“Dread the Worm!!”

Well I wasn’t able to buy the bits I needed to finish my islands this week so instead I thought I’d pull out the last few ships from my “Dystopian Wars Prussian Battle Group”, this consisted of four “Arminius Class frigates, and along with this I thought I’d also paint up the Blűcher Class Dreadnought that Myles had bought to go along with them last year. This would just leave the nineteen stands of dystopian dreadnought unpaintaircraft that I have been putting off and putting off (and probably will continue putting off for as long as I possibly can, I just don’t fancy painting these), before I can set to work on the “Support Flotilla” I picked up at “Salute”. However as usual I’m getting ahead of myself, for now let’s just concentrate of the ships inhabiting my painting table this week.

As usual I started by my giving the bottoms of the ships a quick sand before I cleaned up the separate gun turrets of flash and mould lines, there was also a small pyramid shaped piece of superstructure that attached to the upper decking in front or behind the conning tower (actually there were two of these but as I planned to replace one with the optional Teslor generator I only fitted the forward one. As for the dystopian dreadnought paintgenerator there was a choice of two different types of metal ones in the box, but being the fussy “B” that I am I didn’t really like either of them! There was however also a resin version that Myles couldn’t remember where it had come from, it is like a separate version of the ones moulded into the lower deck of the “Aircraft Carrier” I painted a couple of weeks ago, a nice clean casting that fitted flush to the deck, so as this was a bit on the thick side I gave it a good sanding and thinned it down by about a third before gluing it in place on the upper rear deck, much nicer in my opinion.

Then after the gun turrets were glued and “greenstuffed” into position it was out to the garage for a coat of Matt black. Once dry and touched up over any bit’s the spray didn’t reach the models were heavily dry-brushed with chainmail and then the decks were painted in using arminius paintedchocolate brown that was then highlighted with leather brown, Then (as I’m sure you are well aware by now) the hulls and the sides of the gun turrets were given an undercoat of dark grey before the diagonal lines were dry-brushed in using light grey and then black paint. Then the random “dots” were applied in coffee.

This just left me to add in the detailing in the usual places with a bit of bronze before they were given a liberal coat of Quickshade (strong tone) and a final coat of matt varnish. Looking down into the box containing all of my painted “Prussians”, it’s pleasing to see that there is now quite a reasonable little fleet emerging, I won’t however do the obligatory group shot until I’ve got the boats (and robots, we can’t forget the robots!), from my support flotilla completed, so you’ll just have to wait a while yet.

While I was beavering away at this little lot Myles has now also myle's wormfinished his Arronax (eventually), this is basically a large mechanical subterranean worm (though you can also use it on the high seas apparently, and has now set to work on his own Dreadnought, I really can’t complain too much as his camouflage pattern is so much more complicated to do than mine, (I still will though). I’m off work next week so I hope to be able to have another good go at those islands again, hopefully even get them finished so we can get a game in with them by the end of the week, but the best laid plans of mice and men as they say.

Oh and before I go I did promise to get the rest of my cowboys Quickshaded by this weekend, and true to my word, I have (have I everCowboys compilation 2 let you lot down, don’t answer that!). So here’s a picture of the rest of my western guy’s and gal’s (well girl as mine is a one girl town, she’s very popular I bet!!)

Till next week, Cheers Roger.

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2 Responses to “Dread the Worm!!”

  1. I really do enjoy these “Dystopian Wars” postings of yours Roger. Admittedly they keep tempting me into buying some of the damn stuff. But besides that quibble I just love the way you paint them, with all the camo and details you pick out. When those islands are finished your set-up is going to look first-rate and I’m certainly looking forward to the the extensive series of BatReps you plan to post using them 😉 As an aside I haven’t seen the ‘Worm’ model before – what a cracker and top marks to Myles for his paintjob on it – clearly following in Dad’s footsteps 🙂

    I see like me you’ve posted your usual weekend update Friday night… is that because I’ll see you tomorrow at Comic Con in Excel?

  2. Roger Webb says:

    Thanks Simon, I have a confession to make, the dreadnought was originally going to have a “sharks” mouth painted at the bow (like those on some aircraft), I painted in the red mouth shape in dark red and bright red but after three attempts to get the b****y teeth right I gave up, I just couldn’t see them clearly (think my eye sights got a little worse), looking at the miniature now I think it looks better without them anyway, but it was just to do something a little different.

    No sorry we are not going to Comic con, much as I would love to go, they have one in Wrexham, not far from us later in the year but we’ve never got to that one either, there’s a wargames show (St Helens I seem to remember) the same day.

    I just posted the blog today as I’d got it finished early for a change, though we are really busy tomorrow.

    Myles is stood next to me at the moment, so I’ll pass on your praise thanks (they do look rather nice I have to admit).

    I keep thinking about doing a batrep but then you post one, and I get somewhat disheartened that I can’t compete with yours. Oh yes and go and buy some dystopian boats, they’re fun!

    Cheers Roger.

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