit rough.

      Cheers Roger.

  2. Wonderful Orks Roger, and I trust your ‘youngest’ appreciates their sterling paint-jobs. There’s a fine-looking collection of Type 40 Time Travelling Capsules you’ve collected and a very characterful ‘Doctor Dent’ you’ve created too. Marvellous posting 🙂

    • Roger Webb says:

      Does he heck! I barely got a “oh yea” when I showed him them, then I had to find his box of Orks as he couldn’t be bothered to put them away!
      I made my Doctor and Tardis back when we flirted with the Dr Who RPG, we didn’t get that far with it to be honest, just a couple of games.

      Cheers Roger.

  3. Brilliant job Roger! Now who doesn’t like a bog Ork with a huge rocket pack strapped to his back? Love the Tardis models too and was reading Jez’s post avidly the other day. Of course I blame Simon entirely and only the other day I found myself ordering up a selection of 4th Doctor miniatures from Black Tree!

    • Roger Webb says:

      Many thanks Michael, I have to say that I’m not a huge fan of Orks myself, though I’ve painted quite a few for the youngest as they appear to be his fantasy fig’s of choice.

      Yep, looking forward to all of you lot painting up your DW stuff, I’d join in but that would mean breaking my new year resolution and buying some figs, (I do have quite a few of the plastic Daleks they gave away with the DW comics a while back, so you never know I might be inspired).

      Cheers Roger.

  4. Carrion Crow says:

    Whilst I was never a fan of 40k Orks,

  5. Carrion Crow says:

    Oops – that one got away. What I was trying to say was that whilst not a fan of Orks in the 40k setting, i think they look really good painted up as pseudo-Germans.

  6. Roger Webb says:

    Yes it did didn’t it, I as said above I’m not a fan myself, but I don’t painting a few now and again.

    Cheers Roger.

  7. Bryan Scott says:

    Sorry for the late comments, Roger. I do like your Ork flyboys. Nice comparison shot of your four TARDISs. One thing I have been wondering about your method of randomly choosing what figures to paint is what happens next time you roll if the die comes up 17, as 17 was this post’s offering. Do you roll again until a different number comes up or does the number 17 slot get replaced with new figures?

    • Roger Webb says:

      Thanks Bryan, ahhh, good question if a number comes up on say, Lancelot’s list that has already been marked off, then I go to Galahad’s list and see if that box is crossed out, if not I do the figures listed in said box, if yes then I roll again until I get a number that hasn’t come up before, and vice versa. It’s actually amazing how little this happens. Now some of the boxes have more than one weeks worth of figures in them e.g. box 17 which contains the rest of Matty’s Orks, in this case I just pick three figures of my choice (they all need painting) from what remains unpainted in the tin.

      The exception to this rule is my VBCW stuff which is on a separate list (Merlin, please indulge me the silly lottery inspired names), these are all broken down into one weeks worth of painting, and as there are only 20 boxes on that list if a number comes up that has been rolled before I simply re-roll until I get a new unused number.

      Hope this makes sense.

      Cheers Roger.

      P.S. sorry I have no idea why I had to approve this comment from you, as it should only happen when you comment for the first time.

      • Bryan Scott says:

        That all makes perfect sense, Roger. Thanks for the detailed explanation. I was also curious about having to get your approval for my comment since I’ve commented many times in the past. Weird!

  8. Roger Webb says:

    No problem Bryan, glad to help.
    Cheers Roger.

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