“Collect them all!”

It’s painting week! or “He-month 2” week four, I had to get these finished before the end of the week as it’s Zom-tober next month, and with Mo’vember the month after I’m pretty much set as to what I’ll be doing figure wise to December (even if my Zombies haven’t arrived in the post yet!). But anyway we’ll worry about that as and when for the moment I’ll concentrate on how I added a little colour into the lives of the latest members of He-mans extended family.

Now regular readers will know that “The Sorceress” has been a bit of a pain in the backside when it came to sculpting, and that has continued to be a bit of a theme when it came time to paint her as well. I began by getting some colour onto the inner “sweep” of her wings and as these our friends 14are orange in the cartoon and original figure I began by laying down an undercoat of chestnut brown mixed with a little orange and this was then highlighted with more chestnut brown/orange only with more orange in the mix, finally later on I added yet another highlight of just orange. The outer “sweep” of her wings, her boots and the top and sleeves of her costume were added next first with an undercoat of royal blue and then I mixed some more royal blue with some porcelain blue and used this to highlight these bits. Dress, boot tops, headdress and the bird atop her staff came next, these were all worked up from a coffee basecoat that was then highlighted in cream and then again in white. After this I decided to paint the shaft on her staff in chocolate our friends 15brown highlighted with butternut, this is technically wrong as the “toy” version is all white but I decided that this might look a bit much so went with the brown. Hands, face and legs were then painted in European flesh and then highlighted in the same with quite a bit of pale flesh added (her eyes were added during this process), and her lips were dotted with a little pink burgundy. The eyes on her “Chicken” (I know it’s supposed to be a hawk, but it looks a little like a chicken to me) headdress and the beak were then painted citrus orange and the beak was them highlighted in lemon yellow, before the eyes were dotted in black and the top of the beak was lined in the same. The beak is actually blue on both original versions but I prefer the yellow version myself. A quick tidy up of and bits I’d missed or gone over on, and she was ready for “Quickshading”.

Man-at-arms or “Duncan” as I prefer to call him, was started by giving a chainmail dry-brushing over all the bits of his armour that would our friends 16end up silver, next the other armoured areas, were undercoated with bronze that was then highlighted with bright gold. His “undies”, boots and the straps on his arm plates were then added in chocolate brown, the boots and pants highlighted with chestnut and the straps with leather brown. His “unitard” was our friends 17next on the list, this being painted in with deep bronze green highlighted with deep bronze green mixed with shamrock. His flesh was then added in the same colours as the Sorceress, I gave him bare hands rather than the green of his “Onesy” as this always annoyed me in the series (my figures, my rules OK!). That just left his moustache to add in chocolate brown again highlighted with a touch of chestnut and he too was ready for “shading”.

That just leaves the floating shirt that is Orko, now before I start describing how he was painted I thought I’d just add a word about how he is based, originally I was going to attach him to a clear plastic flying stand, but after careful consideration I decided to leave the piece of our friends 18wire that I had used to construct him around and just bend the bottom of this around into a flat round base that was then “greenstuffed” and superglued to the coin, as I was never going to get a plastic base as secure as this, it goes right through to his head for god’s sake! Anyway as with the above he was first given a coat of matt black, then starting with his shirt I undercoated it in dark red, mixed with a little lupin this was then our friends 19highlighted with pink burgundy mixed with lavender. Next I added his scarf in plum highlighted with lavender. As his “head” was already black I added his eyes next in lemon yellow, dotted in black and while I had it out I added the “O” to his chest. His hat caused a little consternation as it ranges in colour from brick red right through to orange depending on the source material you choose to follow, in the end I went for chestnut mixed with orange, then same again but leaning mostly towards orange. His hands and ears were then painted in using a base of aquamarine with a little light turquoise added, and then highlighted with light turquoise with a good dollop of pale blue plopped in for good measure. He then was also ready for a slappingevillyn 1 with a “Quickshade” loaded brush, before the three of them had their bases finished in the usual way and were whisked out to the garage for a coat of matt varnish. I’m rather pleased with my finished “Orko”, especially when you compare him to the woeful offering that “Mattel” put out in the official toy line (see pic), and I know Jez is pleased with his over at “Carrion Crows Buffet” perhaps we should start an “Orko” owners club?

Right that brings this installment of “He-month” to a close. I’d like to thank Jez for talking me into another round of this nonsense, and youNot available toy dear reader for reading it. I shall be returning to “Eternia” in the New Year (as the title says I’ve got to “collect them all”). You can check out Jez’s Orko and the rest of his latest “He-month” offerings over at his excellent blog, https://carrioncrowsbuffet.wordpress.com/

But next week things will be taking an altogether darker turn as October becomes “Zom-tober”.

Cheers Roger.

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7 Responses to “Collect them all!”

  1. Well I recall the Sorceress being a colourful character on the TV show Roger, but that paint-job is simply stunning. What an awesome miniature she looks and whenever you decide to game with her, I’d imagine your opponent will be mesmerized by how terrific she looks – doubtless allowing the despicable He-Man to outwit Evil-Lyn once again. Poor Skeletor… he is badly outnumbered now, so I hope you’ll be addressing the balance at some point. There’s still a few hours left until Zom-tober you know 😉

    Duncan and Orko are extremely eye-catching as well, and that green and gold colour-scheme for Man-At-Arms is great. Orko’s sculpting is equally as awesome, and their group shot just makes this unique collection of minis your magnum opus for 2015 in my books. Splendid stuff my friend, simply splendid 🙂

  2. Roger Webb says:

    Many, many thanks my friend very much appreciated, the Sorceress looks better now she’s painted. Skeletor is rather outnumbered at the moment but next round will all be “forces of evil” as I think Trap-jaw (not lock Jaw as I called him the other week), Triclops and Beastman are next on the list (though Beastman is another that will be a pain I can see!).

    I’m a little disappointed that my Zom’s haven’t arrived yet, but I don’t think I’ll be starting any more Eternians in the meantime I’m a bit He-manned out at the moment. I think Orko is my favourite of this bunch, he came out better than I’d hoped. My “magnum opus” , with two months of the year left to go! (I take December off as you recall) Have I peaked too soon!!

    Cheers Roger.

  3. Carrion Crow says:

    Very impressive work, Roger! Now that we have the full compliment of Eternians and comparing them to the bare dollies (and wire) you started with, the amount of work and effort that’s gone into these is staggering. Make mine look like cheap Mexican knock-offs. Whilst there will be a post today, I’m not quite finished…but will be by the end of the month deadline.
    Regards Jez

  4. Roger Webb says:

    Many thanks Jez, (my other friend), as I said to Simon I am quite pleased with the final results, I would never compare your fig’s to knock off’s, Beastman especially is inspired (and going to be very hard to match), I love seeing the way you re-use figures from different genre’s and re-imagine them, I look forward to you post and seeing your final results.

    Many thanks for talking me into this second round, here’s to the third (just not too soon, let me get over that bl**dy woman first).

    Cheers Roger.

    • Carrion Crow says:

      As you’ve Zomtomber and Frostgrave Mo’vember on the cards, I wouldn’t be trying to tempt you until the new year. And I need to find some suitable figures ripe for conversion, after deciding which ones I want to do. I too seem to be “hero-heavy”, so could do with a few more villains.

  5. Roger Webb says:

    Cheers Jez, looking forward to it already.

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