“Well two friends and an awkward woman!!”

“He-month 2” week three began on Saturday morning with if not a new determination, then at least a resigned need to get some work done on the two remaining members of my “Eternian trio”. So out came the “Greenstuff” and tools and a pea sized lump with kneaded into readiness, as usual I began with “Duncan” and added the armoured plates down his right arm in much the same fashion as the left (surprisingly). He might now be finished apart from adding his mace, or if I’m feeling particularly brave (or stupid) I might add theour friends 9 details to the sides of his helmet. Right, now that I’ve decided what I’m doing with the wings on the Sorceress I thought I’d crack on and try and get the damn things finished! This involved adding yet more tiny tapered sausages of putty firstly along the bottom inner edge of the left hand side of her cape, and then repeating the process around the inner “sweep” of her “wing fronts”, sorry there are no pictures of this but it was getting too dark to get a decent picture of this, I then repeated this again around the back, and once again “roughened” the inner area as “down”. I was so pleased that this was now finished I decided to crack straight on and have a go at starting her staff. Now originally I had thought to use an old “GW” plastic “Imperial guard” banner for this and just cut off the “T” bar and our friends 11jpgone head off of the eagle sat atop it, but I turns out I haven’t got any (could have sworn I did, but I can’t find one if I have!). So in the end I decided to have a go myself, this entailed rolling a tiny piece of putty and attaching it to the top of a piece of “florists” wire. Then rolling it again to a point and curling this over to form the body of the bird, I then added a small blob to the back of this and shaped it into a tail. Then flattening out a circle of putty, I cut this in half and added it to the sides if the body as wings (sorry the picture isn’t better).

Sunday and Monday were spent feeling pretty dreadful (full of cold) so it wasn’t until Tuesday that I picked up the sculpting tools again, in an effort to get these two figures finished, I decided to add the “zigzag” detailing to Duncan’s helmet first so two tiny sausages of putty wereour friends 12jpg rolled out and attached to the rear of his helmet against the centre line, these were then pressed into position and shaped to match the ones on the cartoon version, sounds easy, wasn’t. Next I started adding the Sorceresses headdress by roughing out the basic shape on her head in putty. Then I added the eagles face, this was basically just a piece across her forehead with a cone plonked in the middle and teased down the bridge of her nose to form the beak. I pushed indentations in where the eyes would go, then added the feathers around the back in the same manner as with her cape.

Wednesday just left me the odd detail to add, Duncan had his mace added, this comes from one of my own “Dick Garrison” figures, “Prince Volstratos”, I found this in amongst my “historical weapons” draw still with the “Princes” hand attached (I don’t even remember cutting one of these off of a figure or why, but I obviously did at some point). This was too thick to fit into my Man-at-arms figures hand (and besides the hand had to go as it was the wrong side anyway), so much filing ensued until it fitted nicely into his grip. It was then glued in place. our friends 13Next I added the eyes to the “eagle face” on the Sorceresses headdress, this was just two really tiny blobs of putty popped into place. Then finally I thought I’d tidy up the shaft on her staff, so wrapping some putty around the shaft I rolled it along the edge of my sculpting board to smooth it out, this worked great until it turned in on an angle and broke both the wings off of the damn bird at the top!! (AAAAAAAAAARG!!!), much (really very much!) swearing ensued, and then a little hysterical laughter, before I pulled myself together and rolled out yet more putty and rebuilt the wings as before, this time they were a little bigger and tapered to a point at the top (they do look better than the first pair if I’m honest), I also took the opportunity to lengthen his tail a bit and then added a ridge below him.

This meant on Thursday I could glue her staff into her hand and then base both figures up ready for undercoating on Friday (There’s no picture of them undercoated as you wouldn’t be able to see much anyway). So that’s pretty much where I’m up to right now. Hopefully I will get them painted this week in time for my final “He-month 2” posting, but as I am back on the dreaded nightshift we’ll see.

Please check back next Saturday to see if I can finish them off and you can keep up with Jez’s “He-month” and “Dinosaur” (Don’t ask!!) progress over at his blog, https://carrioncrowsbuffet.wordpress.com/

So till then, cheers Roger.

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4 Responses to “Well two friends and an awkward woman!!”

  1. Carrion Crow says:

    Very nice work, Roger. I am no longer seeing Groucho, now the mace is in place. I bet you’re happy that you’re done with the sorceress now, bar the painting. I have to say thank you for sending me off looking for ‘proper tools’ as I have now christened them and am very pleased with the difference it has made, as shall be seen (hopefully) later today.
    Regards Jez

    • Roger Webb says:

      Thanks Jez, The mace was a good find, though I wouldn’t hold out much hope for someone with a sword against this, it’s a bit of a monster of a weapon (would be great against Zombies). You have no idea how glad I am she’s finished, she turned out OK in the end, it was touch and go at one point if she’d end up in the bin!

      Glad to hear you like your new tools, I found the “shapers” transformed the quality of what I could produce, before them I too just used a cocktail stick, but the ability to get a smooth finish on stuff just makes it look so much better. Looking forward to seeing what you’ve been up to with them now.

      Cheers Roger.

  2. Some quite simply breath-taking work there Roger, and already I fear your Top Ten is going to be populated with nothing but He-Man miniatures, as these look absolutely stunning. I can’t believe the work you’ve put into these figures. The Sorceress is just awesome 🙂

    • Roger Webb says:

      Thanks Simon, It’s a good job I haven’t done ten of them then! (lol). They’re not too bad (Skeletor is still my “fav” though). You can’t believe the work I’ve put into these? I can’t believe how much work the Sorceress turned out to be.

      Cheers Roger.

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